The mobile nature of military life often has families moving from one duty location to another making it more difficult for spouses to have a career of their own
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10 Best Military Spouse Support Groups In 2022

Military spouses face unique challenges. Many military families look for military spouse support groups because of deployments, changes in duty stations, and other sudden changes to the military family lifestyle.

Military families remain strong by having access to support groups, educational opportunities, mental health support, and even networking opportunities.

Therefore, there is a significant need for military support groups. 

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#10. Military Spouse Advocacy Network

Military spouses sacrifice a lot to help support their spouse's career

The Military Spouse Advocacy Network is a nonprofit organization that supports military families.

The organization works to support families by creating a connection between military families and their local communities.

Also, the Military Spouse Advocacy Network has mentors worldwide that create a personal level of connection.

The mentor program is easy to connect with online.

Also, this program has specific areas on which they focus.

If you have concerns about career and employment, the program works to help families with the challenges of establishing a career with a military lifestyle.

Also, if you need help learning financial readiness, Military Spouse Advocacy Network can help.

Other programs include mental health, education, deployment and transitioning from military life to civilian life, and even the unique needs of a brand-new military spouse.

Also, Military Spouse Advocacy Network does a virtual training program that focuses on leadership and advocacy.

This way, the volunteers who invest their time into the Military Spouse Advocacy Network are prepared to respond to the unique needs of military spouses.

When considering military spouse support groups, the Military Spouse Advocacy Network is one to check out.

#9. Modern Military Association of America

The Modern Military Association of America has a dedication to the LGBTQ military community, including spouses, veterans, and other family members.

The group is a nonprofit organization that covers education, support, advocacy, and legal services.

There are over 85,000 members and other supporters to the organization and a few hundred volunteers worldwide.

Also, the organization began as a merger between the OutServe-SLDN and the American Military Partner Association.

In 1993, the Department of Defense created their LGBTQ Anti-Discriminatory policy, so the Modern Military Association of America came into being in 2009.

Also, the Modern Military Association of America gives a voice to those who serve and their partners.

The education programs through this organization strive to create culturally resilient providers that support LGBTQ members and their families.

There are chapters all over the world, so the Modern Military Association of America is accessible.

Also, the organization has a military spouse scholarship, so spouses have opportunities to reach their academic goals.

Furthermore, there is training for service providers to ensure providers are culturally aware of the community’s needs.

#8. Milso Support

Facebook is a fantastic way to keep your finger on the pulse of military life.

Also, because Facebook groups are so accessible, it is easy to network and make connections.

Milso Support is a Facebook group dedicated to the challenges of being a military spouse.

This group posts a lot of real-life memes and humor articles.

Also, members reach out for support and ideas, including relationship tips, family-friendly events, and even rental connections, to name just a few.

The group admin does a lot of posting, and the group members post asking questions and giving advice.

Also, membership is from all over. Plus, given the nomadic nature of military life, you are bound to have your questions answered by someone in the group.

#7. YMCA Military Outreach

The YMCA and the Department of Defense partnered to help military families have access to YMCA memberships.

The memberships at the YMCA provide families with a supportive environment.

The focus of the environment is both health and a sense of community.

Families of active-duty military members are eligible for a free membership at their local YMCA.

Also, the YMCA offers respite child care for families.

Respite child care is vital because while one spouse away on active duty, the spouse must shoulder the total weight of family responsibilities.

Therefore, the YMCA’s onsite childcare gives spouses time to handle family responsibilities or get a well-deserved break.

If you are a military spouse, you can reach out directly to your local YMCA.

Also, Military OneSource helps link people with military spouse support groups like the YMCA.

#6. Veteran Spouse Network

military spouse support groups help partners cope

Sometimes those searching for military spouse support groups are spouses of veterans.

Partners of veterans face as many unique challenges as spouses with active-duty partners.

The Veteran Spouse Network began in 2016 as an in-person and online resource for veteran spouses in Texas.

Also, the Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group began as a way for those who are spouses of veterans can support others. The peer-to-peer model includes training for the group facilitator.

The groups meet once a week for about two hours.

The meetings continue for about 12 weeks, and the topics for the group meetings are specific to certain issues.

For instance, one topic might be about transitioning to civilian life or self-care.

The Veteran Spouse Network includes the resiliency group discussed above, a virtual social club, and a program about transitions from the military into civilian life.  

#5. Military Significant Other and Spouse

Military Significant Other and Spouse (Military SOS) is a military spouse support group covering all aspects of military life.

Essentially, from boot camp to transitioning back to civilian life, Military SOS has answers and support.

The group is a forum message board with free membership.

The forum itself breaks down into topics.

First, there is a general support and chatting area.

Also, you will find an area that focuses just on getting advice, celebrations, and headline news related to military life.

There are topic-specific forms dedicated to boot camp, deployments, kids, mental health, and even long-distance relationship advice.

Furthermore, sections on financial management, physical health, parenting, and even holiday traditions are available.

There are well over 45,000 members and over 9 million posts contributing to half a million threads.

If you have a question, you can likely find an answer with Military SOS.

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#4. Career Military Spouses

Career Miltary Spouses is a private Facebook Group with well over 15,000 members.

This group is a place for career military spouses who also work full time to come together and support one another.

Membership is specific for full spouses of military members who have full-time jobs.

However, spouses in transition between employment may also join.

Furthermore, the group advocates for volunteering, having local meet-ups, and seeking the support of retirees’ spouses.

Overall, the group is private, which means you can post without people on your friends’ list seeing your activity.

Also, posts should focus on employment and careers.

#3. Military Families On the Move!

scholarships for military spouses

Military Families on the Move! is a military spouse support group that shares tricks and tips for thriving as a military family.

The admin began the group to share the numerous nuggets of advice received over the years.

Military spouses move a lot, so having access to new housing markets, neighborhoods, area schools, and shopping are just a few of the concerns face on the move.

The group does not allow real estate advertising, but you will find a wealth of information about real estate.

Also, the information shared in the group is about military bases worldwide.

#2. United Service Organization (USO)

The United Service Organization, or USO, has a mission to support troops and their families worldwide.

In 2016, the USO took their support of military spouses a step further by creating programs that connect spouses with networks in their communities.

The USO hosts networking events, so spouses in communities have opportunities to meet one another.

Also, the USO invites employers and local organizations with interest in supporting military spouses and their families.

Furthermore, the USO sets up localized Coffee Connection events where spouses can meet casually to make friends and chat.

Since some military spouses are not near a USO event, the Coffee Connections have virtual events, as well.

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#1. Military Spouse Support Groups: Local Clubs and Groups

While online groups and organizations are of incredible value, there are other options.

When you move duty stations, there are usually one to several localized clubs and organizations there to help you with your transitions.

One option is to search for local groups for spouses that meet on a regular basis. 

Also, most installations have an established group that operates under a set of bylaws. In some cases, these groups are hosted on base.

To find out about the local military spouse support groups, check with your family resources office for your duty station.

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