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Military Discounts

Menards Military Discount for 2023

Thousands of retail stores give back to the men and women who serve our country each day by providing them with a generous military discount.

However, if you’re looking for a Menards military discount, you unfortunately won’t find one.

With that said, OMK did the research and found several other ways to help you save on your next order.

Special Note: While Menards doesn’t offer a military discount, a couple of other home improvement stores do!

Check them out below (click on the link for more info):

  • Lowe’s – Offers a 10% off military discount both in stores and online. Click Here to learn more.
  • Ace Hardware – Offers a 10% military discount in stores only. Click Here to learn more.

About Menards

Menards was started as a family business in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1958.

The business is still headquartered in Eau Claire, but it now has over 300 locations spread across the Midwest and Plains states. 

Menards focuses on customer service and quality products while still providing low price points.

Their slogan is “Save Big Money At Menards.”

They help their guests in all possible ways, from giving good deals to lending a hand in project planning.

They sell name-brand and high-quality products, including items from Mastercraft, Dakota, and Masterforce.

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Menards has the materials and the assistance needed for beginner DIY projects to professional contractors.

It’s a store for anyone with home improvement needs.

Aside from home improvement products, Menards sells appliances, garden supplies, pet supplies, and some groceries as well.

They pride themselves on being a one-stop shop for the majority of their customers.

menards store interior
Menards store interior. Image:

Other Ways To Save At Menards

Even though Menards does not offer a military discount at this time, they do provide their customers with many ways to save money on their purchases.

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Some of their main deals include rebates, 11% off everything events, the Menards BIG Card, Ray’s List clearance, and their price match policy.

1. Menards Rebates

The biggest savings program that Menards offers is their mail-in rebate program.

There are always products available in the store that will be much cheaper after cashing in a mail-in rebate check.

menards rebates

To find rebate items, look at the price tags of items in the store.

Alternatively, you can browse all of the current Menards rebates here.

The products that are being sold with a rebate will have a sign on them that says the regular price as well as the new lower price that kicks in after the rebate is received.

When you check out, you will buy your items at full price. Then, remember to save your receipt.

On your way out of the store, stop at the rebate center. This is usually located at the front of the store, so it is easy to visit as you leave the location.

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When you get to the rebate center, look at your receipt.

It will list the rebate numbers you need. Find the slips for those rebate numbers and take them home.

The slips are easy to find, as they are ordered by number and visible on accessible shelves.

Once you are home, fill out your rebate cards and put them in an envelope with your Menards receipt.

Typically, you will need to put information including your name, address, phone number, and email address on the card.

This allows the rebate center to send the reward back to you after it is processed.

Once you’ve filled out the slip, mail the letter to the listed address and allow 6-8 weeks for processing time.

After the 6-8 weeks is up, you will receive a check to spend at Menards in the amount of the rebate discount.

2. 11% Off Everything Events

A few times each year, Menards tends to throw an event where customers save 11% off their entire purchase.

This deal can be used on anything in the store.

The customers buy products at full price and then get a mail-in rebate for the 11% off.

With the percentage off being so high, these events are the best time of year to make larger purchases from Menards.

These rebates are cashed in through the same process as typical rebates, and the reward can again be spent at Menards.

3. Menards BIG Card

The Menards BIG Card is the store’s Chase credit card. With a BIG Card, you can save money in a variety of ways.

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First, you get a 2% rebate on all of your Menards purchases back at the end of the year.

If you use your card for gas purchases, you can get an additional 1% rebate back annually as well.

menards big card

The BIG Card also gives you access to a special weekly advertisement.

This ad has prices lower than the ones the general public sees. It will be emailed to you every week if you hold a BIG card.

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4. Weekly Online Deals

If you prefer to do your shopping at home and still want to save money at Menards, check out its Weekly Online Deals section.

These discounts are exclusive to online Menard’s shoppers. 

Best of all, even though the deals are only valid online, you can have your products delivered or pick them up at a local store.

5. Ray’s List Clearance

Ray’s List is the Menards clearance program.

You’ll find Ray’s List is filled with out-of-season or discontinued products, floor model appliances, scratch and dent items, and unclaimed special orders.

You can shop Ray’s List both online and in person.

If you’re looking online and want to pick up a clearance item from your local store, you can search the Ray’s List items of stores near you on the website to see what is available.

Menards store exterior
Menards store exterior. Image:


It is unfortunate that Menards no longer offers a Military discount.

However, they do provide their customers with many ways to save.

Remember to take advantage of these money-saving tips on your next trip to Menards.

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Menard Inc. is a chain of home improvement stores, located in the Midwestern United States. The privately held company, headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has 350 stores in 14 states.

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  1. So you’re telling me that at one time they offered a military discount and now they don’t. Why don’t they, what happened? I guess Veterans didn’t sacrifice enough for Menards to recognize them. Everybody gets those other so called discounts, but people that have served the country should be set apart. That’s pretty sad Menards.

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