fort benning graduation dates for 2020

Fort Benning Graduation Dates For 2020

Fort Benning is a great base in a beautiful area where you can go to experience the graduation ceremonies for a wide array of trainees.

While the graduation itself is a very fun thing to take part in, the events and planning leading up to the event can be a struggle to get fully locked into place.

We hope all the information we are able to provide gives you all the confidence you need to make the most out of your trainee’s graduation at Fort Benning.

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Fort Benning Graduation Dates for 2020

Training GroupLocationDateTime
Echo Company 2/19 Infantry RegimentFacebook Live StreamJuly 10, 20209:00 EST
Alpha Company, 2-54 Infantry Battalion, 198th Infantry BrigadeNational Infantry MuseumJuly 17, 2020TBD
E Troop, 5-15th Cavalry Regiment, 194th AR BDENational Infantry MuseumJuly 23, 2020TBD
Bravo Company, 2-54 IN, BulldogsNational Infantry MuseumJuly 31, 2020TBD
Delta Company 2nd Battalion 58th Infantry RegimentNational Infantry Museum, Facebook Live StreamJuly 31, 20209:00 EST
Devastator Company, Delta Co., 2-54 InfantryNational Infantry MuseumAugust 7, 2020TBD
Bravo Troops, 5-15 CAVBrave Rifles FieldAugust 13, 2020TBD
Echo Company 2/19 Infantry RegimentNational Infantry MuseumAugust 16, 20209:30 EST
Ranger Graduation Class 8-20Victory PondAugust 28, 20209:30-11:30 EST
Ranger Graduation Class 9-20Victory PondSeptember 25, 20209:30-11:30 EST
BTRP 2-15 CAVTBDOctober 1, 2020TBD
Fury Company, 1-81 Armor BattalionTBDOctober 1, 2020TBD
B CO 1-81 “Bulldogs” Trainee PageBrave Rifles Field, Facebook Live StreamOctober 15, 2020TBD
Echo Company “Enforcers”, 2-54National Infantry MuseumNovember 27, 20209:00 EST

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

fort benning graduation for infantry

Where is Fort Benning located?

Fort Benning is located in the very beautiful state of Georgia and is just about 12 miles from Columbus with Atlanta being around 90 miles.

The Fort is in a somewhat secluded area, but you have plenty of options when it comes to actually getting there from anywhere in the country.

Both Atlanta and Columbus Airports are popular places to fly in for graduation with shuttles operating from both airports to the base.

The base is rather easy to find and you will enjoy many of the local attractions when you spend your time at graduation at Fort Benning.

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Where should I stay for Ft. Benning graduation?

Many people want to stay somewhat close to the base when going to graduation as it makes the commute easy for the event.

However, it is hard to know where to stay unless you have already been to the base before.

These are 5 of our favorite options nearby that will accommodate you while you stay for graduation at Fort Benning.

Special Note: Click Here to find hotels at a reduce rate in the Ft. Benning area.

Baymont by Wyndham

This simple hotel offers all the amenities you need for a quick stay when attending graduation at Fort Benning.

You can find nightly rates around $48 when you book early and the location is 13 miles away from the base.

Econo Lodge

If you want an option that is as close to the base as possible, this hotel will be great for those who don’t want to drive far to get to graduation.

You can get rooms at around $64 a night at a distance of 7 miles from the base.

Hawthorn Suites

This option offers a little more creature comforts and amenities for those looking to stay comfortable during their time in Georgia.

You can find rooms at around $64 a night with a distance of 8.2 miles to the base.

La Quinta Inn & Suites

This popular chain has a hotel near the base that provides a nice pool and includes breakfast for those staying to attend graduation.

You can find rooms starting at $48 dollars a night at a distance of 10.4 miles from the base.

Microtel Inn & Suites

Enjoy a modern design and newer amenities with this location that has nice rooms for families looking to attend graduation events.

Enjoy this hotel at around $55 a night with a distance of 8 miles from the base.

Where can I rent a car?

Many people want to come in from the airport and don’t feel like relying on shuttle services only.

You can find many great options for rental cars in the Columbus areas.

Our favorite car rental companies include:

How do I get tickets to the graduation?

Getting tickets to the graduation ceremony at Fort Benning will start weeks in advance like any other service graduation event.

Your trainee will send you information in a letter before their graduation event with detailed information about their particular event.

These events have no formal tickets as anyone with the right identification is allowed to attend the event.

How many people can attend the graduation?

In traditional graduations at the Fort, there is no limit to how many people can attend the event.

This means you are free to invite as many friends or family to the event to enjoy the celebration together.

One thing that may have changed this is the new Covid-19 regulations that could have specific limitations on how many can attend certain events.

Check in with your trainee to see if they have updated anything at the base to adjust graduation.

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How do I get onto the base at Ft. Benning?

Getting onto the base at Fort Benning is a pretty easy process once you get to the base itself.

You will need to enter through the security checkpoint where you will present them with your identification and vehicle registration before being given your guest pass.

You will then take your guest pass and wear it throughout your time on the base to show who you are.

What can I expect to see / happen at the graduation?

The graduation day at Fort Benning is rather simple compared to some of the other branch locations.

You will often have the option to go to a family day before graduation where the families of the trainees will get to meet and eat together while also learning more about life at the base.

The ceremony itself for graduation is actually rather short and is the most formal part of the day where your trainee officially graduates.

You will get a letter with specific information about your graduation day in advance of the date itself.

What do you wear to Fort Benning graduation?

There is no formal dress code for the graduation event, but you want to dress for the warmer Georgia weather and look nice to show respect to your trainee.

How has Covid-19 affected boot camp graduation?

Covid-19 has led to many more live stream events to ensure not too many people are on the base at a given time for graduation.

Check with your trainee if your graduation event has been moved to a live stream format.

Where can I watch a live stream of the graduation?

You can live stream the graduation here at the base’s Facebook page.

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While graduation looks very different in our current climate, there is still plenty of fun to be had for everyone.

Make sure you take the time to honor and share appreciation with your trainee as this day is really all about them.

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Fort Benning Graduation

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Here's a list of graduations at Ft. Benning in 2020. Includes graduations for Army Rangers, Infantry, and various other units in the US Army.
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