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Motorola Military Discount

We’ve all heard of Motorola – that phone company that’s been around for years, and is responsible for the famously sleek and thin Razr flip phone.

However, they’ve long since graduated to smartphones, and with prices of the average smartphone slowly climbing upward, many are looking for ways to bring down the purchase price of their handheld device.

While some may opt to get less fancy models – whether it’s track phones or older models that the store still has a few of in stock – others may look for discounts and coupons to pay less.

Although there are some discounts and sales that average men and women can take advantage of when they’re made available, there is one discount that’s available year-round: the military discount.

Those with a military discount may be wondering if there is a military discount that will let them pay a bit less on their next trip to a phone store.

A quick search on Google shows that Motorola does, in fact, offer a military discount.

This is great news!

With smartphones being so widely used and becoming an almost necessary part of most people’s lives, it’s good that Motorola is making life a bit easier for those who have served their country.

The military discount knocks 10% off, and the discount is “sitewide”, meaning that it’s applicable to all Motorola products and not just their phones.

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How do you claim the discount online?

The easiest way to claim your Motorola military discount is to verify your military service directly with them.

Here’s step-by-step instructions on how to do that:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Motorola military discount page.

Step 2: Click the “Verify with” button in the center of the page.

motorola military discount

Step 3: When you hit the verification page, select the Government option, then click “Continue to sign in”

government discount motorola

Step 4: If you have an “ID Me” account, sign in.  If you don’t, click the “sign up for an account” link in the upper right hand corner.

id me sign in

Once you sign in with your official login credentials, you’ll receive your promo code instantly.

How do you claim the military discount in stores?

You claim the discount in store by showing your ID to the cashier at some point before paying.

It’s important to ensure that you have your ID with you before going to the store – you wouldn’t want to have to run home when you’re all ready to pay!

If you’re claiming the discount online, you’ll need to confirm your status with

There will be a short online form that will confirm your status; if you’re eligible for the discount, the discount will automatically be applied to your next purchase on the site.

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Who can claim the military discount?

Motorola explicitly states that active duty, veteran, retired and reservist personnel can all claim the discount.

First responders such as police officers, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics and correctional officers are not mentioned in the discount, which likely means that they are not eligible.

Although Motorola doesn’t explicitly say one way or another, it looks like spouses, family nor friends can claim the discount, either.

This means that the discount is non-transferable to anyone, and that if someone with a military background wants someone else to benefit from the discount, they’ll need to buy the product themselves and gift it later.

However, when claiming the discount online, there is an option to select “Teacher” and “First Responder”.

Though it’s most likely just a login option, it’s definitely worth a try if you have a job that qualifies you as a first responder.

Further information on the discount

Motorola has a page on their website dedicated entirely to the military discount.

More info on the discount as well as the form necessary to confirm your status for an online purchase can all be found on this page.

Other websites will likely have information on Motorola’s military discount, so it’s always worth Googling; there are many sites dedicated to providing info on military discounts!

Frequently asked questions

Can I claim the discount if I’ve been dishonorably discharged?

Although Motorola doesn’t give one concrete answer one way or another, it’s likely that they don’t extend the discount to those who have been dishonorably discharged.

However, it’s always worth asking if you’re in a store.

If you’re making a purchase online, simply attempt to verify your identity.

The website will reject your eligibility for the discount if it isn’t extended to those who have been dishonorably discharged.

It is worth noting that Motorola doesn’t make any mention of those who have been dishonorably discharged when they list all the groups of people that are eligible for the military discount.

So although it’s worth an ask or attempt, be prepared to be rejected for eligibility.

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Are there any exceptions or limitations to the discount?

Not at all!

Motorola states that the discount is sitewide, and doesn’t list any exceptions.

That means that the discount can be used on any product that they have.

Can the discount be applied online and in-store?

Yes they can!

As mentioned before, those making purchases online can verify their ID using Motorola’s form.

Claiming the discount is quite easy, and only requires a few short steps before you can start shopping.

As with claiming the discount in-store, it’s even easier: all it requires is showing your ID to an associate before paying.

Of course, claiming the discount in-store is a bit faster because there’s only one step involved.

Can the discount be combined with other discounts?

Motorola doesn’t give any answer one way or another, but it’s likely that they do.

Many stores allow sales and discounts to stack or be used together, and will simply enable a limit to how many discounts can be applied to a purchase.

Other stores many not allow discounts to stack and force you to choose one – or will automatically apply the discount that saves you the most.

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It’s great that Motorola offers a military discount to those of all military backgrounds.

With smartphones becoming both increasingly expensive and necessary in our daily lives, any little bit that people are able to save helps.

Those who aren’t sure if they’re eligible for the discount can attempt to claim the discount online, or ask a store associate while shopping.

And those who aren’t sure if they can combine the discount with other discounts can simply attempt to stack the discounts, or ask a if they’re shopping in person.

Regardless of the fact that some details of the discount are unclear, this is still an excellent deal that offers plenty of savings to military men and women who are shopping for some new electronics. Good luck and happy shopping!

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