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RED Friday Explained

Members of the United States military are deployed all over the world, and there are many ways to show support of our troops including wearing red on RED Friday.

Our servicemen and women have deployments in over 150 countries around the world.

During their employment, their families are at home waiting and often worrying.

While they’re gone, it is important to remain aware of our troops and remember the common goal for which they are working.

To remember, honor, and support those on deployment, RED Friday came into being.

1. What is RED Friday?

RED Friday shows support for deployed troops

RED stands for Remember Everyone Deployed, and the term describes civilian and military families’ efforts to show their support for those deployed.

To show support, civilians and military families wear red on Fridays.

It isn’t easy to pin down the origins of this act of remembrance.

However, two stories illustrate the beginning of RED Friday.

In one story, an email circulating asked people to wear an article of red clothing on Friday and share the email with friends and family.

Others say the Canadians began the RED Friday by wearing red to support their soldiers.

Those in the United States picked up on the tradition.

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2. How Can I Participate in RED Friday?

RED Fridays to support our troops

Anyone can be a part of RED Friday.

You could wear a red tie, tee-shirt, or any other red visible article of clothing.

Some choose to wear a plain red piece of clothing, while others prefer to buy their RED shirts from companies that support non-profit organizations.

Others take a more subtle approach and wear a red tie pin or another article to demonstrate their support.

You can also work with the culture of your workplace by encouraging others to take part in the tradition of wearing red to show support of our troops.

If wearing red is not an option for you, there are other ways to support deployed service members.

For instance, Operation Gratitude sends care packages and letters to deployed troops to show appreciation.

Also, the United Service Organization (USO) is another way to support deployed troops and their families.

The USO is a highly adaptable organization that helps service members while on deployment, traveling, and transitioning back home.

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Being away from home on deployment is often challenging for both the soldier and their family.

However, there are many ways you can show your support of our troops.

One way to visibly show your support is by wearing a red article of clothing on Fridays. 


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Discover the meaning behind Red Friday, including how it all got started, the purpose behind it, and how you can participate to show you care about our troops abroad.
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