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Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) Guide

The Navy Health Professions Scholarship, or HPSP, is a special program that finances your college education.

The program is full of incentives as students can get all of their tuition, fees, and books covered.

Recipients of the Navy HPSP scholarship also get commissioned as Naval Officers.

Check out our Navy HPSP Guide for more information on the program.

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What is the HPSP?

hpsp scholarship
The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) may cover 100% of your medical or dental school in college. Image: Joint Base San Antonio

The Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) is available to high school seniors.

It’s a scholarship that covers 100% of your tuition, school fees, books, and equipment related to your studies.

While it does offer a monthly stipend, it’s not always enough to cover housing and meals.

Regardless, it’s a great start toward financing your college education.

The Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program is available in the following areas of study:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Physician Assistant
  • Optometry

In return for having your tuition and books paid for by the U.S. Navy, college graduates progress to serve the U.S. Navy.

Successful graduates of the HPSP program become a Commissioned Officer of the United States Navy.

The purpose of the scholarship program is to cover most of your education expenses so you can enjoy a normal college experience before advancing to the military.

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Financial Incentives of Navy HPSP Program

In addition to financial aid for tuition and books, students of the HPSP program also earn Active Duty pay based on your marital status and prior military experience.

Therefore, you may receive approximately $2,100 per month in a monthly stipend along with more than $4,500 per month in Active Duty Pay.

Thanks to the Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program, you could receive more than $6,600 per month to cover living expenses.

The monthly stipend and signing bonus is separate from the coverage of your tuition, books, and fees.

The Navy provides a $20,000 signing bonus to individuals that participate in the medical or dental programs eligible under HPSP.

However, in return for all these amazing benefits, you must serve the U.S. Navy for at least 3-4 years.

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Who is eligible?

health professions scholarship program
The Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) is open to aspiring or current college students. Image:

The Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) is available to prospective college students still in high school.

It’s also open to college students currently attending medical school, dental school, or qualifying healthcare-related postgraduate programs.

The Health Professions Scholarship Program allows college students to join the Navy before they enter the military full-time.

As a result, you can focus on your studies and work toward a degree in the medical or dental industries.

The United States Navy helps finance your education by providing relief for everything besides room and board.

Regardless, you could receive a monthly stipend and signing bonus to cover living expenses through HPSP.

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Eligibility Requirements

You need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program:

  • Get accepted to or enrolled in a fully accredited AMA or AOA school of medicine.
  • Get accepted to or enrolled in a fully accredited ADA school of dentistry.
  • Be accepted to or enrolled in a fully accredited Optometry school or a course leading to a Masters Degree as a Physician Assistant.
  • Completed a bachelor’s degree and enrolled in the first semester of a Clinical Psychology (PHD) program.
  • The accredited college program needs to exist in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.*

The eligibility requirements may vary for each program.

We recommend that you contact a school counselor and Navy recruiter for more information about the HPSP scholarship fund.

*Please note that schools with “initial accreditation” are not accepted under the Health Professions Scholarship (HPSP) Program.

Requirements and Qualifications

military medical school
The scholarship opportunity requires you to meet certain qualifications, including a 3-4 year commitment to serving the U.S. Navy as a Commissioned Officer. Image: Navy Live

The Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program is comparable to the same scholarship offered through the Army and Air Force.

However, you must meet the requirements and qualifications before you apply for an incredible opportunity.

First, you need to be a citizen of the United States.

Secondly, you need to be physically qualified for commission as a U.S. Naval Officer.

The college you attend needs to be in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

The program must have proper accreditation and not “initial accreditation”.

Students need to prove that they are enrolled in a qualifying medical or dental school as well as maintain responsibilities for the U.S. Navy.

For example, the Navy requires HPSP scholarship recipients to attend Officer Development School (ODS) during your first or second summer break from college.

Navy Officer Development School (ODS) takes place at Newport, Rhode Island.

The training program lasts five weeks and prepares you physically and mentally for a commissioned officer role in the Navy.

You’ll also focus on developing leadership skills and management skills while attending Navy ODS.

The good news is that you start to get paid by the U.S. Navy the moment you arrive at Newport.

Therefore, you may earn approximately $5,000 during your time at ODS based on the rank of Navy Ensign.

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Navy HPSP Service Obligation

The Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program is technically a scholarship yet with strings attached.

It’s expected that you return the financial aid reward back to the Navy after you graduate college by serving the country as a Commissioned Officer.

Consequently, you “repay” back the borrowed money for college by serving the military for a minimum of 3-4 years.

However, you will receive Active Duty pay during this time so the only way you repay back the scholarship is through time and the duration of your service commitment.

The United States Navy expects the following obligations under the HPSP agreement:

  • Serve 45 days of active duty in a Navy clerkship or under school orders during each year of the program.
  • Attend Navy Officer Development School (ODS) prior to reporting to your first permanent duty station.
  • Serve one year of active duty in a non-training status for each year of the scholarship participation.

Keep in mind that time spent in an internship, residency, or college program does not count toward your active duty obligation.

Commissioned Officers that graduated from the Health Professions Scholarship (HPSP) Program are required to serve a minimum of three years on active duty.

You can get more information about the Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program through a local recruiter.

military med school scholarships
The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) is a great way to get med school paid for while earning commission as a Naval Officer. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Additional Requirements

Students receive full coverage of tuition and fees related to an eligible medical or dental program through HPSP.

The financial aid package also provides a monthly stipend and signing bonus for medical or dental students.

Once you complete your college studies you will need to serve one year for every year you attended college.

Therefore, if it took you four years to complete your degree – you will need to serve a minimum of four years in the U.S. Navy.

The Navy has stipulations for clerkships and residency while completing your degree through the HPSP program:

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Clerkships are available through the U.S. Navy for current college students.

Every year that you receive funding through HPSP you need to apply for a temporary active duty Navy clerkship.

The Navy counts Officer Development School (ODS) as a clerkship which helps contribute toward the obligation.

After learning basic leadership skills at Navy ODS, you can start to apply for clinical clerkships.

Clinical clerkships generally last about 45 days.

You receive pay as an Active Duty sailor during this time with all the benefits of a full-time service member.

Clerkships are a thrilling way to gain real military experience serving the country in a medical or dental facility.

Internship & Residency

The HPSP program makes it mandatory that you apply for graduate medical education at a military training hospital in the fall of the year prior to your intended graduation.

You will serve active duty and assigned to an internship at a Navy hospital.

However, students also have the ability to apply for a deferment and perform residency training in civilian programs.

Once you complete your internship or residency you will need to serve your active duty obligation.

Those that are not selected for a residency immediately after an internship may get assigned to work in Fleet as a General Medical Officer.

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The Navy Health Professions Scholarship (HPSP) Program is a terrific opportunity for college students.

The scholarship covers all your tuition, books, and fees while attending medical or dental school.

You also get assistance with living expenses through a signing bonus and monthly stipend.

However, you will need to complete a service obligation equivalent to the number of years you received financial aid from the U.S. Navy.

Medical and dental graduates through the HPSP scholarship become commissioned Officers of the Navy shortly after and must complete service of at least 3-4 years.

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