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Spirit Airlines Military Discount

Spirit Airlines is a budget airline that flies to and from destinations in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

They do not offer a military discount on fares, but they do give back to military members with a variety of other deals and programs.

We will look into each of these ways to save in the article below.

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About Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines started in 1964 as a trucking company.

They continued to transform over the years and started to provide flights in 1990.

Today, Spirit aims to provide low-cost lights with high-quality customer service. 

Their mantra, “More Go,” shares their desire to help people travel more often.

Their mission is to help people see as much of the world as possible.

As a company, they also hold a high commitment to giving back. This will be shown in the deals we share below.

spirit airlines airbus
Spirit Airlines Airbus. Image: Flickr.com

What Is The Official Spirit Airlines Military Discount?

Spirit Airlines does not give a discount to those who serve on fares, because they aim to provide low prices to all of their customers.

They do, however, give back to military members with a few other generous deals.

Spirit provides free checked and carry-on luggage to active duty military members, as well as free flights for wounded warriors and special Honor Flights for World War II veterans.

Free Luggage For Active Duty Military Members

Spirit Airlines provides two free checked bags and a free carry-on bag to active duty military members. 

Even though this is a small discount, it can actually save you a lot of money.

Typically, budget airlines provide cheap fares by charging for all add-ons. 

Because of this, you can get a low-priced ticket without the typical additional costs as an active duty military member with the military deal that Spirit provides.

The fact that Spirit Airlines provides any amount of a deal to military members when their prices are already significantly lower than most of their competitors shows their commitment to giving back to those who serve.

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How To Claim The Discount

You can claim this deal online or in person.

To use the Spirit Airlines military discount in person, arrive at the airport early and check in at the Spirit Airlines counter.

Show the cashier your military ID with your ticket to check your bags and register your carry-on for free.

If you want to save some time at the airport, you can provide proof of military status online before you go.

To use the deal online:

Step 1: Choose your flight details here

Step 2: Check the box labeled “Active Duty Military Personnel” while filling out your personal information

Step 3: Click “Verify”

Step 4: The website will redirect you to ID.me, where you can log in or create an account to verify your military status

Free Flights For Wounded Warriors

Spirit Airlines also gives back to military members and their families in the most difficult of times.

Through partnering with a nonprofit called Luke’s Wings, Spirit Airlines is able to provide free flights to wounded military members and their families.

These free flights allow those who serve to be near their loved ones after being wounded in battle.

It is meant to provide the basic need of transportation, as well as support and encouragement as the service member recovers. 

You can learn more about Lukes Wing’s, as well as fill out an online application if you are in need of a free flight for a Wounded Warrior, here.

Honor Flights

Spirit Airlines’ Honor Flights is a unique program made specifically for veterans of World War II.

This event consists of Spirit flying these former service members to Washington D.C., and surprising them with a day full of events.

In the past, these events have included visits to memorials such as the Iwo Jima Memorial and the Arlington National Cemetery, as well as meetings with a variety of people, from congressmen to Veterans Affairs officials.

Spirit Airlines created this program to give these veterans a trip to see the memorials that were created especially for them.

For many of the passengers of guests of the events, this free flight is what allows them to see these places for the very first time.

This is much more than a free flight program.

The thoughtfulness and generosity behind this event provide World War II veterans with a great, free experience, but also shows how committed Spirit Airlines is to honoring those who have fought for our country and the freedom of the citizens of the United States.

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

The people who can claim these deals depend on the specific program, so we will look into the eligibility criteria below.

Free Luggage For Active Duty Military Members

This deal is only available to active duty military members.

Those who serve in all five branches in active duty roles can claim the savings.

At this time, Spirit Airlines does not offer free luggage to retired military members, veterans, current service members in Reserve or National Guard roles, or military family members.

Free Flights For Wounded Warriors

This program is available to those who are injured in battle, as well as the family members of wounded warriors.

It also requires approval through the Luke’s Warriors application process. As we mentioned above, you can apply online here.

Honor Flights

Honor Flights are specifically for veterans of World War II.

iwo jima spirit airlines
Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington D.C.; One of the Stops the Honor Flights Program Makes. Image: Flickr.com

What Are The Restrictions?

The main thing to keep in mind with these deals is that they have specific eligibility criteria to meet. Beyond that, they do not come with many restrictions.

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Overall, the commitment that Spirit Airlines holds in regard to giving back to the United States military is impressive and commendable.

Even as a budget airline, they offer a deal and continue to give back in creative and caring ways.

If you’re looking for a good deal on a cheap flight, the deal is worth checking out and Spirit Airlines is worth supporting.

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While Spirit Airlines doesn't specifically offer a military discount, they do help out in other ways. This includes free bag checks, free flights for wounded warriors, and honor flights.

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