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Finish Line Military Discount for 2023

Finish Line is a retail store that sells athletic shoes, apparel, and accessories.

They give back to those who serve by providing a military discount in some, but not all locations.

Luckily, the store offers a few different ways to save even without the mysterious military discount.

Click Here to see some quick and easy ways to save at Finish Line.

About Finish Line

Finish Line is owned and operated by a store chain called J.D. Sports Fashion.

They sell the “latest and greatest” shoes, apparel, and accessories in the athletic world. They claim to be “where performance and fashion meet.”

Finish Line was started in the year 1976 by a group of three friends who wanted to supply their community with the best athletic shoes around.

They tried to start a store, but realized that “The Athlete’s Foot” was already running on the same mission. 

Then, they decided to jump in anyway, and together, they purchased their own “The Athlete’s Foot” store in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

finish line store in miami beach

Just ten years later, they were able to open their own store, called “Finish Line.” 

Finish Line quickly found success, and within five years’ time, they had over 1,000 different store locations across the United States and made their first $100 million in sales.

Since its success became set in 1991, Finish Line has continued to find success.

Their sales have continued to rise over the years, as have their number of locations. 

They’ve found ways to give back to the communities around them.

They started selling shoes online and created a successful loyalty program for their customers.

In 2018, they merged with UK company, J.D. Sports Fashion.

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What Is The Official Finish Line Military Discount?

The official Finish Line military discount is slightly difficult to pinpoint. This is because they do not have a company-wide standard.

Their website does not offer a military discount, but some of their store locations are said to offer a military discount between 10% and 20% off. (Reference: 1)

To use the in-store discount, ask the cashier if they offer a military discount.

If they say yes, show them your military ID at checkout to be eligible to receive the deal.

If you’re shopping online, you will not be able to use a military discount.

If you’re shopping in-store and you’re eager to receive a deal, consider calling the location beforehand.

They will be able to tell you if they offer a military discount at their specific store.

If they do not, you could consider calling another Finish Line location nearby to see if they offer the deal instead.

finish line store
Finish Line store display. Image:

Who Can Claim This Discount?

For the stores that do offer a discount, the deal is available for all military members, past or present, and direct family members.

This includes Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve members and all five branches. It also includes veterans and retired military members.

When it comes to family members, the deal is only available for direct dependents and legal spouses.

Family members also need to have the military member present to use the discount.

They cannot use the deal if they are shopping on their own, since the military member needs to show their ID to the cashier for military discount eligibility.

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What Are The Restrictions?

The biggest restriction that the Finish Line military discount has is that it cannot be used online or in certain stores.

You need to make sure you are at a participating location to take advantage of this deal.

It is likely that the deal cannot be combined with other offers, as well.

This decision will be left up to your cashier, but they may not allow you to use the military discount if you are buying clearance items or using another Finish Line coupon.

Special Occasion Finish Line Military Discounts

Even though many locations do not offer a discount year-round, they may have a special military coupon on special occasions, such as Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day.

If you are making a purchase at Finish Line near one of these dates, look for online advertisements and coupons.

In the past, Finish Line has offered a 15% military discount for special occasions.

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2 Quick and Easy Ways To Save At Finish Line

Even though the military discount is not something that can be consistently relied on at Finish Line, there are plenty of other deals to take advantage of if you’re looking to save on your next purchase.

1. Finish Line Website Coupons

Finish Line is one of many companies that have coupons on their website almost every day.

These deals may change often, but there is almost always at least one way to save money on the website.

These coupons may have deals similar to “$10 off your $100 purchase,” “15% off $150 orders” or “Buy one get one free” type offers.

Click Here to see the current list of coupon codes and promotions available at Finish Line.

Finish Line coupon and promo codes.

With these deals, you’ll be able to save a good chunk of money simply by checking the website before you shop.

You can use your Finish Line coupons online or in the store.

How to Redeem Coupons Online

To use them online, type in the promo code that’s listed on the coupon at checkout.

Step 1: Click Here to see current coupon and promo codes

Step 2: Add items to your shopping cart

Step 3: Click “Check out”

Step 4: Insert promo code into the promo code box and click submit

Redeeming Coupons In-Store

To take advantage of the deals in-store, print the coupons and bring them with you or show them to the cashier from your smartphone screen.

They can scan the coupon and apply it to your purchase.

Step 1: Print coupons or save them on your smartphone

Step 2: Show coupons to the cashier at check out

2. Winner’s Circle Loyalty Program

finish line winners circle discount

The Winner’s Circle Loyalty Program is a great way to save money if you purchase from Finish Line often.

It provides you with $20 back every time you spend $200.

You can use the Loyalty Program to earn points both online and in-store. They even have a smartphone app for keeping track of points and deals.

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How To Sign Up For The Winner’s Circle Loyalty Program

To sign up for this program, you’ll need to make an online account here.

Your online purchases will automatically be counted toward the program after you sign up for an account.

For in-store purchases, provide the cashier with your email address so they can add your points to your account.

finish line loyalty program app
Winner’s Circle Loyalty Program smartphone application. Image:


All in all, Finish Line is a company that has potential military discounts but has other various ways to save money to make up for the fact that they’re missing a consistent military deal. 

While the PR company article and the Finish Line website both state 10% off, note that they posted this press release close to 20 years ago.

However, there’s a good chance the military discount either doesn’t exist anymore or has changed completely.

In any event, OMK has reached out to Finish Line directly to get the full details on their discount policy and will be updating this article as soon as we hear back from them.

If you want to use the military deal, shop in-store, call ahead, and watch for advertisements near special occasion dates.

If you don’t find a military deal, take advantage of their website deals or loyalty program instead.


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