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SeaWorld Military Discount

SeaWorld is a large attraction that showcases the animals of the ocean.

They give back to their military by providing a generous military discount to those who currently serve and to those who served in the past.

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About SeaWorld

SeaWorld has three main locations in the United States:

  • San Diego, California
  • Orlando, Florida
  • San Antonio, Texas

The attraction chain started in San Diego is 1964 after being founded by a man named George Milay.

Milay planned to create what he imagined as an “underwater restaurant,” but his idea quickly grew to something much larger. 

He created a “zoo” of ocean animals that spread over 21 acres.

He started the company strong with 1.5 million dollars and 45 employees.

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During the company’s first year, over 400,000 people visited the attraction.

The strong start has more than paid off, shown by the popularity of SeaWorld today.

They host millions of guests throughout their three locations every year. They are the most well-known sea life experience in the United States.

SeaWorld has grown from a place to see ocean animals to theme parks with a wide variety of attractions.

The three parks have features that include swimming with dolphins, water parks, educational experiences, and more.

SeaWorld has a mission to protect the animals of the world.

They are a worldwide leader in animal welfare and often rescue and rehabilitate creatures of all kinds.

They’ve rescued over 350,000 animals over the course of the last fifty years.

seaworld orca
Orca at SeaWorld. Image:

What Is The Official SeaWorld Military Discount?

SeaWorld has a program called “Waves of Honor” that gifts free admission for current and past military members along with up to three of the service member’s direct dependents.

The military discount is only available to be used at SeaWorld’s San Diego location and can only be purchased online.

To take advantage of this deal, you will first need to create an account with is an online service that helps various websites to verify the military status of its customers. 

Here’s how to redeem the Seaworld military discount, step-by-step:

Step 1: Begin by creating an account here.

Step 2: Go to SeaWorld’s military page and sign in with your account

If you’re an active military member, click here to be directed to this site.

If you’re a veteran, click here to be directed to this site.

Step 3: Order your free tickets online

Step 4: Present your free tickets and military ID at the gate to gain free admission to SeaWorld’s San Diego Location

The Waves of Honor is a promotional program, so be sure to check with SeaWorld’s website before attempting to order your free tickets to make sure the discount is still being offered.

It’s available during specific, advertised dates that may change from year to year.

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Ticket And Travel Office Discounted Tickets

Information, tickets and travel office at Little Rock Air Force Base, Image:

If you’re planning on using your Waves of Honor free tickets at SeaWorld with guests other than your direct dependents, consider getting their tickets from your local base’s Ticket and Travel Office.

These tickets are not free, but they are cheaper than the ones you will find at the SeaWorld gate.

To buy tickets from your local base:

Step 1: Call ahead of time to make sure your base has SeaWorld tickets in stock

Step 2: Go to your local Ticket and Travel Office

Step 3: Purchase tickets

Step 4: Use tickets for admission at the SeaWorld gate

Even though these tickets are not free, they are a great way to save some money on the price of admission for your spouse, additional dependents, or friends that go to the attraction with you.

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Who Can Claim This Discount?

The active military discount is available to anyone who is currently serving in the United States military.

This includes members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.

It also includes active duty, Reserves, and National Guard members.

The veteran military discount is a little bit more specific.

It’s available to any retired active duty military member.

It’s not available to those who were dishonorably discharged and cannot be used by inactive or retired members of the Reserves.

The three additional free tickets that come with the military member’s discount are for direct dependents.

They cannot be used by any one else.

Dependents need to show registration identification at the gate to be able to use the free tickets with their military parent.

If you are planning on bringing more than three dependents or other guests that are not direct dependents, such as a spouse or a friend, they are not eligible for this deal.

You’ll want to get their tickets at your local base’s Ticket and Travel Office, as stated above.

seaworld manatee
Manatee at SeaWorld. Image:

What Are The Restrictions?

SeaWorld’s Waves of Honor program does have a few restrictions.

First, the free tickets need to be ordered online.

No military discount or free tickets will be given at the SeaWorld gate if you buy your tickets in person.

The program is only available for the SeaWorld San Diego location. It will not work for Aquatica San Diego, or SeaWorld locations in other cities.

The offer does not include admission to SeaWorld’s parks and entertainment.

The program cannot be used with any additional discounts. 

Waves of Honor can only be used during its advertised dates. There are some times of the year that the program is not available.

The dates that Waves of Honor runs are always listed and up to date on the SeaWorld website.

If you want to receive free tickets, you will need to ensure that your trip will fall into these specified dates.

You can check on the available dates here.

The tickets will have your name on them and they can only be used by you.

If you are not present while they are being used and if you do not present a military ID that shows the same name, the tickets will not be considered valid.

The free tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. You cannot take your free tickets and then sell them for a profit.

The Waves of Honor program can only be used once per calendar year per individual military member. 

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Overall, SeaWorld is a fun, educational place to visit with your family.

They work to better the life in the ocean and they give back to the military through a generous military discount.

Even though the deal has a large number of restrictions, it’s still something worth looking into if you are an eligible military member or veteran.

If you’re wanting to visit an exciting attraction in San Diego, SeaWorld’s Wave’s of Honor program is a great choice.

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