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Six Flags Military Discount

Six Flags is an amusement park chain with locations spread around the world.

Their company began in the United States, and they continue to show respect to those serving their home country by providing military discounts and other special military events.

The amusement park chain hosts millions of guests each year.

They boast that they are the location for a “summer of thrills.”

They entertain guests with a variety of roller coasters, parades, concerts, and shows every day of the summer season.

About Six Flags

A roller coaster at Six Flags. Image:

Six Flags was started by a man named Angus Lynne in 1961. He started the chain with the Texas location that still exists today.

Lynne was a creative man who desired to provide families with a new form of entertainment close to their homes.

He wanted this entertainment to be affordable, realistic, and diverse.

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Lynne named the park after the six flags that flew over the state of Texas at the time.

These flags represented the republic of Texas, Spain, France, Mexico, the United States, and the U.S. Confederacy.

Original six flags flags – now replaced by 6 American Flags. Image:

He aimed for his parks to bring the diversity that each of these flags represented to one inclusive area.

The mission behind his diverse plan was to bring people from all walks of life together.

He wanted visitors with different backgrounds to meet and to learn about each other’s history while having summer fun at the same time.

The park became a “one-stop diversified entertainment” attraction.

Visitors came and loved Lynne’s Texas Six Flags location. The amusement park quickly spread across the country, and even into several other nations around the world.

Six Flags can now call themselves the largest theme park company in the world.

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Their amusement parks are built in 16 different locations around the world, including some very popular ones like:

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain – Valencia, CA
  • Six Flags Over Texas – Arlington, TX
  • Six Flags Fiesta Texas – San Antonio, TX
  • Six Flags Great Adventure – Jackson Township, NJ
  • Six Flags Over Georgia – Austell, GA
  • Six Flags New England – Agawam, MA

Throughout their growth, they still aim to be the best, the most diverse, and the closest to home entertainment center.

What Is The Official Six Flags Military Discount?

Part of the diversity focus that Six Flags carries includes recognizing and respecting the country it was built in.

The amusement park chain has done well in this area by continuing to support and recognize those who serve their home country.

A member of the US Air Force talks to a crowd about their Air Force mission. Image:

Six Flags has two main benefits for the U.S. military.

They offer a discount on tickets and a special event each year called “Military Appreciation Days.”

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Six Flags Military Ticket Discount

Six Flags military discount tickets can be purchased at military bases throughout the country or at the park’s Guest Services office.

The discount varies from location to location, but it is always between 20% and 40% off of regular admission prices. 

To purchase Six Flags military discount tickets in person:

Step 1: Contact the Tickets and Travel Office at your base to ensure they supply Six Flags tickets and have them in stock. Call two weeks in advance to ensure they have time to restock if necessary.

Step 2: Go to your base to purchase tickets

A tickets, tours, and travel office. Image:

How to claim a Six Flags military discount at the park:

If you are unable to go to a base in person to purchase your tickets, you may be able to purchase military discount tickets at Six Flags entrances.

Each location has their own unique military discount for the park. 

Step 1: Call the Six Flags location that you will be visiting and ask if discount tickets can be purchased at the gate. (Click Here for a list of phone numbers for each location)

Step 2: If it is possible, follow the directions given over the phone. You will need to take your military ID with you and plan for extra wait time as Six Flags gates can be busy.

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Six Flags Military Appreciation Days

Six Flags Military Appreciation Days are an annual event put on by the amusement park to give back to service members along with their friends and family.

These days often, but not always, fall on Veteran’s Day weekend.

This event, like their daily military discount, varies by location.

To attend the Military Appreciation Days, online registration is needed. Tickets are not available at the gate for this event.

To register, go to the Six Flags website and “purchase” tickets with the code “2019MILITARY.”

Step 1: Go to and choose your location

six flags choose your park

Step 2: Click on “Add Promo Code” in the top right corner

six flags military discount promo code

Step 3: Choose the number of tickets you’d like to purchase

Step 4: Bring your Military ID and tickets to the park during Military Appreciation Days.

They will use this to verify your military status.

Who Can Claim This Discount?

The Six Flags military ticket discount is available for all active and retired military members.

This includes both National Guard and Reserves members. 

The Military Appreciation Days can also be taken advantage of by civilian family and friends of military members.

Each service man or woman is allowed to bring up to three family members or friends with them when they attend the event.

The discount is not available for past service members who had a dishonorable discharge.

It is available for honorably discharged and disabled veterans.

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What Are The Restrictions?

Military ticket discounts cannot be combined with other offers.

The tickets are only available for members who can show proof of service with a military ID.

The Military Appreciation Days are free for park admission only, and other paid attractions may be closed for the event.

Six Flags is a world-known theme park chain with exciting and affordable entertainment.

They’ve grown exponentially over the years, but have maintained respect for their home country by providing a military ticket discount between 20% and 40% off as well as hosting Military Appreciation Days annually at each location.

If you’re looking for a fun family adventure close to home, make sure you take advantage of the Six Flags deals and special events.

Six Flags Phone Numbers:

America – Bowie, MD: 301-249-1500

Darien Lake – Darien Center, NY: 585-599-4641

Discovery Kingdom – Vallejo, CA: 707-644-4000

Fiesta Texas – San Antonio, TX: 210-697-5050

Great Adventure – Jackson Township, NJ: 732-928-2000

Great America – Lake County, Illinois: 847-249-1776

Magic Mountain – Los Angeles County, CA: 661-255-4100

New England – Agawam, MA: 413-786-9300

Over Georgia – Cobb County, GA: 770-739-3400

Over Texas – Arlington, TX: 817-640-8900

St. Louis – Eureka, MO: 636-938-5300

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Six Flags honors our men and women in the armed forces with not only a daily military discount, but also a military appreciation day.
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