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Eddie Bauer Military Discount

Eddie Bauer is an outdoor gear retailer that sells high quality products.

They offer an in-store military discount of 15% off to give back to those who serve our country.

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About Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer was founded by a man named Eddie Bauer himself in 1920 in the Pacific Northwest.

He started his little shop as a tennis equipment store.

Soon after starting his store, Bauer branched out his offerings and invented the first ever down-insulated coat.

Of course, his idea took off and people still wear down coats in colder climates around the world today.

This idea is also what lead to the Eddie Bauer company we know and love today.

Today, Eddie Bauer sells a wide variety of high quality outdoor gear.

Their motto is “Live Life Outdoors,” and their products allow you to do just that.

Eddie Bauer has stores located across the U.S., and you can also shop their products online or through old-fashioned catalogs. 

The company is also unique in the way that it offers a lifetime guarantee on its products.

This means that if you have something from them and it wears out after normal use, they will replace it (likely at no or little cost to you).

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What is the Official Eddie Bauer Military Discount?

Eddie Bauer offers 15% off in store purchases for former and current military members.

All you need to do to claim this deal is bring a military ID with you when you shop.

The Exterior of an Eddie Bauer Store Located within a Shopping Mall. Image: Flickr.com

This is a great way to save on high-quality outdoor gear if you have an Eddie Bauer store near your home.

However, not everyone lives in place that has an Eddie Bauer store close by.

If you cannot shop in person, there may still be a way for you to save.

The Eddie Bauer military discount is not available online or over the phone.

However, their customer service team has been known to give some type of military deal if you call them and inquire about possible online or over-the-phone deals.

The customer service team has provided individuals in the past with a 15% refund after they make a purchase online if they call and ask about a military deal.

This is not an automatic discount, as it’s more of something that the company does sometimes just to give back to service members, but it may still be worth calling and asking about it.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Eddie Bauer website.

Step 2: Add whatever items it is you’re looking to purchase to your cart.

Step 3: Before you pay for your order, give them a call at the following number: 800-426-8020

Tell them you’re active duty / former military, and that you’re ready to place your order and wanted to know if they offer a military discount.

The customer service rep should be able to help you verify your service, and give you a coupon code over the phone that you can enter at checkout.

If this worked for you, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page to inform others!

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Who Can Claim this Deal?

The Eddie Bauer military discount (in store only) is available to all current military members.

This includes members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.

It extends to those who serve in Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard roles.

The deal is also able to be used by past military members, including both veterans and retired military members.

It does not extend to military family members at this time.

An Eddie Bauer Backpack that a Customer Received as a Replacement for Next to No Cost. Image: Flickr.com

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What are the Restrictions?

The biggest restriction of the Eddie Bauer military discount is that it cannot be used online (unless you are offered the special deal after speaking with the customer service team, but again, this is not a guaranteed thing).

The Eddie Bauer military discount also cannot be combined with any other deals, coupons, or promotions.

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Overall, the Eddie Bauer military discount is a great way to save on high end outdoor gear.

If you live near an Eddie Bauer store, be sure to take advantage of this deal.

If you need some outdoor gear and want to shop online, you can always try calling Eddie Bauer’s customer service to see if they can help you save some money.

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Eddie Bauer has a military discount that allows the men and women serving in the US military, as well as former and retired military, a 15% off discount in stores only.

Originally posted on 07/17/20

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  1. I did call Eddie Bauer’s customer service line and I was reimbursed 15% of my online order. The wait was a long one to reach a representative, but afterwards it was handled quite quickly. Thank you for the tip.

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