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Military Bases in Kentucky

Kentucky has just 5 military bases or installations, 4 for the Army and 1 for the Air Force.

Though there aren’t many bases and the different branches are not yet represented in this state, the bases that do exist perform important tasks.

The bases in Kentucky host some of the most essential training, and they are home to equally important units, such as armor and air assault teams.

Below, you’ll find a brief rundown of each of the military bases in Kentucky.

Follow the links to the official websites if you’d like to gain a deeper understanding of a specific base.

Army Bases in Kentucky

Fort Knox

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

fort knox army base in kentucky

In Use: 1861- Present

Overall Mission: Fort Knox is home to many important training and management facilities, including the US Army Armor School.

They are also in charge of all career management, including swearing in and out of service and the US Army Cadet Command,

Units Stationed:

  • US Army Human Resources Command
  • US Army Recruiting Command
  • US Army V Corps
  • US Army Cadet Command
  • 1st Theater Sustainment Command
  • 1st US Army Division East
  • 84th Training Command
  • 100th Division
  • Army Reserve Aviation Command (ARAC)
  • The Army School System Training Center
  • 83rd U.S. Army Reserve Readiness Training Center
  • 19th Engineer Battalion

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Fort Campbell

Location: Oak Grove, Kentucky

fort campbell kentucky

In Use: 1942- Present

Overall Mission: This base trains air assault troops and is home to active-duty air assault units.

They are well-known for their Sabalauski Air Assault School. The base also trains and readies units to support air missions from the ground.

Units Stationed:

  • 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
  • 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
  • 5th Special Forces Group
  • 52nd Ordnance Group (EOD)
  • The Sabalauski Air Assault School
  • 19th Air Support Operations Squadron
  • Detachment 4, 18th Combat Weather Squadron
  • 531st Hospital Center
  • Rascon School of Combat Medicine
  • 716th Military Police Battalion
  • 502nd Military Police Battalion (CID)
  • 902nd Military Intelligence Group
  • Special Operations Recruiting Battalion
  • Army Field Support Battalion
  • 922nd Contracting Battalion

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Blue Grass Army Depot

Location: Richmond, Kentucky

blue grass army depot

In Use: 1941- Present

Overall Mission: This base provides fighting units with the ammunition they need.

They aim to remain reliable, timely, and affordable while providing both munitions and chemical defense products.

Their main mission is storing and administering, but they are also in charge of repairs, general maintenance, and disposal when necessary.

They operate under the Joint Munitions Command.

Units Stationed:

  • Blue Grass Chemical Activity

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Wendell H. Ford Regional Training Center

Location: Greenville, Kentucky

wendhell ford training center in kentucky

In Use: 1997- Present

Overall Mission: This base offers year-round training to Kentucky National Guard units.

They have fire ranges, bivouac sites, an engagement skills training center, an obstacle course, a grass runway, and a center for simulated training.

The base has barracks and a dining hall to ensure troops are comfortable during their stay.

Units Stationed:

  • Kentucky National Guard (for training purposes)

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Air Force Bases In Kentucky

Louisville Air National Guard Base

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

louisville ang base in kentucky

In Use: 1941 – Present

Overall Mission: The Louisville ANG base is the only Air Force base in Kentucky.  It’s home to the 123rd Airlift Wing, which flies the C-130 Hercules and the new C-130J Super Hercules. 

Their primary mission is to transport troops, supplies, and equipment to places all over the world.

They also are involved in other missions like intelligence and combat control and are even involved in special operations activities.

Units Stationed:

  • 123rd Airlift Wing

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Kentucky is home to 5 military bases. Learn more about each base in KY, including when it was founded, its overall mission, and more.
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