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MOS 3043 is the MOS designation for Supply Chain and Materiel Management Specialists. These marines are responsible for controlling the distribution of supplies to the unit they are assigned to.

Supply Chain and Materiel Management  marines must have good record-keeping, be extremely organized, and be able to focus on tedious tasks for an extended period of time.

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Requirements and Qualifications

  • Be a U.S. Marine
  • Have a CL score of 105 or above
  • Have no history of conviction or non-judicial punishment for crimes involving larceny or them
  • Must undergo a personnel security investigation and credit check
  • Complete the Enlisted Supply Basic Course at Camp Lejeune, NC

Training and Career Path

Anyone interested in being a Supply Chain and Materiel Management Specialist must first complete basic training and earn the title of U.S. Marine.

Following this, marines will attend Marine Combat Training for 21 days before going on to the Enlisted Supply Basic Course in Camp Lejeune, NC.

Successful completion of this will give marines a basic understanding of supply chain management, basic accounting, and the computer skills needed to track supplies as they arrive and depart from the warehouse.


Additionally, marines that have recently graduated from this MOS school will have just enough knowledge to begin working for their unit as an entry-level Supply Chain and Materiel Management Specialist.

How Much Are They Paid?

Marines working in supply chain management earn the basic pay assigned to all military members across all branches.

The pay shown below is base pay for Marines who haven’t served an entire four years and are below the rank of E5.

Pay GradeTime In ServiceMonthly Pay
E2Less than 1 year$1,942
E32 years or more$2,171
E42 years or more$2,378

Day in the Life of a 3043 Marine

Marines in this MOS stay very busy and active daily.

There are always supplies moving in and out of the supply warehouse that need to be tallied or distributed.

Additionally, supply warehouses can occasionally be inundated with old supplies that have to be properly removed and disposed of.

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Audits of inventory will be done a few times a year, so it is imperative that Marines spend time, every day, keeping track of their inventory and ensuring that all paperwork is ready for any potential audit.

This MOS requires marines to be proactive and stay ahead of any large shipments so as not to be overwhelmed by the sudden arrival of gear for the entire unit.

Civilian Career Opportunities

Marines in the 3043 MOS learn a useful skillset of tracking and maintaining supply inventory and distribution.

This is transferable to warehouse positions as well as possible careers as logisticians.

Logistics are a major factor when it comes to managing and controlling supply chain, so with some basic college courses, marines leaving the 3043 MOS are more than equipped to handle a successful career as a logistician.

Additionally, supply chain managers are in high demand and can earn a very lucrative salary after a few years of experience.

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Many supply chain managers need a bachelor’s degree, but some earn the position after putting in several years of hard work within a warehouse and supply chain environment.

Many MOS 3043s end up in the private sector as well, working for the many private military companies that contract with the US government.

There is no shortage of opportunities for marines coming from this MOS, especially with the attention to detail that is required of them.

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