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National Car Rental Military Discount

National Car Rental is one of the largest car rental companies in the world, with over 1500 locations spread across the United States as well as locations around the globe.

They offer special military pricing that saves you a specific amount of money dependent on how much you spend (and whether you are traveling for leisure or government duties).

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About National Car Rental

National Car Rental was not founded by one single person.

Instead, the company began when 24 smaller car rental businesses decided to team up and create one large car rental network in 1947.

The collaboration happened in St. Louis, Missouri, but the car rental businesses were located all over the country so it really began in many different places as well.

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A man named Joe Saunders is often referred to as the founder of National Car Rental, because there wasn’t a specific founder within the collaborative groups and because Saunders started the car rental industry in 1916.

Today, National Car Rental is just what its creators wanted it to be.

It is a widespread and well-known car rental company.

No matter where you are going, you can likely count on finding a National Car Rental location to use nearby.

The chain now has over 1500 locations that are spread across the country and across the globe.

National Car Rental is now owned by a company called Enterprise.

Enterprise also owns other car rental chains including Alamo and Enterprise Rental.

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What is the Official National Car Rental Military Discount?

There is not a set dollar-off or percentage-off deal with the National Car Rental military discount.

Instead, you are given a lower price when you book your rental   with the military deal. This is regarding leisure travel only.

You will get a much larger discount if you are traveling for official government duties.

Below are a couple examples of National Car Rental pricing with and without the military discount (These are based on a specific car, location, and time of year, so your rates will vary when you go to book your own vehicle):

National Car Rental Normal Rate:

  • $488.54 for a 1 week, passenger vehicle rental
  • No add-ons

National Car Rental Rate for Official Government Travel:

  • $198.00 for the same passenger vehicle and same 1 week booking
  • Add-on of 9 additional drivers
  • Add-on of Loss Damage Waiver

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National Car Rental Military Discount Rate for Leisure Travel:

  • $464.11 for the same passenger vehicle and same 1 week booking
  • Add-on of 9 additional drivers 
A National Car Rental Van. Image:

How to Use this Deal:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the National Car Rental website

Step 2: Enter the details regarding your vehicle rental needs

Step 3: Before hitting “NEXT,” click on the small green letters below the pick-up tab that say “Account number/coupon.”

Step 4: In the account number box, type “GOVBIZ” for official government travel or “GOVRNR” for leisure travel

Step 5: Bring a military ID or government ID with you when you pick up your rental vehicle to verify your military service and lock in your National Car Rental military discount

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Who Can Claim this Deal?

The National Car Rental military discount for official travel is available for any government or military member traveling for official duties.

The leisure version of this deal has a much wider eligibility.

It is available to all current military members, including those who serve in Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard roles in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.

It is also available to veterans and registered military dependents who have a valid dependent ID card. 

This deal is not available to military spouses or other family members (excluding registered dependents as mentioned above).

A National Car Rental vehicle. Image:

What are the Restrictions?

There are really only three restrictions that you will need to keep in mind when you go to use the National Car Rental military discount.

First, you need to book your rental online with the appropriate code for the type of travel you are doing.

If you forget to enter your code or if you rent a vehicle in person, you will end up paying full price.

Second, you need to bring a military ID with you when you pick up your rental vehicle. Without a valid ID, your cost will change to the normal amount.

Third, you cannot combine the military discount with other coupons or promotions.

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Overall, the National Car Rental military discount is a great way to save some money on rental vehicles that are widely available all around the world.

If you’ll be traveling soon and need a car on your upcoming trip, be sure to check out this deal to see if it is right for you.

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Like most other car rental companies, National Rent A Car offers a military discount. While it varies, it can help you save a ton on your next car or truck rental.
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