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Men’s Wearhouse Military Discount

Men’s Wearhouse is the premier source for formal attire.

The company sells men’s suits, sports coats, dress shirts, pants, sweaters, shoes, and accessories.

If you need to wear something new and formal to an event, Men’s Wearhouse is the perfect place to start.

Unfortunately, Men’s Wearhouse does not offer an official military discount.

However, there are other ways to save on new formal wear.

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About Men’s Wearhouse

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Men’s Wearhouse is the leading retailer of formal wear with over 700 locations throughout the United States. Image: Flickr

Men’s Wearhouse has assisted customers for close to a half-century.

As a result, the company takes a lot of pride in assisting customers to look the way they want.

Men’s Wearhouse is known for its outstanding selection, world-class customer service, and dependable shipment options.

Your satisfaction is the highest priority of Men’s Wearhouse.

Therefore, the company provides a 90-day money-back guarantee on any item if you are not happy with the fit, quality, or fabric.

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Additionally, Men’s Wearhouse features free re-alterations after the first seam is altered on any piece of attire purchased through the website.

The company also offers 24-hour tailoring upon request along with free lifetime pressing at one of its 700+ stores nationwide.

Men’s Wearhouse specializes in formal wear including suits, sports jackets, and pants.

The catalog also includes dress shirts, pants, sweaters, shoes, and accessories.

Men’s Wearhouse also supports big and tall customers along with custom designs.

Suit and tux rentals are also available if you just need a loan and don’t plan to buy an entire suit.

Ways To Save At Men’s Wearhouse

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There are many ways to save on Men’s Wearhouse merchandise despite the company not having an official military discount. Image: Piqsels

Unfortunately, Men’s Wearhouse does not have an official military discount.

However, there are other ways to save on clothing and accessories.

Since formal attire is traditionally expensive, you should exercise every resource to maximize savings.

Following these steps will help you get a deal on your next suit or dress shirt:

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#1 – Men’s Wearhouse Coupons & Discounts

There is no official Men’s Wearhouse military discount.

Regardless, you can save money by checking out the latest offers available through the official website.

Men’s Wearhouse actually has a fairly good selection of coupons.

You can also shop for the latest promotions which tend to hit around holidays and other special events.

Men’s Wearhouse separates items on its shelves by Sale or Clearance.

#2 – Shop through

There are many retailers that utilize for identity verification as well as to offer exclusive savings on products.

While there is no official Men’s Wearhouse military discount – you can receive savings as a service member through

There is quite a few military personnel that are already familiar with since the website is used for verification purposes for several other types of military discounts. is a good place to start if you are looking to find a decent deal on Men’s Wearhouse items.

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#3 – Join the Email List

Men’s Wearhouse provides its own subscription email list.

Once you join the email list, you’ll receive special offers directly from Men’s Wearhouse.

The email list includes exclusive in-store and online offers.

You can also learn more about style tips and new products coming out through the subscription.

Sign up for free at Men’s Wearhouse to join the email list.


Men’s Wearhouse is a leader in men’s formal wear.

The company has over 700+ locations across the country as well as an online store.

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You can shop for deals on clearance or on sale through the official website.

While there is no official Men’s Wearhouse military discount, you can find other ways to get a great deal.

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While Men's Wearhouse doesn't offer a military discount, that doesn't mean you need to pay full price. See 3 different ways to save big on your next suit or accessory.
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