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Goodyear Military Discount

Goodyear Tire is one of the most recognizable tire manufacturers in the world.

The company is known for its advertising (think Goodyear blimp) along with an outstanding reputation.

Furthermore, the Goodyear military discount can help you save money on your next set of tires.

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About Goodyear

discount tire military discount
Goodyear has been producing rubber tires for over a hundred years. It’s one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Image: PIxnio

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has been in operation for over 100 years.

The company started at the turn of the 20th century in Akron, Ohio.

Frank Seiberling envisioned a company that would offer dependable and safe tires to the emerging automobile industry.

Fast forward over a hundred years and Goodyear remains one of the premier tire manufacturer companies.

Goodyear specializes in producing tires for automobiles, motorcycles, SUVs, light trucks, and commercial trucks.

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The company also produces tires for race cars, farm equipment, heavy earth-moving equipment, and airplanes.

It first garnered a reputation for its easily detachable tires and required very little maintenance after installation.

Goodyear remains competitive with the three other primary tire manufacturers (Bridgestone, Michelin, and Continental).

Over the years, Goodyear has capitalized on terrific advertising including flying blimps with the company logo over marquee sporting events.

What is the Goodyear military discount?

goodyear tires military discount
The Goodyear military discount offers savings on your next purchase as well as free installation and inspections at participating locations. Image: Flickr

The Goodyear military discount is not exclusive through the official website.

Instead, service members can find a discount through

The website is one of the leading identification verification services on the web that also features exclusive deals.

Military personnel and first responders receive 10% off their Goodyear order. also has discounts for students, teachers, and nurses.

Additionally, Goodyear is proud to offer free tire checks for veterans at participating stores.

The offer is exclusive for active-duty military and retired service members.

Furthermore, the manufacture will provide free tire installation on any purchase (once again at participating stores).

Lastly, while the Goodyear military discount is available through you can find special deals (available for everyone) through the official website.

Goodyear features several discount tire coupons on the website that are guaranteed to work, unlike third-party vendor codes.

The company also helps service members save through rebates.

Goodyear also has outstanding customer assistance along with a 30-Day Pledge and Highway Auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty.

View all the current Goodyear special offers here.

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

The Goodyear military discount is available through

You need to “unlock” the deal by creating a new account with (if you do not already have an account).

The sign-up process is quick and easy. is one of the leading identity verification and authentication products on the web.

It allows companies like Goodyear to verify military service online to warrant an exclusive discount.

You can contact customer support for more questions during the sign-up process.

Meanwhile, active-duty service members or veterans looking to receive free tire installation or tire checks need to contact their local store.

Not all tire shops participate in the military discount, however, you will not know until you contact them directly.

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What Are The Restrictions?

tire military discount
New tires are expensive so any assistance you can get through a military discount is helpful. Image: Public Domain Pictures

There are a few restrictions for the Goodyear military discount through

Cash back is not available for:

  • Installation costs
  • Orders that use an independent corporate reward partners’ exclusive promo code
  • Orders made by Goodyear employees.

The use of coupons and promotion codes not on may void cash back.

There are other restrictions that may apply locally for free tire checks and installation.

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The Goodyear military discount can earn you 10% off your next order through

If you prefer to do business directly with Goodyear, consider browsing their latest selection of special deals through the official website.

Additionally, Goodyear features free tire installation and tire checks for active-duty and veterans at participating stores.

You can learn more about the ways Goodyear assists military personnel and veterans by contacting them at 800-321-2136.

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The Goodyear military discount entitles active duty and retired military a savings of 10% on your next tire order. Find out how to redeem it here.
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