best navy officer jobs

Best Navy Officer Jobs

The United States Navy separates its rankings between the enlisted personnel and officers.

Navy Officers have more responsibilities compared to enlisted personnel, which equates to higher pay.

The best Navy Officer jobs are rewarding military careers with the opportunity to do something important and beneficial to keeping the nation safe.

Learn more about the 10 best Navy Officer jobs to find out which career might be the best fit for your goals and aspirations.

10 Best Navy Officer Jobs

There are a variety of careers to consider in the U.S. Navy.

The best Navy Officer jobs are found in job fields like:

  • Business
  • Communications
  • Cyber Warfare/IT
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Law & Management
  • Logistics
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Special Warfare
  • Weapons & Electronics

Every Navy Officer job is rewarding in its own way, but here are the leading occupations because of reputation, job duties, average pay, and prestige:

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#1 Naval Special Warfare Officer (SEALS)
#2 Nuclear Submarine Officer
#3 Surface Warfare Officer
#4 Health Care
#5 JAG Corps
#6 Pilot & Flight Officer
#7 Nursing
#8 Civil Engineer Corps
#9 Supply Corps
#10 Public Affairs

#10 Public Affairs

jobs in the navy
Navy Public Affairs portray a positive image of the military branch and represent a communication channel with the media. Image: DoDlive

Navy Public Affairs keeps the best interests of the military branch in order.

Public Affairs Officers (PAO) work to project a positive image of the U.S. Navy.

The Navy Officers are responsible for creating press releases and other reports that provide media outlets with more information about the daily activities of the branch.

Therefore, Navy PAOs keep the image of the Navy in good light and help clear misconceptions about the military.

Your important work presents the nation with a better understanding of Naval affairs and operations.

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#9 Supply Corps

navy jobs
The Navy Supply Corps maintains the logistics of ships and bases associated with the military branch. Image: Pixabay

The United States Navy is a massive operation that includes hundreds of thousands of personnel.

Therefore, these members of the Navy depend on the military branch for supplies, and they’re not just limited to weapons.

The Navy Supply Corps oversees the gigantic supply chain of the military organization.

Commissioned officers in the Supply Corps perform work in supply management, inventory control, disbursement, expeditionary logistics, financial management, operations analysis, and information systems.

Navy Officers that manage the Supply Corps are responsible for enlisted personnel like Logistics Specialists (LS) and Personnel Specialists (PS).

If their work is not done correctly, platoons lack the necessary supplies, which can greatly hamper operations.

Consequently, the behind-the-scenes officer role is extremely vital to daily operations.

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#8 Civil Engineer Corps

navy careers
Navy Civil Engineer Corps function behind-the-scenes making sure that massive infrastructure investments in the Navy are properly managed. Image: Africom

Serving the U.S. Navy in the Civil Engineer Corps is another behind-the-scenes role comparable to the Supply Corps.

Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officers focus on construction, public works, or contract management.

The assignment you receive depends on the current needs of the Navy as well as personal preference and your performance at Navy OCS.

Officers that work in Civil Engineering develop real-world job skills that translate to civilian job opportunities after they leave the military.

The Navy trusts the Civil Engineer Corps with handling massive investments in high-tech facilities like runways, buildings, and docks.

Civil engineers may focus on architecture, construction engineering, and land surveying (to name a few options).

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#7 Nursing

best navy jobs
A Navy Nurse is one of the most underappreciated roles in the military. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Nursing is something that you generally don’t associate with the U.S. Navy, yet it’s just as important in the military as civilian life.

Navy officers that serve as nurses provide high-quality care for sailors.

Nurses work in treatment facilities both in the United States and abroad.

Along with treating sailors, Navy Nurses also provide relief during a humanitarian crisis.

Medical officers assist patients with a variety of health conditions and administer treatment protocols.

They work alongside other medical professionals such as physicians, surgeons, and medical specialists.

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#6 Pilot & Flight Officer

navy flight officer - best navy officer jobs

Naval Flight Officers (NFO) serve as important components in the aviation department.

Flight Officers handle antisubmarine warfare and mine countermeasures.

There is also a need to participate in search and rescue operations.

The thrilling career path teaches officers how to project aviation power in fighter and attack, reconnaissance, and sea control missions.

Navy NFOs also conduct enemy surveillance using photographic intelligence.

Even though it takes a substantial amount of time and education to become a Flight Officer, it’s well worth the challenge and adventure.

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#5 JAG Corps

us navy careers
Navy JAG is the legal representation for the military branch with available officer positions. Image: U.S. Navy JAG Corps

Navy JAG has been idolized in pop culture through TV series and remains a well-recognized officer title.

All in all, Navy JAG represents nearly 1,000 attorneys throughout the world that practice law in support of the military branch.

Navy commissioned officers that act as lawyers serve the nation ashore and at sea.

The Navy Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps practice broad law including Military Justice, National Security Law, Admiralty and Maritime Law, and Environmental Law.

Navy lawyers offer command advice and support for enlisted personnel, military justice, and other types of sailor support.

The opportunities to receive gainful, related employment in the civilian world after leaving the military are also tremendous.

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#4 Health Care

best jobs in navy
Some of the best Navy officer jobs are found in health care. It’s a fantastic opportunity for those that want to selflessly help others. Image: DoDlive

Along with nurses, the U.S. Navy needs other health care workers to promote a safe and caring environment for sailors.

If you aren’t sure about nursing, there are plenty of other opportunities for officers in healthcare.

Whether you decide to work behind the scenes in administration or serve as a dentist or physician – there are plenty of options.

Receiving a medical officer position is not easy and requires a lot of time and effort.

However, the civilian job outlook is outstanding, and the experience you receive in the Navy is second to none.

Working as a commissioned officer in Naval health care is one of the best ways to give back in a non-combat role.

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#3 Surface Warfare Officer

navy jobs in demand
Navy SWO jobs provide the unique opportunity to serve on an aircraft carrier. Image: DoDlive

Navy Surface Warfare Officers (SWO) operate on aircraft carriers.

Aircraft carriers are one of the most impressive and sophisticated types of ships ever produced.

Since aircraft carriers act at the core of national defense, Navy Officers that oversee them provide an integral service.

Navy SWOs ensure that sailors under their supervision maintain and operate the complex reactor and power generation systems of the ship.

While the job demands and pressure is intense, it is appropriate for those that like a challenge and incredible responsibility.

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#2 Nuclear Submarine Officer

careers in the navy
Navy Officers that work on submarines also receive a unique opportunity to perform maintenance on one of the most sophisticated methods of travel in the world. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Submarines are like aircraft carriers in that they are highly distinct to the U.S. Navy.

As a result, some of the most desirable job roles in the Navy have to do with managing submarines and aircraft carriers.

Navy Submarine Officers assist in all aspects of the nuclear sub operations.

Officers supervise the reactor plant both at ports and in the sea.

Nuclear Submarine Officers also manage staff associated with power generation and propulsion systems.

There is a need to maintain onboard weapons systems and life support systems as well.

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#1 Naval Special Warfare Officer (SEALS)

navy officer careers
Navy SEALS are officers that perform highly dangerous missions within the elite Navy division. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Even if you are fairly unfamiliar with the military, you’ve heard of a Navy SEAL.

The incredibly prestigious Navy Officer job title is one of the most desirable military positions in the world.

Many strive to become Navy SEALs, yet the special warfare division only accepts a limited number of candidates.

Then, you need to survive extremely rigorous training just to receive the distinction.

Navy SEALS protect the country as experts in conducting special operations in complex, politically sensitive, and dangerous environments.

Those who are interested in becoming Navy SEAL Officers have a few options to eventually join the elite unit.

Though there is the chance of danger, it’s impossible to find a more exciting and thrilling officer career in the Navy.

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The best Navy Officer jobs vary depending on the job title and required skills.

Regardless, receiving a commission as a U.S. Navy Officer grants you more career opportunities and better pay.

Consider becoming an officer in the Navy to expand your horizons both in the Navy and after the fact in civilian life.

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