sams club military discount
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Sam’s Club Military Discount

Sam’s Club is a wholesale store that requires a membership to shop.

With their membership program, they are able to provide deals on almost everything they sell.

They provide an even better deal on memberships to military members who shop their store.

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About Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club was started in 1983 in Midwest City, Oklahoma by Sam Walton, the same man who started Walmart.

He started Sam’s Club to help small businesses, just like his first Walmart store, to succeed.

He was always focused on pleasing the customer, and Sam’s Club continues to hold that value today.

Sam’s club grew quickly and now has millions of members who shop its stores.

They have over 600 locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rice.

They have international locations in China, Brazil, and Mexico.

Sam’s club shoppers need a membership to buy anything from the store.

The store is nestled near warehouses, and almost everything needs to be purchased in large, wholesale amounts.

This process is different from most stores, but it allows them to offer prices that are much lower than average.

Sam’s Club has a new goal of being the most valuable membership for their shoppers, and they are well on their way to meeting that milestone as well.

sams club military discount
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What Is The Official Sam’s Club Military Discount?

Sam’s Club offers a deal to military members who purchase a membership to shop their stores.

When a member of the military purchases a membership, they are given a $10 gift card for free.

This may not seem like much of a deal, but when you take into consideration how much savings are already given to Sam’s Club shoppers, this is a deal that won’t show up in many other places.

Who Can Claim This Deal?

The gift card is given along with a new membership for current military members, retired service members, veterans, and civilian military employees.

This includes members of all five branches, as well as members who serve through Active Duty, Reserves, and the National Guard.

To claim this deal, can purchase your membership at a Sam’s Club location or online.

To receive your gift card in store, simply renew your membership and show your military ID or papers to the cashier.

To receive your discount online:

Step 1: Make an account with here if you have not already done so

Step 2: Go to the Sam’s Club’s website here and click “Join or Renew”

Step 3: You will then be able to verify your military service through and get the deal online

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What Are The Restrictions?

The gift card must be claimed within 30 days of getting your membership, so it is best to ask for the savings right when you sign up for your membership.

If you don’t get the discount right away, though, make sure you do so within the initial 30 days by talking to customer service at your local Sam’s Club.

Only one gift card is available per Sam’s Club member.

The gift card cannot be used on select items, including your membership fee and travel purchases.

To claim this deal, you need to provide proof of military service. This can be done through showing a military ID in store or through online.

Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • DOD military ID
  • DOD retired military ID
  • Veteran Identification Card (VIC)
  • Common Access Card (CAC)
  • A military service organization card and another photo ID

Acceptable military service organizations include the American Legion, VFW, and DAV.

If you do not have an acceptable ID card, you can you can show proof of service with your DD-214 and a civilian photo ID in store.

sams club checkout
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Other Ways To Save

This gift card is a nice bonus, but it’s not a huge savings deal. Because of this, you may want to consider combining it with some other ways to save.


Groupon often has Sam’s Club deals, both for membership and for savings on store purchases.

You can view these Groupon deals here.

With Groupon, you typically make your purchase through the app or website and then share your Groupon code at the store.

Each coupon with have its own set of instructions for use.

Each coupon will have its own restrictions as well, so be sure to pay attention to those.

Slick Deals

Slick Deals is a website that gathers deals from around the internet in one place.

They often have savings for Sam’s Club on both memberships and in-store purchases.

You can view these deals here.

Slick Deals typically has links that bring you to their various deals.

If they don’t have a link, they will provide a set of instructions to find and use the deal.

Sam’s Club Instant Savings Book

The Sam’s Club Instant Savings Book is their version of an online coupon book.

The deals can be used online or in-store, and they vary from a few dollars off an item to a few hundred dollars off an item.

The book does not offer deals on memberships, but it is a great place to look for extra savings before you make a purchase at Sam’s Club.

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Sam’s Club’s $10 gift card for military members is generous when you keep their set up in mind, but you may need to use some of the other savings techniques to get the best deal possible at this store as well.

If you’ll be shopping at Sam’s Club soon, be sure to check out all the deals and use as many as possible to lower your bill.

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Sam's Club, like a lot of other merchants, offers a deal on memberships to military members who shop their store. Learn more about the details here.
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