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HP Military Discount for 2023

HP, also known as the Hewlett-Packard Company, is an international IT company based in the United States.

They sell a variety of products, though their best sellers are laptop computers and printers.

HP has a background of working with the United States military, and they continue to give back to service members through a military discount.

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About HP (Hewlett-Packard Company)

HP is a company with a rich history that is still growing and changing today.

The company began in 1939 as a technology company.

They found success right away, as their first customer was Walt Disney Productions when they purchased audio oscillators for their film, Anastasia. 

Since the company started during World War II, they had the opportunity to work with the U.S. military on various projects as well.

Mainly, they worked with counter-radar technology and helped to develop artillery fuses.

They tested military products as well.

After the war, they continued to help the military by testing weapons that used semiconductor technology.

They’ve even looked over plans for military fighter jets.

After the war, HP continued to do big things.

They created the first desktop calculator and then created the first handheld calculator. 

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, HP’s focus switched to favor computers.

They created a line of desktop computers that is still used today.

In 1976 a company intern had an idea for the world’s first personal computer, but HP turned him down and he later sold his idea to Steve Jobs and Apple.

Today, HP continues to be a leading provider of laptops and printers.

They are a trusted brand and a household name.

What Is The Official HP Military Discount?

hp laptop military discount
Image: Flickr.com

The HP military discount is slightly different than the majority of military discounts available today.

Military members do not have their own designated discount program. 

Instead, they are able to take advantage of HP’s Employee Purchase Program, or employee discount.

This program is usually only available for HP employees and retirees, but military members are eligible to take advantage of its benefits as well.

This program gives military members up to 40% off on specific products, as well as free shipping and access to exclusive, 24/7 customer support.

The items that are able to be discounted through this program are not openly advertised, so you will have to sign up to see the specific deals.

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How To Redeem The Military Discount – Step-by-Step

To sign up for the HP Employee Purchase Program, you will need to make an account on HP’s site.

Here’s how to do it step-by-step:

Step 1: Click Here to make an account for the HP EPP webpage

You will see a page that says “Welcome, US Military,” and you will be able to create an account.

hp employee purchase program main page

Step 2: Click on the “register” button

register for an hp account

Step 3: Fill out the required form

create your hp account form

Once you’ve registered, you can immediately begin shopping and automatically receive the discount.

What’s interesting to note is that you don’t seem to have to verify your military service with HP when you go this route.

I was able to create an account and was not prompted to enter a military ID or other form of verification.

To test this out, I shopped around for an Omen X2S – 15″ laptop while signed into this account.

The price for this particular laptop was $1,745.

hp laptop price for military

When I visited the exact same product on a private browser, the price was substantially different.

hp laptop non-military price


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Alternative: Signing Up Through ID.me

Another way to redeem the HP military discount is through ID.me. 

ID.me is an online program that helps other websites to verify the military status of customers for discounts.

They do things a bit differently than how it’s done on the HP official site, so I’m only going to talk about it briefly here.

Once you create an account, you will be redirected to verify your military service status through ID.me.

Step 1: Visit the official ID/me site here and sign up for an account

Step 2: Verify military status through ID.me

You will be able to verify your status on ID.me with your military ID, DD214, or other paperwork that shows your current military status.

Once you verify your military status through ID.me, you will be able to log back into your HP Employee Purchase Program account.

Step 3: Log back into HP EPP here.

Step 4: Shop online and enjoy your automatic discount and benefits

Through this account, you will automatically have access to discounted items and free shipping, as well as exclusive 24/7 customer support.

Who Can Claim This Discount?

The HP EPP can be used by any current or retired members of the US military.

This includes Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard members as well as all five military branches.

The website does not state whether dishonorably discharged military members will be able to join the program.

The best way to find the specifics on this question is to call and ask HP customer support.

The website also does not list this program as being available for family members such as spouses or dependents.

It is likely only available to the military members themselves.

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What Are The Restrictions?

This program does not come with many additional restrictions.

The purchases need to be made online instead of in-store since the EPP is an online program. 

The program is only available if you verify your military status through ID.me, so you need to have some sort of proof showing your current military status.

Also, the discount is only available for the listed items.

It is not a straight percentage off of HP products.

hp printer
HP Printer. Image: Commons.Wikimedia.org


Overall, even though HP does not have a program that is exclusively for military members, they give back in a generous way by allowing military members to take advantage of their Employee Purchase Program.

If you need new electronics, you may be able to find a great deal from HP.

Make an account and check out the discounts today.

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HP is a company with a rich history that is still growing and changing today. The company began in 1939 as a technology company. They found success right away, as their first customer was Walt Disney Productions when they purchased audio oscillators for their film, Anastasia.
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