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JetBlue Military Discount

JetBlue is one of the primary airlines in North America.

It is known for offering “budget-friendly” rates. JetBlue is doing something right as the airline is the sixth largest in the United States based on passengers carried each year.

JetBlue operates over 1,000 flights each day.

What are the chances of receiving a JetBlue military discount?

The chances are fantastic! The airline guarantees 5% off base fares for JetBlue flights for both military personnel and immediately family members.

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JetBlue Military Discount – Exclusive Savings for Service Members

JetBlue provides a couple of ways to receive 5% off your next flight. Image: Flickr

JetBlue has an outstanding relationship when it comes to the U.S. Military.

The airline features special discounts and fares, assistance at the airport, and other unique services for both active duty and veterans.

JetBlue provides a 5% discount off the base fare on ALL flights. Absolutely no blackout dates. When you want to fly, JetBlue will hook you up with a special military fare class (MIL) for active duty personnel not traveling on orders.

The JetBlue leisure military rate is available to active duty and immediately family members (spouses and children).

It is important to note that MIL fares for leisure travel are non-refundable and there certain rules you need to follow in order to remain compliant.

However, it can guarantee you significant savings for you and your family on the next flight.

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JetBlue Military Baggage Waiver

In addition to 5% off the base rate for your flight, military personnel can also save on baggage.

JetBlue allows service members to check in bags for no extra cost.

The number of bags allowed under the waiver depend on the type of travel:

  • Active Duty Traveling on Orders: Are allowed to travel with 5 bags for you and your dependents. You must present travel orders at the time of check-in at the airport in order to receive the JetBlue military baggage waiver.
  • Active Duty Traveling for Leisure: Are allowed 2 bags for you and your dependents at no extra charge. A valid military ID or other type of proof of military status is required at check-in.

JetBlue Veterans Advantage Military Discount

Another way to save on your next JetBlue flight is through Veterans Advantage.

The exclusive military organization has a number of exceptional deals on travel including lodging, airfare, and car rentals.

Since JetBlue Airways is a partner with Veterans Advantage you can receive a guaranteed 5% off your flight to over 85 travel destinations.

Once again there are no blackout dates.

Veterans Advantage members will also receive a checked baggage allowance of 2 bags for no additional cost.

You can also earn bonus TrueBlue reward points by booking through Veterans Advantage.

However, you have to already be a member of the reward system along with have a paid membership with Veterans Advantage.

How to Get the JetBlue Military Discount

You can prove military service at the airport during the time of check-in. Image: Wikimedia Commons

There are various ways to save with JetBlue.

Let’s examine how to get discounted airfare as well as the baggage allowance waiver:

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5% Off JetBlue Flights

If you are not a member of Veterans Advantage you can still take advantage of 5% off base rates.

In order to begin:

  • Option 1: Call 1-800-JETBLUE. It is the fastest way to connect with a live agent and receive the JetBlue military discount.
  • Option 2: Or you can use the discount code MIL01 if you book the flight online through Prior to checkout make sure you are being awarded the 5% off your flight.

The JetBlue military discount is available to active duty personnel of all military branches, including National Guard and Reserve. It is also available to retired military veterans and dependents (spouses and children).

JetBlue informs military customers that MIL fares do not have last seat availability.

Fares are currently tied to availability in a single JetBlue fare class (M, R, or V class).

Once the fare is no longer available, the JetBlue military discount is also not available for the select flight.

So it helps to book with plenty of time in advance.

In order to receive the military discount you must provide the name of the active duty military member, branch of service, and military rank.

A representative at 1-800-JETBLUE can provide more details on how you confirm military eligibility.

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Military Baggage Allowance

The number of bags you are allowed to check-in at the airport without an extra fee depends on the purpose of travel, as mentioned above.

In order to get the discount at the airport:

  • Provide a valid military ID at the JetBlue check-in counter. Or bring papers like a DD Form 214 if you are a veteran. Military dependents (spouses and children) can combine their bags with a service member to receive the same baggage allowance.

Veterans Advantage JetBlue Military Discount

In order to receive guaranteed 5% off on over 85 JetBlue flight destinations, any day of the week, you must become a member of Veterans Advantage if you are not already.

Veterans Advantage has three plans to select from.

Though they do cost money the amount of the membership vs. the amount of exclusive military savings you can receive is worth it for most service members.

Once you join Veterans Advantage you can log-in to your account and begin shopping travel deals, including discounted airfare on JetBlue flights.

FAQ – JetBlue Military Discount

Here are a couple answers to frequently asked questions regarding the ways for military personnel and retirees to save on JetBlue flights and baggage:

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JetBlue has a comparable discount to other major carriers. Image: PXHere

How does the JetBlue military discount compare to other major airlines?

Great question! We recently put together reviews of other airline discounts including United Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Airlines for comparison.

How much does it cost to join Veterans Advantage?

The best way to receive discounted JetBlue airfare is through Veterans Advantage. Memberships start as low as $4.99 per month.

There is also a trial offer. View available VA plans by clicking here.



JetBlue has a dependable 5% MIL fare discount for active duty personnel.

You can also get access to more flights to save on through Veterans Advantage.

The JetBlue baggage allowance allows you to check-in up to 5 free bags (if traveling on orders) and up to 2 free bags (for leisure trips/vacations).

To learn more about the JetBlue military discount call 1-800-JETBLUE.

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