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Lowe’s Military Discount

When people think “home improvement”, they generally think one of 2 places: Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Personally speaking, I generally go to Home Depot more than I go to Lowe’s, mainly because Home Depot is way closer.

With that said, Lowe’s does offer nearly identical items at virtually the same prices.

In addition, just like Home Depot, Lowe’s also offers a military discount to our veterans and active duty soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

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Unlike Home Depot, Lowe’s does a WAY better job of explaining exactly what you can expect from their military discount program.

The purpose of this page is to dumb it down so you know exactly what to expect when you go to checkout.

Lowe’s Military Discount Snapshot

Just like with Home Depot, Lowe’s offers a 10% discount to all active duty military, veterans, and immediate family members.

A veteran is defined as any individual that is retired from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), or the US Public Health Service (USPHS).

An active duty member / reservist is defined as anyone actively serving in the US Armed Forces, which includes the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard,  NOAA, and USPHS.

An immediate family member is defined as a spouse or dependent children (up to 18 years of age).  A mother or father of a veteran does not technically qualify as “immediate family”, but if they have access to your MyLowe’s card, they should be able to redeem the discount.

How do I claim my military discount?

According to the Lowe’s official website, to receive the discount you must first enroll in their program online at the following link.

During registration, you’ll be asked simple questions like your date of birth, military branch you served in, your military status, and date of separation.

lowe's military discount registration form

Your information will be screened through a third party service called SheerID, which will use your info to verify military service.

Don’t worry, SheerID is a legit company that works with dozens of other major brands, including DirecTV, Amazon, Target, and others.

From my research, they will NOT share or sell your information, so you should be good to go in that regard.

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If you already have an existing MyLowe’s account, you can simply sign in with your existing username and password.

After your veteran or active duty military status has been verified (which generally takes a min. or 2), you’ll be able to start shopping and get 10% off everyday purchases both online, and in stores.

The nice thing about their military discount program is that, once you’re completely registered, the discount will apply automatically to all future purchases.

This means no having to remember to bring your military ID, DD214, or VA card.

Simply register once, and the discount will apply 363 days a year. (Lowe’s is closed only 2 days a year: Thanksgiving and Christmas day)

OK, sounds great.  But what are the restrictions?

Like most things in life, there is some fine print involved.

Some of the restrictions of the Lowe’s military discount program include:

  • Discharge Status:  Anything other than honorable, under honorable condition, or general discharge.  If you have been dishonorably discharged, have a Bad Conduct discharge, or Other Than Honorably Conditions discharge, you won’t be eligible for the discount.
  • Sales and Coupons:  You can’t use the military discount in combination with existing sales.  Additionally, you can’t apply the discount to the purchase of gift cards or product / service installs. (full list of that below)
  • Not Stackable: You can’t pile on a bunch of other discounts to your order.  This means that you won’t be able to add on the usual 5% discount that’s provided to MyLowes card members.

Product and Service Installations

The following installation services are ineligible for the Lowe’s military discount program:

  • Kitchen installation:  These include appliance installation and removal, cabinets, counter tops, sinks and faucets, backsplashes, flooring, lighting and ceiling fans, blinds, shades and shutters, and doors.
  • Bathroom installation services:  These include toilet installation, shower doors, vanities, sinks and faucets, cabinets and countertops, blinds, and flooring.
  • Living Room / Bedroom installation: These include the installation of doors, flooring, lighting and ceiling fans, and blinds.
  • Whole home installation services:  These include the installation of flooring, doors, windows, blinds, shades, HVAC systems, ceiling fans, generators, lighting, water heaters and softeners, and window air conditioning units.
  • Exterior installation services: These include the installation of fencing, roofing, windows, doors, decks, gutters, awnings, ramps, sheds, and playsets.
  • Garage and Storage installations: These include garage doors and openers, doors, sheds, and attic ladders.

Other Restrictions

Apart from the installations listed above, the discount can also not be applied to extended protection plans, fees, or taxes.

Also, you won’t be able to apply the military discount to volume purchases or special discount programs.

For example, if you’re a contractor that builds homes, you won’t be able to buy 500 smoke detectors and apply the discount.

Additionally, you can’t buy 1,000 electrical outlets and expect to get a discount.

Luckily, the Lowes Buy In Bulk program already offers sizable discounts to those buying significant quantities of select items.

What products are eligible for the military discount?

From what we can tell, apart from the restrictions listed above, you’ll be entitled to a discount on nearly everything in the store.

This includes things like:

  • Building supplies:  These include things like Asphalt repair and tools, Gutters and accessories, Lumber, Decking and porches, drywall, ventilation equipment, and stairs and railings.
  • Bathroom supplies:  Including things like toilets, bathtubs, sinks, vanities, faucets and shower heads, shower doors, bathroom mirrors, and hardware.
  • Electrical supplies:  Including things like electrical outlets and adapters, generators, doorbells, batteries, conduit and conduit fittings, electrical testers and tools, and electrical wire and cable.
  • Lawn and garden supplies:  Including things like fertilizer, irrigation, outdoor tools and equipment, landscaping equipment, pavers and retaining walls, insect and pest control, and outdoor drainage.
  • Lighting and ceiling fans: Including things like chandeliers and pendants, vanity lights, flush mounted lighting, wall sconces, kitchen island lighting, and lamps / lamp shades.
  • Paint supplies:  Including things like caulking, interior stains and finishes, resurfacing kits, paint brushes and rollers, cleaners and chemicals, rubberized coatings, and patching and repair kits.

* Note: The above list is by no means exhaustive, and of course, subject to change.  Check with your local Lowes for full details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I entitled to a military discount with online orders?

Yes.  Unlike Home Depot, all online orders are eligible to receive a military discount. (with certain restrictions, see above)

When you go to checkout with your online order, your discount will be automatically applied.

No entering in a coupon code or special number, just simply point, click, and buy.

I’m not good with computers. Can I verify my military service in a store?

Yes.  The next time you hit your local Lowe’s, simply bring a photo ID (drivers license, Military ID, or passport), and also bring either your Veterans admin. card, or your DOD card.

They include:

  • Common Access Card (CAC)
  • DD214
  • Uniformed Services ID Card Active Duty
  • Veterans ID Card (VIC)
  • Uniformed Services ID Card
  • VA Health ID Card (VHIC)
  • Active Duty Family Member card

You’ll have to pay a visit to the customer service desk, but they should be able to get you squared away within 5 min.

Will I have to verify my military service every time I go to Lowe’s?

We touched on this earlier, but figured we would reiterate this point because it seems like there’s a lot of confusion in various online forums.

This probably stems from the fact that Lowe’s made a policy change on their military discount program back in 2017.

During that time, you actually had to bring your military ID card, DD214, or VA card every time you went to checkout.

Since May 2017, things have changed.

To be clear, once you are registered with a MyLowes card and your military service has been vetted, you will NOT have to verify military service every time you make a purchase.

The 10% military discount will be automatically applied and deducted from your total.

Is there a maximum total that can be discounted?

From what we can tell, there is no maximum amount that a military discount can be applied to.

Your bill can be $10,000, and as long as your items aren’t included in the restricted items list, you’ll receive a 10% discount for everything.

You can read the full policy on the Lowe’s website here.

If you have any questions about the Lowe’s military discount, be sure to leave a comment below!




Lowe’s Military Discount
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