Soldiers in A1-79th FA wear the Army Green Service Uniform

Army Class A, B, and C Uniforms Explained

If you are new to the Army, you have heard of Army Class A uniforms and are likely confused about the uniform class difference.

The Army has a Class A uniform, which is very similar to the Class B uniform.

However, the Class C uniform is a little more familiar to most.

Currently, the Army has three service uniforms, which we will review.

However, new recruits receive all three uniforms.

Class A Uniforms Army

Army Class A Uniforms

The first thing to understand is that the U.S. Army currently has two different sets of Army Service Uniforms.

The older of the two is the Army Blue Service Uniform (ASU), while the newer is the less-formal Army Green Service Uniform.

The blue uniform will become phased out and only authorized for formal wear, while the AGSU will become the everyday wear uniform. 

Both the ASU and the AGSU have a Class A and Class B configuration. Interestingly, they both also have a “Dress” configuration for evening social events. 

The primary difference between Class As and Class Bs is which components of the same uniform are required and which elements are worn together.  

Class Bs are everyday office wear and generally feature the same uniform items but without the formal suitcoat jacket. 

Army Green Service Uniform

Sometimes nicknamed the “Pinks and Greens,” this old-school style uniform combination is a return to the styling of Army uniforms during World War II. 

It acknowledges the Army’s legacy while providing a more comfortable and casual uniform than the current “Army Blues.”

Many service members find the Army blues too formal for everyday wear, and the Combat uniform unprofessional in many occupations. 

The ASGU was introduced in 2021 to fill this gap.

Components of the Class A Army Green Service Uniform

In general, Class As are for more formal working events, such as ceremonies, inspections, reenlistments, and even official travel.


The authorized headgear for the AGSU is the Garrison Cap or the Miltary cap. Commanders may require the wear of a beret instead. Soliders with special qualifications or specific MOS, such special forces or miliatary police will also wear a beret.

The patch positions over the left eye, with the overhang going to the right.


Soldiers wear a long or short-sleeved button-up collared shirt with the Class A Service Uniform. 

The color is Heritage Tan 565, and soldiers must fully button the shirt.


The prime distinction between Army Class As and Bs is the wear of the “coat.” This is worn basically the same as a suitcoat or suit jacket.

However, it has some distinct military styling. The AGSU has a coat in Heritage Green with a matching belt worn over the jacket. 

There are specific rules for the wear and placement of nameplates, badges, and other insignia for the Army Green Service uniform. 


Both men and women wear Heritage green four-in-hand ties with their Class As.


Soldiers wear a walnut brown web belt with the Class A and Class B uniforms.

Pants or Skirts

The AGSU features trousers for men or slacks or skirts for women in Heritage taupe color.


Both men and women are authorized to wear walnut brown Oxford, lace-up shoes. 

Women may opt for walnut brown low-heeled pumps.

Army Service Blues

The old ASU is dark blue in color and will be phased out of wear except for special occasions. 

This uniform is more structured than the new AGSU, which gives it a more formal feel. 

The AGSU will become mandatory by the end of 2027, but until then, the Class A and Class B designation for the Army Blues will remain similar to the distinction for the “Pinks and Greens.” 

Similar to the combination for Army Green Class As, the Service Blue Class As include the coat and full regalia of insignia. 

Class B Uniforms Army

first BCT battery to graduate wearing the new Army Green Service Uniform

Uniform combinations for Class B wear include most of the same components of the Class A combination.

The primary difference is the wear of the suitcoat and tie.

According to Army Regulation 670-1, 

“The male service uniform (Class A version) consists of coat, trousers, a short- or long-sleeved shirt with tie, and
other authorized accessories. The Class B versions include variations without the coat.”

It is similar for female soldiers.

For Class B, both are only required to wear ties with long sleeve shirts. No tie is required with the wear of short sleeve shirts.


Authorized insignia for each combination of Class As and Class Bs may also vary.

Those serving in a tropical environment will see a variation of this uniform that is more suitable for the climate.

For example, in hot climates, soldiers may be authorized to wear Class A insignia with Class B uniform combinations.

However, the base commander makes that call if the tropical version of the Class As is suitable. 

Class C Uniforms Army

Army has new camo pattern for Class C Uniform

When you think of soldiers in the Army, you likely imagine the popular camouflaged uniform.

The Class C, or Army Combat Uniform (ACU), is the daily uniform worn by soldiers.

There are two different colors of camouflage being issued.

The first is the highly recognized green camouflage, while the other is a lighter, more neutral tan color that blends into different backgrounds.

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Patrol Cap

The patrol cap has the insignia on the front with the soldier’s last name on the back.

Also, it is regulated that the soldier’s hairstyle does not interfere with the wearing of the patrol cap.

Lastly, the camouflage will match that of the rest of the Class C uniform.

However, some soldiers, depending on their MOS, wear berets instead.


Badges are sewn on the Class C jacket.

The jacket is a colored shirt-type jacket with long sleeves that may be rolled up or down.

Soldiers wear patches that indicate rank and organization.

If a soldier is not on deployment, they also wear a patch reflecting the flag of the United States.


The undershirt worn under the Combat Uniform jacket is coyote tan in color.


Belts are a part of the Army Class C uniform, and the approved color is the same as the undershirt.


The boots for the Class C Army uniform are coyote tan leather.

Soldiers own two boots for hot weather wear and one for colder temperatures.

Soldiers are issued boots, but many buy their boots from other retailers.

However, be sure the boots are compliant with Army Regulation 670-1, which defines the expectations of Army Uniforms.


The Class C Army Combat Uniform includes pants that must be either bloused at the bottom or tucked into the boots.

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