Those who wish to reenlist in the military may opt to take the AFCT test
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Many people in the military wish to expand their options for careers and training, so they look into taking the AFCT test.

The Armed Forces Classification Test is a way to reclassify service members for several reasons.

Some service members want to reenlist or change their jobs in the service.

Other service members wish to qualify for warrant officer training or officer candidate school.

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1. What is the AFCT Test?

Career-minded service members may take AFCT test to better their career options

When service members wish to improve their ASVAB scores, they cannot retake the actual ASVAB test.

However, they may take the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) instead.

The AFCT test is a computerized test that adapts to the test-takers skill and knowledge level.

At first, the test has questions related to fundamental skills, but as the test progresses, the questions become harder.

If the test taker answers two questions in a row incorrectly, the test adapts to an easier question.

In this way, the AFCT test reveals the true potential and knowledge level of the service member.

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2. AFCT Test vs. ASVAB

Before recruits join the military, they take the ASVAB test while still civilians.

There are testing and retesting limitations of the ASVAB test, and retaking the ASVAB once you are officially in the military is usually not possible.

However, some service members wish to improve their scores to qualify for retraining.

Therefore, the Armed Forces Classification Test is what service members may take to increase the likelihood of advanced job and training opportunities.

Service members may retake the AFCT, but you normally need to wait between retakes.

For example, the Navy requires only a 30-day wait, but the Army requires six months. Talk with your unit Training NCO for specifics. 

3. AFCT Scoring Explained

The Armed Forces Classification Test has ten different subtests that evaluate Verbal, Science, Math, Spatial, and Technical knowledge.

Since the AFCT test covers both current ability and academic readiness and potential, the subtest scores are vital.

The subtest scores work the same as they do for the ASVAB test to create line scores that combine to give a job-specific specialty score.

The subtests include the following:

  • General Science (GS)
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
  • Word Knowledge (WK)
  • Mathematics Knowledge (MK)
  • Electronics Information (EI)
  • Shop Information (SI)
  • Auto Information (AI)
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC)
  • Assembling Objects (AO)

Test takers earn separate scores for each of the subtests.

These subtests combine for line scores that are unique to each military job and each branch of the military.

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4. How to Prepare for the AFCT Test

Military Education Centers help service member with educational goals

Fortunately, many military installations have support for service members taking the AFCT test.

For instance, the Army has the Functional Academics Skills Training (FAST) program to help soldiers brush up on necessary skills and job performance.

Your first step in preparing for the AFCT test is to contact your on-base Education Counseling Center.

However, there are other strategies to prepare, as well.

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Evaluate Past Scores

The first step is to evaluate your past scores.

Ideally, you know already what areas were a struggle on the ASVAB test that might hold you back from future job and training prospects.

Once you evaluate your weakest areas based on past performance, you can prioritize skills to work on first.

However, do not forget to brush up on knowledge in all the subtest areas, especially if time has passed since you last took a test on those skills.

Develop a Targeted Plan

With a list of priority skills, you can develop a study plan.

Ideally, you work with a military education counselor to develop a plan that includes in-class work, tutoring, and studying on your own.

Also, it is vital to set this plan up early enough before the scheduled test to ensure you have plenty of time to learn without adding more stress or anxiety.

One simple but effective way to prepare for the AFCT test is by using flashcards.

By using flashcards, your ability to retain information via repetition will be enhanced greatly.

We recommend you check out the AFCT Flashcards Study System here.

It’s a great program that’s designed to help you get the best score possible on the AFCT test, definitely check it out!

You should also check out the ‘AFCT Secrets Study Guide’ we mentioned above as well.

By using both the study guide, as well as the flashcards study system, you’ll be well on your way to acing the test in no time!

Apply the Knowledge

Having plenty of time to work through a study plan is essential because you must go beyond memorizing information.

It is one thing to know information, but those who understand the knowledge enough to apply it.

There is a tremendous connection between understanding information when it comes to tests that measure your knowledge and your aptitude for applying that knowledge in a variety of situations.

There are several ways to make the shift from memorization to the ability to apply knowledge.

For instance, by speaking out loud when you read, you can monitor your understanding.

This verbalization of your inner thoughts means asking questions while you read and wondering out loud.

Take the time to review what you learn with other people, as well.

If possible, teach what you learn to other people to process new learning at a deeper level of thinking.

Test Taking Strategies

Test-taking strategies that are unrelated to knowledge are helpful to have, as well.

For instance, it is vital to ensure you know what the question is asking before you attempt to answer.

Then, evaluate the answer choices working to eliminate one or two possibilities to better your odds.

However, before you eliminate a choice, argue the rationale that proves it is a wrong answer.

This tactic is easier if you took the time to talk out loud about your learning when studying.

When you are left with better potential answers, look to see if the answer thoroughly addresses the question.

Sometimes an answer is partially true or only accurate in specific conditions.

Therefore, avoid creating situations where an answer could be correct because if you have to do so, it is probably the wrong answer.

Also, look for grammatical clues between the question and the potential answer.

You may notice verb-tense matches or similar noun and verb patterns.

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If you are already in the service, and you wish to increase your chances for a different career or training, you might consider taking the AFCT test.

The AFCT test is similar to the ASVAB except it is meant for those already serving in the Armed Forces.

The AFCT scores the same as the ASVAB with the same subtests.

Also, the scores are compiled into line scores that indicate eligibility for specific military jobs. 

You can prepare for this important test by seeking help from your on-base Education Center.

You’ll want you want to evaluate past scores and areas of strength and weakness.

Also, a study plan is vital.

By taking the time to learn and apply the knowledge and by brushing up on test-taking strategies, you will see success on the AFCT test. 


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