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U-Haul Military Discount

U-Haul is one of the leaders in the United States for moving equipment and storage.

The company rents out moving trucks of various sizes. It also rents out other moving accessories and equipment like trailers.

U-Haul Centers are also expanding their services to provide self-storage units, propane refueling, and hitch and trailer wiring installation.

Is there a UHaul military discount?

The answer to that question is complicated. No, UHaul does not officially have a military discount. However, some existing customers claim that when you give them a call, they may apply a discount to your final bill once you notify them that you are an active duty or retired military member.

Special Note: While UHaul does NOT offer a military discount, Budget Truck Rentals DOES!

As a matter of fact, they offer 20% off to service members traveling with orders. They have locations all over the US and clearly appreciate the sacrifices made by our men and women serving this country.

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U-Haul Military Discount

U-Haul does not have an official military discount. Image: Flickr

There is no official UHaul military discount.

It is different from many other corporations the size of U-Haul that have specific, well-posted discounts or special offers dedicated to military personnel.

However, with that being said, it doesn’t hurt to try and contact UHaul and persuade them otherwise.

Some existing customers claim they have saved 10% to 15% by contacting UHaul directly and inquiring about an exclusive military discount.

There are reports that U-Haul has recently become less liberal with offering military discounts over the phone.

Some claim this is because right now, the economy is doing well and people are starting to move again.

Consequently, there is a high demand for moving rentals and equipment, and so, U-Haul is not desperate for new customers.

If this is true or not depends on the person you ask.

However, from the way we look at it, you should reserve a few minutes out of your day to contact U-Haul directly and try to pester them for some type of savings on your moving costs.

You are U.S. Military, after all, you deserve it!

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Call U-Haul at 800-468-4285 for a Military Discount!

The sales department of UHaul is available at 800-468-4285.

Aside from stopping by a local service center, it is the easiest way to speak to a U-Haul representative.

When you call the number, it helps to prepare yourself with the necessary information.

Inform the sales rep that you are seeking a moving truck or other equipment. Also, provide the rep with:

  • Dates you need to reserve a moving truck or moving equipment.
  • Location of pick-up and drop-off.
  • Preferred pick-up time.
  • Size of truck you are requesting to rent.

The sales rep will then provide you with a quote for how much it will cost.

You should proceed to inform the salesperson that you are active-duty or retired military. Ask if they offer a military discount.

It is possible the sales rep will decline and explain UHaul does not currently provide exclusive savings to military personnel.

We advise you not to back down.

Explain that you believe you deserve something off the moving costs, as many other companies provide you with exclusive savings.

Furthermore, also mention that you have looked into moving costs for rentals through Budget and Penske (their competitors) and both are offering you a military discount.

The sales rep may change their mind considering they could lose your business altogether.

It is important to note the phone number 800-468-4285 does not always connect you to the sales department immediately. If that is the case, ask to get transferred to the sales department.


You stand the best chance of receiving a UHaul military discount if you speak to sales since they have the most leeway to override quoted costs with a special one-time offer.

They are the only people at UHaul capable of hooking you up with 10-15% off the total bill.

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Persistence Pays to Save

We like to remind active duty service members and veterans that it pays to stay persistent with U-Haul.

The first sales rep you reach may deny you a UHaul military discount.

However, call five minutes later and you might get another rep.

You may find this associate more accommodating and willing to work with you on a special offer.

It may sound annoying, but it works!

All you need to do is make your case which is obvious in this situation. Military personnel and veterans receive special savings at just about every major corporation in America.

Why is U-Haul any different?

They deserve to give something back to those that serve this great nation!

U-Haul Storage Military Discount

U-Haul may assist you with discount self-storage and moving accessories. Image: Wikimedia Commons

U-Haul is expanding its services.

In addition to offering a variety of moving trucks, they also rent out trailers, shipping containers, boxes and packing supplies, hitches and accessories, as well as labor help.

U-Haul Self-Storage is becoming popular as people are relocating to new places where they may not be able to store everything they own inside an apartment, condo, townhouse, or home.

Self-storage is a relatively cheap way to get more storage space for excess household items.

Does UHaul have a military discount for its self-storage units?

Once again there is nothing official from U-Haul.

Yet, it doesn’t hurt to treat the company the same way we advised service members seeking moving truck rental discounts.

Call 800-468-4285 and pester them until they are willing to give you something.

Even 5% off a monthly self-storage unit is helpful!

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3 Quick & Easy Ways To Save At U-Haul

While U-Haul, unfortunately, doesn’t offer a military discount, OMK found a few other quick and easy ways for you to save.

Check them out below:

1. Self Storage Move-In Specials

As of this writing, U-Haul is offering a couple of special deals for those who are using their self-storage service.

For one, they offer $0 to start at participating locations. This means that you won’t have to put down a deposit or administration fee.

Deposits can cost as much as $100, and admin fees run anywhere from $5 – $50!

Additionally, U-Haul is offering one month of free storage when you rent a truck or trailer one way.

Click Here to learn more about this special offer.

2. Boxes and Moving Supplies

If you’re in the process of a move, you’re gonna need boxes. Often, you’ll need a lot of them!

As of this writing, if you spend $100 or more on boxes and moving supplies, you’ll immediately get free standard shipping.

Typically it can cost anywhere from $5 – $10 for these boxes and moving supplies to be shipped, so this is a pretty good deal!

Click Here to learn more.

3. Hotel Discounts

When you’re in the process of moving, oftentimes you’ll need to stay in a hotel for a particular length of time.

U-Haul has partnered with both Choice Hotels and Wyndham Hotels to offer you a 10% – 15% off discount.

For Choice Hotels (which includes Quality Inn, Sleep Inn, Comfort Inn, and Econolodge Hotels), you’ll get 15% off. 

Simply click here to start the reservation process, and the 15% off discount will be automatically applied.

For Wyndham Hotels (which includes LaQuinta, Days Inn, Ramada, & Microtel Hotels), you’ll get 20% off your stay.

Simply click here to start the reservation process, and the 20% off discount will be automatically applied.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the U-Haul military discount.

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FAQ about U-Haul military discount. Image: Wikipedia

Are you guaranteed to receive a U-Haul military discount?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. U-Haul does not advertise any exclusive discount to military personnel or veterans.

However, it is possible to ask for one by calling 800-468-4285.

You will get connected with an actual U-Haul representative to whom you can make your case that you deserve some type of savings.

If you are really desperate for savings, it doesn’t hurt to try U-Haul repeatedly if the first agent says no.

Persistence definitely pays off when trying to bargain with major corporations.

You can always threaten to book with Budget or Penske too, so long as you do so in a nice and non-confrontational way.

How does the U-Haul military discount compare to other moving rentals?

Budget and Penske are the two biggest competitors of U-Haul.

Budget is usually not only a little cheaper than U-Haul for standard moving rates, but also gives military personnel traveling with orders 20% off rentals.

Meanwhile, Penske offers active duty and veterans a military discount as well.

You can receive more information about their savings for military members by contacting 1-844-4TROOPS.

Online bookings receive an automatic 10% off once you present your military ID at the time of pick-up.

Are U-Haul corporate locations different from smaller franchise locations?

In certain ways, they are treated differently.

Existing customers complain that it is harder to get a military discount from a corporate center, especially when the moving truck is picked up and dropped off at the same location.

However, it is still worth asking about a local military discount.

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U-Haul does not have an official military discount.

However, some former customers claim they saved 10% to 15% by contacting U-Haul over the phone and asking about a military discount.

The best method is to contact their sales department at 800-468-4285.

If you do not get connected to the sales department, ask to get transferred to an agent immediately.

Then, ask what they can do for you regarding moving or storage costs.

If U-Haul will not work with you it doesn’t hurt to also consider Budget and Penske. Both moving companies offer military discounts.

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  1. I’m extremely disappointed by this as a Uhaul employee and a family member of multiple military members. I say this because we focus on the military in our training videos because they move around a lot. For example, uboxes…… Quick moves when deployed quickly… A family is in need…. What a hep of s@#t! Why should they have to make a call???

  2. I agree U-Haul base many of their stores around military communities. U-Haul knows that Military families depend on Moving and storage, and use U-Haul because of their good name. U-Haul name is a American name, but by them not supporting our troops, it shows Uhauls is just another company looking to take the peoples money! I guess going to budget that offers military discounts would be the best option?🙄

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