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Oakley is a well known provider of high-quality eye-wear, as well as a producer of various sport and lifestyle items. They are known for their innovative foundation. With over 850 patents, they are always creating something new. 

Oakley works to provide consumers with what they need, even if that product has not yet been created.

Recently, the company opened a chain of stores called Oakley “O” stores.

They have 81 locations and provide their unique gear to in-person shoppers.

Oakley is also dedicated to the U.S. military. They do not offer a military discount on their website, but they have something even better.

Oakley has a unique program for military members called “Oakley Standard Issue.”

Click Here to the details on how to sign up.

This website allows those who have served to purchase equipment for military and personal use for up to 70% off original prices.

The Oakley brand is very popular with US Military personnel. Image: Wikimedia.org

About Oakley

The Oakley brand was created in 1975. Over the years, they have become a leading name in design and sport performance pieces. They are most well known for their eyewear.

Oakley is constantly trying to improve their innovative brands.

One of their most successful creations is PRIZMTM, which enhances the views around the wearer by adding to the color and contrast they see.

Oakley offers much more than just eyewear, however. They’ve grown to provide products for most sports, including cycling, surfing, and golf products.

They sell clothing and accessories, such as backpacks and hats, as well.

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What Is The Official Oakley Military Discount?

Oakley does not offer a military discount on their normal site, at least not in the traditional sense.

However, they have something that may be even better than a military discount, and it’s called Oakley Standard Issue (or SI).

The site is only accessible for military members and provides discounts that tend to be around 50% off of regular prices.

It includes items such as eyeglasses, as well as bags and backpacks.

Oakley has a solid relationship with the United States Military, as they have been collaborating since the very beginning of the company’s existence.

Oakley began working with the military in the 1980’s to provide safe, comfortable, and high-performance products to service members.

The military trusted Oakley based on their previous innovation and product development, and they did not disappoint. 

Oakley continues to give back through their Standard Issue program today.

The Oakley Standard Issue membership not only includes discounts and deals, but also includes access to exclusive products, including uniform-approved products, military grade eye protection, and special collections including the “Thin Blue Line” and the “Thin Red Line.” 

They offer a special line of Military Prizm lenses to provide high-quality vision to service members. These glasses include the famous color and contrast boosting lenses in military-friendly designs.

The Oakley Standard Issue membership provides products that both benefit military members and simply appreciate them. From uniform-approved products to personal products, it’s a great deal for high-quality gear.

How Can Oakley Standard Issue Be Accessed?

Oakley Standard Issue is a website made for military members only.

The site can be found here: https://www.oakleysi.com/en-us

To access the deals on the site, you will need to log in. When you get to the site, you will be able to choose which category fits your eligibility best.

Eligibility Options for Oakley Standard Issue. Image: Oakleysi.com

After you click this link, you will be redirected to ID.me. ID.me is an online service that verifies military status for many companies across the internet.

To verify your military status, you will need to make an account and upload a copy of your military ID. 

Once you’ve signed up for ID.me and uploaded a copy of your military ID, you can go back to the Oakley Standard Issue website.

When you log back in, your ID.me details should be present and you will then be able to access the deals on the site.

Your military status information will be kept for twelve months as a type of membership.

Once your 12 month membership is over, you will need to reverify your ID.me account.

If you have any trouble logging in to Oakley Standard Issue, you can call their customer service line at 1-800-525-4334.

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How To Sign Up For An Oakley Standard Issue Membership:

Step 1: Click Here to sign in or register a new account with Oakley SI.

oakley si registration fields

Obviously if you already have an account, use those credentials. If you don’t, click the “Not a member? Register now” button.

Step 2: Click on an eligibility category, ie “US Military”, “Law Enforcement”, or “Federal personnel”

Step 3: Create your ID.me account. You’ll be asked to verify your military service via one of a number of ways, including: USAA membership, DD214, .mil email address, or upload a military ID.

id me military service verification

Step 4: Go back to the Oakley Standard Issue website, sign in, and enjoy your discounts!

Be sure to renew your membership every 12 months.

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Who Can Claim This Discount?

Any active member of the United States Military can take advantage of the Oakley Standard Issue membership. This includes Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserves members. The deal is also available for retired service men and women and all veterans.

The Oakley Standard Issue membership is not only available for military members. It can also be used by first responders, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and EMS. 

oakley sunglasses military discount
Oakley Eye Pro minimizes eye injuries to soldiers. Image: Flickr.com

What Are The Restrictions?

This membership only has a few restrictions. It requires that the deal is only used for service members, so the login you create cannot be given to family or friends. It can only be used by the person who created and verified the account.

The items purchased on the site are also not available for resale. The prices are low to give back to military members, not to be sold again for a profit.

Additionally, there are some restrictions on the amount of items you can buy using the Oakley military discount.

They include:

  • A 20 item optics limit
  • A 200 item AFA (Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories) limit

The article does not state if it is available for members of the military who were dishonorably discharged. It is likely that it is not an option, but you can always call the company to ask. 

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Overall, Oakley is an innovative and forward-thinking company that has kept the military in mind since the very beginning.

They provide an excellent benefit to service men and women through their Oakley Standard Issue membership program and discount prices that tend to be around 50% off.

If you are in need of military or personal eyewear or other gear, check out Oakley Standard Issue for some of the best deals today.

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The Oakley standard issue program allows the men and women serving in the US military to get a wide variety of sunglasses at deeply discounted rates.

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