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Southwest Airlines Military Discount

Southwest is one of the primary airlines in the United States.

The airline is based out of Texas and supports nearly 4,000 departures each day.

Southwest is the largest low-cost carrier in the world as it is known for offering discounted airfare.

Can you get an even better deal if you are U.S. military?

There is a Southwest military discount.

Check out the full article to learn more details and how to save big on your next flight!

What is the Southwest Airlines Military Discount?

southwest airlines military fares

Southwest Airlines is comparable to many other major airlines in the United States.

There is a military discount, however, unlike other industries that offer one, the amount of savings is not fixed.

So instead of Southwest telling you that they will give you 5% off your next flight, you need to contact them directly and inquire about a military discount.

As a result, the amount of savings can vary based on a number of factors such as intended location, distance traveled, and demand for the flight.

If you are willing to fly red-eye or with layovers, a rep from Southwest may be able to hook you up with a better deal.

Regardless, you do have to contact the airline directly as there is no promo code you can enter during online bookings.

The Southwest military discount is available to active duty military personnel and their families.

Veterans may also receive special offers when they speak to an agent at the airline, however, none are specifically advertised.

Furthermore, National Guard and Reserves are not eligible for the same military discount.

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How to Redeem the Military Discount

southwest military discount
You will need to contact Southwest directly for a military discount. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Southwest, like other major airlines, makes it a little more complicated for service members to receive a well-deserved discount.

Instead of offering a direct discount online, military personnel and family members need to speak to an actual representative over the phone.

The best way to get more details about how much you can save on a Southwest flight is to call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA.

Once you get connected with a live agent explain to the individual that you would like to receive the Southwest military discount.

The agent will likely follow up with a few questions, so make sure you prepare:

  • Information about the flight. What date and time would you like to leave? Where is the departure location? What about the arrival location? Do you need a round-trip or one-way? Are you looking to package airfare with a car rental and/or hotel?
  • Military status verification. Southwest will likely want you to bring a valid military ID or paperwork at the time of check-in to verify your military status. However, you can ask the agent if it is possible to submit the information beforehand if that is your preference.

If you are family of a military member, you may need to follow a few additional steps.

When you speak to a representative from Southwest Airlines ask what military dependents are eligible for the special offer and how you go about verifying identity.

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Southwest Military Discount vs. Cheap Airfare Sites

We’ve noticed a trend with airlines when it comes to a military discount.

The vast majority of the big carriers promote a military promotion yet fail to notify you of exactly how much you will save.

Instead, you have to contact a sales rep who will then likely brag about how good of a deal you are getting.

The thing is, you won’t really know exactly how much you will save until you speak to a live agent at Southwest.

Therefore, it is important to remember that you are not committed to everything.

It is perfectly acceptable to ask about a quote than find out exactly how much you will save with the Southwest military discount.

Next, check out some of the third-party cheap airfare websites:

The point is, you may be able to save more with a third-party travel website than with Southwest Airlines, even after the military discount is applied.

So it doesn’t hurt to shop around.

Additionally, the rate on the same flight a customer service rep at Southwest offers you could be more expensive (even with a military discount) than the rate posted online in the “Wanna Get Away” section.

You can bundle airfare with hotels and car rentals both through Southwest or a third-party website.

It usually saves you money, in the long run, to bundle if possible.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Southwest Airlines military discount:

Southwest also offers a discount to eligible family members of the military. Image: Pixabay

Can I receive the Southwest military discount online?

No. Unfortunately, the only way to get a quote on how much you will save on your next flight through Southwest you must contact the airline directly.

They are available at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA.

How does the military discount compare to other airlines?

Southwest Airlines is very comparable to American Airlines and Delta.

The three major carriers all offer a military discount, though the exact amount of savings varies.

All three airlines request that you speak with a rep from the carrier in order to get more information.

Meanwhile, JetBlue, United Airlines, and Alaska Airlines all have a military discount yet you also must have a membership with Veterans Advantage.

Veterans Advantage is a great program but costs money to join.

Frontier Airlines, Allegiant, and Sun Country currently do not have a military discount.

However, there are ways to save on baggage.

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Southwest Airlines does feature a special offer for active duty military, veterans, and eligible family members.

The exact amount of savings for the Southwest military discount varies based on the flight.

You will need to contact a live agent at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA for more details regarding the promotion.

Check out the military discount details for other airlines below:

Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines Military Discount

Southwest Airlines Military Discount

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Like many other airlines, Southwest Airlines offers a number of perks to the men and women serving in uniform. Learn more about their military discount here.
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