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Fandango Military Discount

Fandango is an online service that allows you to buy movie tickets for showings at your local theater in advance.

Unfortunately, Fandango does not directly offer a company-wide military discount.

However, some individual movie theater locations do.

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About Fandango

Fandango is an online retailer that sells tickets for local movie theaters. They sell tickets to over 45,000 movie screens worldwide. They have recently added additional services, which include online rentals and monthly movie subscriptions. 

Fandango is a tool used for money saving and convenience purposes. Buying tickets online and in advance helps customers to plan ahead and avoid driving to sold out shows.

Using Fandango is simple. Users buy tickets online and then swipe the credit card that they used for purchase at the theater.

The theater then gives them the tickets that they paid for online.

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What Is The Official Fandango Military Discount?

As we mentioned above, Fandango does not provide a company-based military discount. They do, however, allow customers to buy military-priced tickets from theaters that give discounts to service members.

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This means that not all movie tickets on Fandango will be offered at military price. You will need to check if your local movie theater offers a military discount ticket before purchase.

Movie theaters that offer a military discount will have the option to buy “military” tickets, instead of general admission tickets, in the online checkout process.

Some big name movie theaters that offer military discounts include AMC Theatres, Angelika Film Centers, Cinemark Theatres, Marcus Theatres, and Regal Cinemas.

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The discounts vary by chain and location, but typically fall somewhere between 15% and 35% off.

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Regal Cinema. Image:

How To Buy Fandango Military Tickets

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Fandango website.

Step 2: Choose the movie and showtime you’d like and continue to checkout

When you choose the movie and showtime you’d like to attend, click on it. Then, you’ll be able to select your tickets. 

Step 3: Choose how many military and general admission tickets you need

Choose how many military tickets you’d like to purchase, and how many general admission tickets you’d like to purchase.

Step 4: Enter payment information and finish checkout process

Next, enter your payment information and finish the checkout process.

Step 5: Bring your military ID with you to the theater for verification of service

Lastly, you will want to bring your military ID with you to your showing. Fandango is not able to verify military status, so you will need your ID to prove eligibility at the door.

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Who Can Claim This Discount?

The Fandango military discount may serve different people depending on the various movie theater chains and locations.

Fandango does not have any specific guidelines that state who their military discount tickets are for. 

To determine if your local movie theater enforces military ticket guidelines, you may want to call them in advance to discuss the discount.

This will let you know if the local theater gives a military discount to only the person who served, or if the deal is available for the spouse and children as well.

What Are The Restrictions?

Military discounts on Fandango don’t have many restrictions beside the fact that they are not available at every theater site wide. 

The only restrictions that come with this deal are ones that the specific theater has set in place.

To ensure that your tickets will be accepted, you may want to call your local theater in advance to ask about any restrictions they may have on their military discount.

It is also important to note that some theaters may have a military discount that is not available on Fandango.

If your local theater does not offer military tickets online, you can always call them to see if they can give you a deal if you buy your tickets in person.

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Other Ways To Save On Fandango

Since Fandango does not have its own military discount, you may be looking for other ways to save on the site.

Fandango VIP Program

Fandango offers a VIP program that saves its loyal users a significant amount of money. When you buy a movie ticket through the VIP program, you earn 125 points.

When you reach 500 points, you can cash in to receive $5 off your next purchase.

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FandangoNow is essentially the at-home movie rental service, similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Unlike those services, however, FandangoNow doesn’t charge a monthly or yearly fee to join.

You simply sign up for a free account, and rent or buy movies at your leisure.

They are currently running a promo that will allow you to save 20% on all movie rentals for the first 30 days.

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RetailMeNot is a site that offers coupons and cash back to shoppers. It often has a 1% cash back deal on Fandango purchases, as well as an occasional percentage-off coupon code.


SlickDeals is a site that gathers coupons into one convenient place. They usually offer Fandango coupons that give a dollar amount off when you make a significant purchase from the site.

Fandango may not give a company-based military discount, but there are still a variety of ways to save on their movie tickets.

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The next time you want to see a movie in theater, take advantage of location-specific military discounts or use the other ways to save on Fandango.

No matter what ticket your purchasing, there should be some type of deal to help you cover its cost.

Fandango Locations That Offer Military Discounts

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