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ASVAB Scores and the Military Jobs that Qualify

The Armed Services Vocational Battery (ASVAB) is a series of test used by the U.S. Armed Forces to help you find a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) in the Army and Marine Corps, a rating in the Navy or Coast Guard, or an AFSC in the Air Force.

The MOS, Rating, or AFSC is your given military job/career, and each specialty has different ASVAB requirements.

Learn more about the ASVAB, what the testing requires, and the type of job you could qualify for in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard.

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ASVAB Scores for Army

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ASVAB Scores for Coast Guard

Minimum ASVAB Scores for Each Branch of the Military

The U.S. Armed Forces, regardless of the branch, requires you to meet a minimum Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score.

The Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) is part of the ASVAB and basically sets a minimum overall score that every service member must meet.

Each military branch divides the minimum requirements based on if you have a high school diploma or GED.

You need one of the two in order to enlist in any military service.

Below are the minimum AFQT requirements you need to join the military branch you are the most interested in serving:

Branch of MilitaryH.S. Diploma GED
Air Force3150
Coast Guard4050
Marine Corps3150
National Guard3150

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How ASVAB Scores are Graded

asvab test scores
Preparing for the ASVAB might make you anxious. However, it’s also an exciting time to think about what jobs you want to do in the military. Image: Cannon Air Force Base

After you complete the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), you will receive a report with your scores.

The ASVAB is divided into several different sections:

  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
  • Assembling Objects (AO)
  • Auto & Shop Information (AS)
  • Electronics Information (EI)
  • General Science (GS)
  • Mathematics Knowledge (MK)
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC)
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
  • Word Knowledge (WK)
  • Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT)

As previously mentioned, the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) is your overall performance score.

Meanwhile, the other nine sub-tests relate to the educational subject(s) most relevant to the MOS, AFSC, or Rating.

For example, someone interested in Electronics Repair would want to focus most on the subjects of Arithmetic Reasoning, Electronic Information, General Science, and Mathematics Knowledge.

Your score on each subtest, as well as the entire ASVAB, is determined as a percentile. 

So, for example, if you score 70 on the Electronics Information subtest you performed as well, or better than 70% of others that have taken the ASVAB.

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Performing Well on the ASVAB

Without a doubt, you want to take the ASVAB very seriously.

Perhaps you already have an MOS, Rating, or AFSC in mind.

Or maybe you just know that you wouldn’t like a mechanic job because you struggle with making repairs and don’t consider it one of your strengths.

The military tries to get you on a career track that you will enjoy, but the needs of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard always come first.

With that said, if you perform well on the ASVAB, you open yourself up to more job opportunities, as well as potential incentives like cash bonuses.

Those that took the ASVAB once and feel like their performance on the testing does not match their education, training, or experience can speak with a military recruiter.

If the recruiter agrees with your appeal, he or she will grant you another opportunity to take the ASVAB.

In general, you can take the ASVAB as many times as you want, as long as you follow the prescribed waiting time between retakes. And it’s worth noting that your latest score is the one used, not the best score.

ASVAB Scores and Army Jobs (MOS)

army mos jobs asvab requirements
The Army currently has the longest list of available Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). Image:

There is basically a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) for everyone considering the Army as it currently offers over 150 specialties.

The Army uses the aforementioned nine subtest categories to create line categories relevant to the type of MOS:

  • Clerical (CL) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, MK, VE*.
  • Combat (CO) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, AS, CS, and MC.
  • Electronics (EL) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, EI, GS, and MK.
  • Field Artillery (FA) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, CS, MC, and MK.
  • General Maintenance (GM) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AS, EI, GS, and MK.
  • General Technical (GT) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR and VE.
  • Mechanical Maintenance (MM) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AS, EI, and MC.
  • Operators & Food (OF) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AS, MC, and VE.
  • Surveillance & Communications (SC) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, AS, MC, and VE.
  • Skilled Technical (ST) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of GS, MC, MK, and VE.

*VE, or Verbal Expression, is the sum of PC and WK.

When you combine an Army line score with an Army MOS, you can determine what the minimum qualification score is to work the MOS.

For example, an Infantryman (MOS 11B) would want to perform well in the subtests of Combat (CO), which are Arithmetic Reasoning, Auto & Shop Information, Coding Speed, and Mechanical Comprehension.

MOSArmy Job TitleASVAB Line Scores
09LInterpreter/TranslatorECLT: 50
11BInfantrymanCO: 87
11CIndirect Fire InfantrymanCO: 87
Combat EngineerCO: 87
Bridge CrewmemberCO: 87
DiverGM: 98, GT: 107, ST: 106
Plumber/UtilitiesmanGM: 88
12MFirefighterGM: 88
12NHorizontal Construction EngineerGM: 90
12PPrime Power Production SpecialistGT: 110, EL: 107, ST: 107
12QTransmission and Distribution SpecialistEL: 93
12RInterior ElectricianEL: 93
12TTechnical Engineer SpecialistST: 101
12VConcrete & Asphalt Equipment OperatorGM: 88
12WCarpentry & Masonry SpecialistGM: 88
12YGeospatial EngineerST: 95
13BCannon CrewmemberFA: 93
13FFire Support SpecialistFA: 96
13JFire Control SpecialistFA: 93
13MMobility Launch Rocket System (MLRS/HIMARS) CrewmemberOF: 95
13RField Artillery Firefinder Radar OperatorSC: 98
14EPatriot Fire Control Enhanced Oper/MaintMM: 100
14GAir Defense Battle Management System OperatorMM: 99, GT: 98
14HAir Defense Enhanced Early Warning System OperatorMM: 99, GT: 98
14PAir & Missile Defense (AMD) CrewmemberOF: 95
14TPATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/MaintainerOF: 95
15BAircraft Powerplant RepairerMM: 104
15DAircraft Powertrain RepairerMM: 104
15EUnmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer (UAS SYS REP)EL: 93, MM: 104
15FAircraft ElectricianMM: 104
15GAircraft Structural RepairerMM: 104
15HAircraft Pneudraulics RepairerMM: 104
15NAvionic MechanicEL: 93
15PAviation Operations Specialist ST: 91
15QAir Traffic Control OperatorST: 101
15RAH-64 Attack Helicopter RepairerMM: 99
15TUH-60 Helicopter RepairerMM: 104
15UCH-47 Helicopter RepairerMM: 104
15WUnmanned Aircraft Systems OperatorSC: 102
15YAH-64 Armament / Electrical /Avionics RepairerMM: 104, EL: 98
17CCyber Operations SpecialistGT: 110, ST: 112, and ICTL: 60
19DCavalry ScoutCO: 87
19KM1 Armor CrewmanCO: 87
Information Technology Specialist ST: 95
25CRadio OperatorEL: 98, SC: 98
25DCyber Network DefenderGT: 105, ST: 105
25LCable Systems Installer/MaintainerEL: 89, SC: 89
46VVisual Information SpecialistST: 91, EL: 93
25NNODAL Network Systems Operator - MaintainerEL: 102, SC: 105
25PMicrowave Systems Operator - MaintainerEL: 107
25QMultichannel Transmission Systems Operator – MaintainerEL: 98, SC: 98
25RVisual Information Equipment Operator – MaintainerEL: 107
25SSatellite Communication Systems Operator -MaintainerEL: 107
25USignal Support System SpecialistEL: 95, SC: 95
25VCombat Documentation / Production SpecialistST: 91, EL: 93
27DParalegal SpecialistCL: 105
31BMilitary PoliceST: 91
31DCriminal Investigation Special AgentST: 107, GT: 110
31EInternment / Resettlement SpecialistST: 95
31KMilitary Working Dog HandlerST: 91
35FIntel AnalystST: 101
35GGeospatial Intelligence Imagery AnalystST: 101
35LCounter-Intelligence AgentST: 101
35MHuman Intelligence CollectorST: 101
35NSignal Intel AnalystST: 112
35PSignals Intelligence Voice InterceptorST: 91
35QCryptologic Cyberspace Intelligence Collector/AnalystST: 112
35SSignals Collection AnalystST: 101
35TMilitary Intelligence (MI) Systems Maintainer / IntegratorST: 112
36BFinance Management TechnicianCL: 101
37FPsychological Operations SpecialistGT: 107
38BCivil Affairs SpecialistGT: 107
42AHuman Resource SpecialistGT: 100, CL: 90
46SPublic Affairs Mass Communication SpecialistGT: 107
56MReligious Affairs SpecialistCL: 90
68ABiomedical Equipment SpecialistEL: 107
68BOrthopedic SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
68CPractical Nursing SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
68EDental SpecialistST: 91
68FPhysical Therapy SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
68GPatient Administration SpecialistCL: 90
68HOptical Laboratory SpecialistGM: 98
68JMedical Logistics SpecialistCL: 90
68KMedical Laboratory SpecialistST: 106
68LOccupational Therapy SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
68MNutrition Care SpecialistOF: 95
68NCardiovascular SpecialistST:101, GT: 107
68PRadiology SpecialistST: 106
68QPharmacy SpecialistST: 95
68RVeterinary Food Inspection SpecialistST: 95
68SPreventive Medicine SpecialistST: 101
68TAnimal Care SpecialistST: 91
68UEar, Nose, and Throat (ENT) SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
68VRespiratory SpecialistST: 102
68WCombat Medic SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
68XBehavioral Health SpecialistST: 101
68YEye SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
74DChemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) SpecialistST: 100
88HCargo SpecialistGM: 88
88KWatercraft OperatorMM: 99
88LWatercraft EngineerMM: 99
88MMotor Transport OperatorOF: 85
88NTransportation Management CoordinatorCL: 95
88URailway Operations CrewmemberMM: 92
89AAmmunitions Stock Control and Accounting SpecialistST: 91
89BAmmunitions SpecialistST: 91
89DExplosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) SpecialistGM: 105
91AM1 Abrams Tank System MaintainerMM: 88 & GT: 92 or MM: 99
91BWheeled Vehicle MechanicMM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
91CUtilities Equipment RepairerGM: 98 or GM: 88 & GT: 83
91DTactical Power Generation SpecialistGM: 98 & GM: 88 & GT: 88
91EAllied Trade SpecialistGM: 88 & GT: 95 or GM: 98
91FSmall Arms/Artillery RepairGM: 93 or GM: 88 & GT: 85
91GFire Control RepairMM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
91HTrack Vehicle MechanicMM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
91JQuartermaster & Chemical Equipment RepairERMM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
91LConstruction Equipment RepairMM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
91MBradley Fighting Vehicle System MaintainerMM: 88 & GT: 92 or MM: 99
91PArtillery MechanicMM: 88 & GT: 88 or MM: 99
91SStryker Systems MaintainerMM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
92AAutomated Logistical SpecialistCL: 90
92LPetroleum Laboratory SpecialistST: 91
92MMortuary Affairs SpecialistGM: 88
92RParachute RiggerGM: 88 & CO: 87
92SShower, Laundry & Clothing Repair SpecialistGM: 84
92WWater Treatment SpecialistGM: 88
92YUnit Supply SpecialistCL: 90
94ALand Combat Electronic Missile System RepairerEL: 102
94DAir Traffic Control Equipment RepairerEL: 102
94ERadio & Communications Security RepairerEL: 102
94FComputer / Detection Systems RepairerEL: 102
94HTest, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TDME) Maintenance Support SpecialistEL: 107
94MRadar RepairerEL: 107
94PMultiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) RepairerEL: 93
94RAvionic & Survivability Equipment RepairerEL: 98
94SPatriot System RepairerEL: 107
94TShort Range Air Defense System RepairerEL: 98
94YAutomatic Test Systems Operator and MaintainerEL: 107
96DGeospatial Intelligence Imagery AnalystST: 101

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navy mos jobs asvab requirements
Joining the Navy is an exciting opportunity with the right ASVAB test score. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Navy refers to their specialties as Navy Enlisted Classifications (NEC), or ratings.

There are currently over 60 opportunities to serve the Navy.

The Navy currently tests in the following subtests:

  • Assembling Objects (AO)
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
  • Auto and Shop Information (AS)
  • Electronics Information (EI)
  • General Science (GS)
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC)
  • Mathematics Knowledge (MK)
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
  • Word Knowledge (WK)

The complete list of available NECs and the necessary testing requirements on the ASVAB:

NECNavy Job TitleASVAB Subtest Scores (Minimum)
AGAerographers MateVE+MK+GS>=162
PRAircrew Survival EquipmentmanVE+AR+MK+AS>=185
AWAircrewmanVE+AR+MK+MC=210 or VE+AR+MK+AS=210
ACAir Traffic ControllerVE+AR+MK+MC=220 or VE+MK+MC+CS=220
ABAviation Boatswains MateVE+AR+MK+AS>=173
AEAviation Electrician’s MateVE+AR+MK+MC>=217
VE+AR+MK+AO>= 217
ATAviation Electronics TechnicianVE+AR+MK+MC>=217
ADAviation Machinist’s MateVE+MK+AS>=158
AZAviation Maintenance Administration ManVE+AR>=102
AOAviation OrdnancemanVE+AR+MK+AS=185 or MK+AS+AO=140
AMAviation Structural MechanicVE+AR+MK+AS=210 or VE+AR+MK+MC=210
AMEAviation Structural Mechanic – EquipmentVE+AR+MK+AS=210 or VE+AR+MK+MC=210
ASAviation Support Equipment TechnicianVE+AR+MK+AS=210 or VE+AR+MK+MC=210
BMBoatswain’s MateVE+AR+MK+AS>=173
CEConstruction ElectricianAR+MK+EI+GS=201
CMConstruction MechanicAR+MC+AS=162
CTTCryptologic Technician – TechnicalAR+2MK+GS>=212
AR+MK+CT>=159 and
CTRCryptologic Technician – CollectionMK+PC >=110
AR+MK+PC >= 164
CTICryptologic Technician InterpretiveVE+MK+GS=162 and DLAB CAT 4 = 110 CAT 3 = 105 CAT 1 = 100
MK+VE >=126
CTMCryptologic Technician – MaintenanceAR+MK+EI+VE >=221
CTNCryptologic Technician – NetworksAR+2MK+GS>=212
AR+MK+CT>=159 and
CSCulinary SpecialistVE+AR>=82
DCDamage ControlmanVE+AR+MK+AS>=193
EMElectrician’s MateVE+AR+MK+MC>=210
ETElectronics TechnicianAR+MK+EI+GS>=222
NUCElectronics Technician (Nuclear) ETVE+AR+MK+MC+NAPT=290 and NAPT=55 or AR+MK+EI+GS+NAPT=290 and NAPT=55 or AR+MK+EI+GS=252 or VE+AR+MK+MC=252
EAEngineering AideAR+2MK+GS>=207
EOEquipment OperatorAR+MC+AS=145
VE+AR>=109 and MC>=51
FTFire Control TechnicianAR+MK+EI+GS=222 or VE+AR+MK+MC=222
FCFire ControlmanAR+MK+EI+GS>=222
GSEGas Turbine Systems Technician – ElectricalVE+AR+MK+MC=210
GSMGas Turbine Systems Technician – MechanicalVE+AR+MK+AS=200
GMGunner’s MateAR+MK+EI+GS>=205
HMHospital CorpsmanVE+AR+MK+GS>=209
HTHull Maintenance TechnicianVE+AR+MK+AS>=193
ITInformation Systems TechnicianAR+VE+MK+GS >=222
VE+MK+GS >=162
CT+MK+VE >=162 and CT >=60
ISIntelligence SpecialistVE+AR+MK+GS >=215
and VE>=52
VE+AR>=105 and
LSLogistics SpecialistVE+AR>=96
LS (SS)Logistics Specialist – SubmarinesAR+MK+EI+GS>=200
MRMachinery RepairmanVE+AR+MK+AS=205
MMMachinist’s MateVE+AR+MK+AS>=188
MCMass Communication SpecialistVE+AR>=115 and VE>=55
MAMaster-At-ArmsWK+AR=98, Minimum WK = 43
MTMissile TechnicianAR+MK+VE+AO>=218
NCNavy CounselorGS+MK+VE>=156
NDNavy DiverVE+AR=103 and MC=51
OSOperations SpecialistAR+2MK+GS>=198
PSPersonnel SpecialistVE+MK>=103
RPReligious Program SpecialistVE+MK>=105
RSRetail Service SpecialistVE+AR>=89
STSonar TechnicianAR+MK+EI+GS>=223
SBSpecial Warfare Boat OperatorVE+AR=103 and MC=51
SOSpecial Warfare OperatorGS+MC+EI=170 or VE+MK+MC+CS=220 or AR+VE=110 an MC>50
SWSteel WorkerAR+MC+AS=145
SECFSubmarine Electronics/Computer FieldAR+MK+EI+GS=222
UCTUnderwater Construction TeamVE+AR=103 and MC=51

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ASVAB Scores and Air Force Jobs (AFSC)

air force mos jobs asvab requirements
The Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC) are used to define military occupations in the AF. Image:

Air Force jobs are considered Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) or Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC).

The Air Force judges new recruits in four areas:

  • Administrative (A)
  • Electronics (E)
  • General (G)
  • Mechanical (M)

Review all of the AFSC currently available as well as minimum scores required:

AFSCAir Force Job TitleRequired ASVAB Scores
1A0X1In-Flight Refueling SpecialistG55
1A1X1Flight EngineerG57
1A2X1Aircraft LoadmasterG57
1A3X1Airborne Mission Systems SpecialistE70
1A6X1Flight AttendantA28
1A8X2Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and ReconnaissanceG72
1A8X1Airborne Cryptologic Language AnalystG72
1A9X1Special Mission AviatorG57 & M60
1B4X1Cyber Warfare OperationsG64
1C0X2Aviation Resource ManagementA41
1C1X1Air Traffic ControllerG55
1C2X1Combat ControllerG55 & M55
1C3X1Command and Control OperationsA55 & G67
1C5X1Command and Control Battle Management OperationsG55
1C4X1Tactical Air Control PartyG49
1C6X1Space Systems OperationsE70
1C7X1Airfield ManagementG50 & M40
1C8X3Radar, Airfield & Weather SystemsE70
1N0X1Intelligence AnalystG64
1N1X1Geospatial IntelligenceG66
1N2X1Signals Intelligence AnalystG72
1N3X1Cryptologic Language AnalystG72
1N4X1Fusion AnalystG62
1N7X1Human Intelligence SpecialistG72
1T0X1Survival Evasion, Resist & Escape (SERE)G55
1T2X1Pararescue – PJ’sG44
1U0X1Remotely Piloted Aircraft Sensor OperatorG64 & E54
1U1X1Remotely Piloted Aircraft PilotG64 & E54
1W0X1WeatherG66 & E50
1W0X2Special Operations WeatherG66 & E50
2S0X1Materiel ManagementG44 or A41
2W0X1Munitions SystemM60 or G57
3D0X2Cyber Systems OperationsG64
3D0X4Computer Systems ProgrammingG64
3D1X1Client SystemsE60
3D1X2Cyber Transport SystemsE70
3E4X3Pest ManagementG38
3E6X1Operations ManagementG44
3E7X1Fire ProtectionG38
3E8X1Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)M60 & G64
3E9X1Emergency ManagementG62
3F2X1Education and TrainingG59
3F4X1Equal Opportunity A41 or G44
3N0X2Broadcast JournalistG72
3N1X1Regional BandG24 or A21
3N2X1Premier BandG24 or A21
3P0X1Security ForcesG33
4A0X1Health Services ManagementG44
4A1X1Medical MaterialG44
4A2X1Biomedical EquipmentE70 & M60
4B0X1Bioenvironmental EngineeringG49
4C0X1Mental Health ServiceG55
4D0X1Diet TherapyG44
4E0X1Public HealthG44
4H0X1Cardiopulminary LaboratoryG44
4J0X2Physical MedicineG49
4M0X1Aerospace and Operational PhysiologyG44
4N0X1Aerospace Medical ServicesG50
4N1X1Surgical ServicesG44
4R0X1Diagnostic ImagingG44
4T0X1Medical LaboratoryG62
4Y0X1Dental Assistant / Hygienist G44
4Y0X2Dental LabG66
5R0X1Religious AffairsG44 or A35
7S0X1Special InvestigationsG44
6F0X1Financial Management and ComptrollerG57
1P0X1Aircrew Flight EquipmentM40
2A6X3Aircrew Egress SystemsM56
2A6X4Aircraft Fuel SystemsM47
2A6X5Aircraft Hydraulic SystemsM56
2A6X6Aircraft Electrical and Environmental SystemsE61 & M41
2A7X1Aircraft Metals TechnologyM47
2A7X2Nondestructive InspectionM42
2A7X3Aircraft Structural MaintenanceM47
2A7X5Low Observable Aircraft MaintenanceM47
2A8X1Mobility Air Forces Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission SystemsE70
2A8X2Mobility Air Forces Integrated Instrument and Flight Control SystemsE70
2A9X1Bomber/Special Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission SystemsE70
2A9X2Bomber/Special Integrated Instrument and Flight Control SystemsE70
2A9X3Bomber/Special Electronic Warfare and Radar Surveillance Integrated AvionicsE70
2F0X1FuelsM47 & G38
2W1X1Aircraft Armament SystemsM60 or E45
2W2X1Nuclear WeaponsM60
3E0X2Electrical Power ProductionM56 & E40
3E1X1Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & RefrigerationM47 or E28
3E2X1Pavements and Construction EquipmentM40
3E4X1Water and Fuel Systems MaintenanceM47 &E28
2G0X1Logistics PlansA56
2T0X1Traffic ManagementA35
2T1X1Ground TransportationM40
2T2X1Air TransportationM47 & A28
2T3X1Mission Generation Vehicular Equipment MaintenanceM47
2T3X7Fleet Management and AnalysisA41
3D0X1Knowledge Operations ManagementG64
2A0X1Avionics Test Stations & ComponentE70
2A2X1SOF/PR Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission SystemsE70
2A2X2SOF/PR Integrated Instrument and Flight Control SystemsE70
2A2X3SOF/PR Integrated Electronic Warfare SystemsE70
2A3X8Remotely Piloted Aircraft MaintenanceM47
2A3X7Tactical Aircraft MaintenanceM47
2A3X4Fighter Aircraft Integrated AvionicsE70
2A3X5Advanced Fighter Aircraft Integrated AvionicsE70
2A5X1Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft MaintenanceM47
2A5X2Helicopter/Tiltrotor Aircraft MaintenanceM56
2A5X4Refuel/Bomber Aircraft MaintenanceM47
2A6X1Aerospace PropulsionM56
2A6X2Aerospace Ground EquipmentM47 & E28
2M0X2Missile & Space Systems MaintenanceM47
2M0X1Missile & Space Systems Electronic MaintenanceE70
2M0X3Missile & Space FacilitiesE70
2P0X1Precision Measurement Equipment LaboratoryE70
2R0X1Maintenance Management AnalysisG55
2R1X1Maintenance Management ProductionG44
3D1X3RF Transmission SystemsE70
3D1X4Spectrum OperationsE60
3D1X7Cable and Antenna SystemsE55 & M55
3E0X1Electrical SystemsE35 & M35

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ASVAB Scores and Marine Corps Jobs (MOS)

marines mos jobs asvab requirements
The Marine Corps is one of the most desirable branches of the military for new recruits to join. You’ll have to perform well on the ASVAB. Image: 1st Marine Division

The U.S. Marines have always been a military branch many new recruits have desired to join.

What would you do in the Marines?

Well there are a number of applicable Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) to select from.

The Marines are like some other branches of the military that combine several subtests into one category, or line.

Depending on your MOS preference you will want to focus on the following:

  • Clerical (CL) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of MK, and VE.
  • Electronics (EL) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, EI, GS, and MK.
  • General Technical (GT) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, MC, and VE.
  • Mechanical Maintenance (MM) MOS Jobs: Your test scores are combined from the subtests of AR, AS, EI, and MC.

Below are the following Marine MOS jobs currently available to test for in the ASVAB:

MOS CodeMarine Corps Job TitleASVAB Line Scores (Minimum)
0111Administrative SpecialistCL: 100
0147Equal Opportunity AdvisorCL: 100
0149Substance Abuse Control SpecialistCL: 100
0161Postal ClerkCL: 100
0211Counterintelligence SpecialistGT: 110
0231Intelligence SpecialistGT: 100
0241Imagery Analysis SpecialistGT: 100
0261Geographic Intelligence SpecialistEL: 100
0311Infantry RiflemanGT: 80
0312Riverine Assault Craft CrewmanGT: 90
0313LAV CrewmanGT: 90
0317Scout SniperGT: 100
0321Reconnaissance ManGT: 105
0331Machine GunnerGT: 80
0341MortarmanGT: 80
0351Infantry AssaultmanGT: 100
0352Antitank MissilemenGT: 100
0372Critical Skills OperatorGT: 105
0411Maintenance Management SpecialistGT: 100
0431Logistics/Embarkation SpecialistGT: 100
0451Airborne and Air Delivery SpecialistGT: 100
0481Landing Support SpecialistGT: 95 or MM: 100
0511MAGTF Planning SpecialistGT: 110
0612Tactical Switching OperatorGT: 105
0613Construction WiremanEL: 105
0627Satellite Communications OperatorEL: 105
0651Cyber Network OperatorGT: 110
0811Field Artillery CannoneerGT: 90
0814High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) OperatorGT: 90
0842Field Artillery Radar OperatorGT: 105
0844Field Artillery Fire Control ManGT: 105
0847Field Artillery Sensor Support ManGT: 105
1141ElectricianEL: 90
1142Engineer Equipment Electrical Systems TechnicianMM: 105 or EL: 100
1161Refrigeration and Air Conditioning TechnicianMM: 105
1171Water Support TechnicianMM: 95
1316Metal WorkerMM: 95
1341Engineer Equipment MechanicMM: 95
1345Engineer Equipment OperatorMM: 95
1361Engineer AssistantGT: 100
1371Combat EngineerMM: 95
1391Bulk Fuel SpecialistMM: 95
1812M1A1 Tank CrewmanGT: 90
1833Assault Amphibious Vehicle CrewmanGT: 90
2111Small Arms Repairer/TechnicianMM: 95
2131Towed Artillery Systems TechnicianMM: 95
2141Assault Amphibious Vehicle Repairer/TechnicianMM: 105
2146Main Battle Tank Repairer/TechnicianMM: 105
2147Light Armored Vehicle Repairer/TechnicianMM: 105
2161MachinistMM: 105
2171Electro-Optical Ordnance RepairerMM: 105 or EL: 115
2311Ammunition TechnicianGT: 100
2631Electronic Intelligence Intercept Operator/AnalystGT: 100
2651Special Intelligence System Administrator/CommunicatorGT: 100
2671Middle East Cryptologic LinguistGT: 105
2673Asia Pacific Cryptologic LinguistGT: 105
2674European Cryptologic LinguistGT: 105
2676Central Asian Cryptologic LinguistGT: 105
2821Technical ControllerEL: 115
2831Digital Wideband RepairerEL: 115
2841Ground Radio RepairerEL: 115
2847Telephone Systems/Personal Computer RepairerEL: 115
2871Calibration TechnicianEL: 115
2887Artillery Electronic TechniciansEL: 115
3043Supply Administration and Operations SpecialistCL: 105
3051Warehouse ClerkCL: 90
3052Packaging SpecialistsCL: 90
3112Distribution Management SpecialistsGT: 90
3381Food Service SpecialistsGT: 90
3432Finance TechnicianCL: 105
3451Financial Management Resource AnalystGT: 110
3521Automotive Maintenance TechnicianMM: 95
3531Motor Vehicle OperatorMM: 85
4341Combat CorrespondentGT: 110
4421Legal Support SpecialistGT: 105 and CL: 110
4612Combat Camera Production SpecialistGT: 100
4641Combat PhotographerGT: 100
4671Combat VideographerGT: 100
5711Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense SpecialistGT: 110
5811Military PoliceGT: 100
5831Correctional SpecialistsGT: 100
5939Aviation Communication Systems TechnicianEL: 115
5948Aviation Radar RepairerEL: 115
5951Aviation Meteorological Equipment TechnicianEL: 110
5952Air Traffic Control Navigational Aids TechnicianEL: 110
5953Air Traffic Control Radar TechnicianEL: 110
5954Air Traffic Control Communications TechnicianEL: 110
5974Tactical Data Systems TechnicianEL: 115
5979Tactical Air Operations/Air Defense Systems TechnicianEL: 115
6046Aircraft Maintenance Administration SpecialistCL: 100
6048Flight Equipment TechnicianMM: 105
6062Aircraft Intermediate Level Hydraulic/Pneumatic MechanicMM: 105
6072Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Structures MechanicMM: 105
6073Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment Electrician/Refrigeration TechnicianMM: 105
6074Cryogenics Equipment OperatorMM: 105
6092Aircraft Intermediate Level Structures MechanicMM: 105
6111Helicopter/Tiltrotor Mechanic-TraineeMM: 105
6112Helicopter/Tiltrotor MechanicMM: 105
6122Helicopter Power Plants MechanicMM: 105
6132Helicopter/Tiltrotor Dynamic Components MechanicMM: 105
6152Helicopter Airframe MechanicsMM: 105
6172Helicopter Crew ChiefMM: 105
6213Fixed-Wing Aircraft MechanicsMM: 105
6222Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants MechanicsMM: 105
6252Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe MechanicsMM: 105
6276Fixed-Wing Aircraft Crew Master KC-130MM: 105 or GT: 110
6282Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment MechanicMM: 105
6313Aircraft Communications/Navigations/Radar Systems TechniciansEL: 105
6314Avionics/Maintenance Technician, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)EL: 105
6322Aircraft Avionics/Electrical Systems TechniciansEL: 105
6386Aircraft Electronic Countermeasure Systems Technician, EA-6BEL: 105
6531Aircraft Ordnance TechnicianGT: 105
6541Aviation Ordnance Systems TechnicianGT: 105
6672Aviation Supply SpecialistCL: 100
6694Aviation Logistics Information Management System SpecialistEL: 115
6842METOC Analyst ForecasterGT: 105
7011Expeditionary Airfield Systems TechnicianMM: 95
7041Aviation Operations SpecialistCL: 100
7051Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting SpecialistMM: 95
7212Low Altitude Air Defense (LADD) GunnerGT: 90
7236Tactical Air Defense ControllerGT: 105
7242Air Support Operations OperatorGT: 100
7257Air Traffic ControllerGT: 110
7314Unmanned Aircraft System OperatorGT: 105

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ASVAB Scores and Coast Guard Jobs (Ratings)

coast guard mos jobs asvab requirements
The Coast Guard has many exciting MOS to consider with the right ASVAB score. Image:

The Coast Guard is just like every other military branch in that there are different military ratings and responsibilities of each service member.

Once again you have to meet the minimum ASVAB score posted in the table below in order to qualify for the rating:

Coast Guard RatingCoast Guard Job TitleASVAB
AETAvionics Electrical TechnicianMin. score: 171
AMTAviation Maintenance
Min. score: 213 (min. AR: 52)
ASTAviation Survival TechnicianMin. score: 162 (Minimum AFQT score of 65)
BMBoatswain’s MateMin. score: 101
CSCulinary SpecialistMin. score: 106
DCDamage ControlmanMin. score: 152
DVDiverMin. score: 104
EMElectrician’s MateMin. score: 152 (Minimum AR of 52)
ETElectronics TechnicianMin. score: 171 (Minimum AR of 52) or AFQT of 66
FSFood Service SpecialistMin. score: 106
GMGunner’s MateMin. score: 208
HSHealth Services TechnicianMin. score: 154
ITInformation Systems TechnicianMin. score: 171 (Minimum AR 52)
ISIntelligence SpecialistMin. score: N/A
IVInvestigatorMin. score: N/A
MKMachinery TechnicianMin. score: 150 or VE+AR of 106
MSTMarine Science TechnicianMin. score: 115 (Minimum MK of 58)
MEMaritime Law Enforcement SpecialistMin. score: 100
MUMusicianMin. score: N/A
OSOperations SpecialistMin. score: 106
PSPort Security SpecialistMin. score: 101
PAPublic Affairs SpecialistMin. score: 110 (Minimum VE of 60)
SKStorekeeperMin. score: 106 (Minimum VE of 52)
YNYeomanMin. score: 106 and NO+CS of 101

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The Armed Services Vocational Battery (ASVAB) is a very important series of tests used by the military.

It helps you find a career path that will match your skills as well as interest level in the specialty.

Every MOS has minimum requirements on the ASVAB to remain considered for the job.

It is important to be aware of these minimum expectations if you already have an MOS in mind.

Like any test it is important to study hard, take online practice tests, get plenty of rest the night before, and try to relax the day of testing.

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