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Ace Hardware Military Discount: Save 10% (+Veteran’s Day Details)

Ace Hardware is one of the top retailers in the United States.

The company dates back to the 1920s and has thrived in America ever since the conclusion of World War II.

Is there an Ace Hardware military discount?

Though there is little information online about a military discount, OMK contacted several Ace stores directly and found out that yes, most Ace hardware stores offer savings for military personnel.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in stores.

Special Note: While the Ace Hardware military discount isn’t available online, Lowe’s home improvement IS!

Click Here to learn more.

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Ace Hardware Military Discount – Save 10%

ace hardware veterans discount
Most Ace Hardware stores participate in a 10% off discount for active duty personnel. Image: Flickr

Unfortunately, there is very little online to inform service members about an Ace Hardware military discount.

The company does not do a thorough job of providing the exact details of its military discount through its official website:

However, when we reached out to multiple Ace Hardware locations across the United States we found that most of them feature 10% off on the vast majority of items in the store.

The representatives had different things to say about the military discount yet the theme was consistent – 10% off most non-sale items in the store.

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Who is eligible for the Ace Hardware military discount?

According to the Ace reps that we spoke with over the phone – the military discount is valid for anyone with a military ID.

As a result, the Ace Hardware military promo is valid for all branches of the U.S. Military (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard, and Navy).

Most of the reps we spoke with also informed us that it would honor the same military discount for military retirees and veterans.

However, it didn’t seem like a discount that can also be applied for military dependents such as your spouse or children.

So we recommend dropping into the store with your significant other or family member in order to help them get the same military discount under your name.

How to Get the Ace Military Discount

ace military discount
You can receive the Ace military discount with a valid military ID at most participating locations. Image: Flickr

Are you ready to save on various hardware including tools, home and garden supplies, building supplies, and paint?

The Ace Hardware military discount can save you 10% off most items in the store.

It is easy to have the military savings applied to your final purchase price:

    • Step 1: Find a catalog of available products online at Or find your nearest local store to shop.
    • Step 2: You may want to contact the store directly before visiting it. Contact information is available online. Not all Ace Hardware stores participate in the military discount.
    • Step 3: When you go to check out at the register, inform the clerk that you are on active duty or a veteran and would like to receive the Ace Hardware military discount.
    • Step 4: The clerk will likely want to see some proof of military status. So make sure you bring a valid military ID to confirm eligibility for the promo offer.

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Does Ace Hardware Offer A Veterans Day Discount?

OMK got in touch with a representative from Ace Hardware to find out if they will be offering a Veteran’s Day discount.

They confirmed that, apart from their daily 10% off discount for veterans and those serving in the military, they do not have plans to offer any additional discount.

This isn’t surprising, as most companies that offer a standard daily discount don’t offer any additional ones.

With that said, it is possible that your local Ace Hardware store may have a Veteran’s Day sale.

Your best bet would be to check with the location nearest you to find out.

Other Ways to Save Through Ace Hardware

If you are active duty, you will likely find a 10% discount every day of the week at most participating locations throughout the United States.

However, we should also mention that veterans and retirees should consider stopping by hardware stores on prominent national holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day.

Several retailers are known to provide special deals on holidays that notoriously honor the hard work and bravery of service members.

Ace regularly features Sales and Special Deals.

The problem is that most items on sale cannot be combined with the military discount for extra savings.

FAQ – Ace Hardware Military Discount

ace hardware military discount code
The Ace Hardware military discount is comparable to the ones offered at Lowe’s and Home Depot. Image: Wikimedia Commons

What else do you need to know about the Ace Hardware military discount? We recommend contacting your local store to make sure they are a participating location.

Secondly, you can reach out to Ace customer service with more questions.

The main contact number is 1-888-827-4223 (open 7am to 7pm CST).

You can also email Ace Hardware at [email protected].

What products are eligible for the military discount?

We got different answers from the multiple Ace Hardware locations we spoke to, but the general idea was most items are eligible for the discount.

One representative mentioned that sales items are not eligible.

Additionally, another store mentioned that certain items like Yeti coolers and grills are not eligible for extra savings.

We recommend contacting your local store directly to find out what, if any, items are excluded from 10% off.

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How does the Ace military discount compare to other hardware stores?

The Ace Hardware military discount is very comparable to the same military discounts offered through Lowe’s and Home Depot.

All three hardware stores provide a 10% military discount.


Ace Hardware has a 10% military discount on most items in the store.

Not all Ace Hardware stores participate in a military discount, though we found that the vast majority of them are compliant.

In order to receive 10% off most hardware items, make sure that you present a valid military ID at the time of checkout.

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  1. Ace Hardware in the Yakima Valley, Washington has NO military discount and they are rude to anyone who asks. They roll their eyes and act like there is something wrong with asking.

  2. I haven’t found a store in Illinois that gives military discount. That is why I haven’t bought my traeger from them. Looking to find it somewhere else.

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