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Cox Military Discount for 2023

Cox Communications is the third-largest cable provider in the United States.

There is no Cox military discount at this time, but they do offer customers a few other ways to save on their services.

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About Cox Communications

Cox Communications was started as a newspaper way back in 1898 by a man named James Middleton Cox.

James Middleton Cox and his small newspaper company went on to find great success.

Cox eventually became a Congressman, and the newspaper turned into multiple newspapers, and then into one of the first cable TV companies in the world.

After Cox’s death, his son Jim Cox Jr. took over the company.

Cox Junior led the brand to even more services, including the internet and phone access that Cox is best known for today.

Cox Communications has been around for over a century, and it continues to evolve with changes in technology to hold its top spot among TV and internet providers in the United States.

They now serve over 6 million customers across the U.S.

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3 Ways to Save at Cox

Cox does not offer many ways to save, but there are a couple of tactics you can use to save on your TV, internet, phone, or smart home bill through the company.

Each way to save at Cox Communications is outlined below:

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1. Sign Up for a New Account

The easiest way to save at Cox is to become a new customer.

When you switch over to Cox from another provider (or start your first cable or internet service in general) you will be eligible for the best pricing.

When you are a new customer, every single plan that Cox offers is available at a much lower price.

You will be able to keep this low price for the first 24 months that you are with Cox.

You can view the first-time customer package prices here.

You can purchase plans from the link above as well.

You don’t have to do anything special to claim these deals, as they are automatically available to customers who start a new Cox plan.

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2. Bundle Your Services

If you already have a plan with Cox Communications or if you’re looking to save even more money when you sign up, consider bundling services.

If you combine any number of plans including TV, internet, voice, and smart home, you’ll get a lower price than if you were to pay for each of the plans individually (or if you were to keep one service through a different provider while you had another through Cox).

You can view the special bundle pricing here.

Once again, you will not need to do anything special to claim this deal.

Simply sign up for multiple packages to receive the bundle discount.

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3. Sign Up for a Gift Card Deal

Sometimes, Cox Communications offers deals to new customers that provides them with a Visa gift card when they start a new plan.

These gift cards are completely free, and you can use them almost anywhere.

To find a gift card deal, watch the new customer packages.

The gift card promotion will be listed in these packages when it is available.

If you sign up for a gift card deal, you’ll have to follow these steps to receive it:

Step 1: Order a qualifying service

Step 2: Use this link to redeem your gift card deal (be sure to have your offer ID, installation date, and account number, which will all be given to you when you sign up for services)

Step 3: Wait for your card to show up in the mail (within 90 days)

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Overall, it is unfortunate that there is no Cox military discount.

If you do sign up for their services, be sure to use the methods above to save as much as you can on your monthly bill.

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Unfortunately, Cox Communications doesn't offer a military discount. With that said, there's no reason to pay full price!
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