military schools in new jersey
Military Schools

Military Schools in New Jersey

Military schools in New Jersey are one solution to ensure your student is college-ready and in possession of leadership skills necessary for the workforce. 

Many parents recognize opportunities are available in a highly competitive and globally-connected world.

Therefore, a good education is necessary for success.

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#1 – Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST)

Students with Marine Academy of Science and Technology one of the military schools in New Jersey

• Location: 305 MAST Way, Highlands, NJ 07732
• Founded: 1981
• Grades: 9 – 12
• # of Students: 278
• Student / Teacher Ratio: 10 to 1
• Official Website: 

The Marine Academy of Science and Technology is a public college preparatory high school for both boys and girls. 

Also, this option for military school in New Jersey is a career academy with the goal of graduating students ready for either the workforce or advance degrees.

The Marine Academy of Science and Technology is a part of the Monmouth County Vocational School District, and the Academy holds accreditation from the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges.

The curriculum is mostly marine sciences and technology and requires students to be a part of the Naval JROTC program. 

Also, the academics are rigorous as students take college prep classes all four years.

This means they have four years of core subjects such as science, English, math, and social studies. 

Furthermore, the school is has a high rating and is the recipient of several awards based on the school’s and students’ success.

The graduation rate is 95 percent and the proficiency scores in science and math are well above state standards. 

Students must apply their eighth-grade year and meet the criteria for proficiency and residency in the county.

Also, students receive a score on performance and the results from the district exam as part of their application.

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#2 – Purnell School

purnell school in new jersey

• Location: 51 Pottersville Rd., Pottersville, NJ 07979
• Founded: 1963
• Grades: 9 – 12
• # of Students: 57
• Student / Teacher Ratio: 4 to 1
• Official Website:

At the Purnell School, girls are put first. The school began because the founder wanted girls to receive their education in an environment that values the individuality of the student.

Therefore, the school focuses on student-centered education and the teachers focus on student learning and individualized instruction.

While the school is grades 9-12, there is an additional optional post-graduate year for students to better prepare for college. 

Also, the Purnell School realizes not all students learn the same, and the school puts value on the idea that the process of learning is different from student to student.

The founding guidelines for the Purnell School include consideration of others, truthfulness, and common sense. 

The Purnell School is a private school, and students live on campus either all week long or Monday through Friday although there are day students, too.

Also, this school is competitive, and for consideration, the first step is to fill out an application and complete student and parent statements.

Next, records are sent to the school along with recommendations.

Lastly, an interview is required before the school makes a determination. 

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#3 – Blair Academy

blair academy boarding school in nj

• Location: 2 Park Street, P.O. Box 600, Blairstown, NJ 07825
• Founded: 1848
• Grades: 9 – 12
• # of Students: 462
• Student / Teacher Ratio: 6 to 1
• Official Website:

The mission of Blair Academy is for students to truly know themselves as life-long learners.

When students realize their role as engaged learners, they rise to meet the needs of a diverse and global world.

Also, Blair Academy offers 180 different courses and over 50 honors and advanced placement classes.

In addition to a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students for higher education beyond high school, the campus has a state-of-the-art athletics department with matching athletic facilities. 

Furthermore, the Blair Academy is a boarding school, but 20 percent of the students are local day students. 

There is tuition at this school although there is financial aid available.

Also, 100 percent of the graduating students continue on to pursue a degree in higher education. 

Furthermore, with an average SAT score of 1340 and an average ACT score of 30, the students leave Blair Academy ready for academics at college.

To apply, you first must initiate an inquiry with admissions. 

Next, you receive a tour of the campus and participate in an interview.

At this point, it is time to officially apply and turn in transcripts, recommendations, and current test scores.

Also, the Blair Academy recommends a character skills snapshot to be part of the application process. 

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#4 – Newark Leadership Academy

newark leadership academy in new jersey

• Location: 301 W Kinney St, Newark, NJ 07103
• Founded: 1774
• Grades: 9 – 12
• # of Students: varies
• Student / Teacher Ratio: 2 to 1
• Official Website:

If you are looking at military schools in New Jersey, you may have come across the Newark Leadership Academy.

This academy is an alternative vocational high school that helps students who lack the credits to complete high school successfully.

The program works primarily with 16- to 20-year-olds who are at-risk.

Also, the Newark Leadership Academy does not compete for enrollment against other local schools.

Instead, it works with students who dropped out of school or are likely to drop out. 

In order to help these at-risk students, the program has very rigorous and personalized academics.

Also, students do community service and receive counseling.

Furthermore, the students receive vocational training so they leave school with a diploma and a marketable skill for the workforce. 

Lastly, the program has a strong focus on building leadership qualities within the students. 

This program’s graduation rate fluctuates, but the academy is known to reach nearly a 90 percent graduation rate, which is much higher than the state average. 

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#5 – New Jersey Youth Challenge Academy

Youth Challenge Academy Students Visit a local fighter wing

• Location: 5910 16th St W, Fort Dix, NJ 08640
• Founded: 1993
• Grades: 16 to 18 years
• # of Students: varies
• Student / Teacher Ratio:
• Official Website:

Another worthy consideration for military schools in New Jersey is the New Jersey Youth Challenge Academy.

The New Jersey Youth Challenge Academy works with students disconnected from the learning process and who lack motivation.

The Academy works to reengage students and mentor them so they find value in the process of learning.

Also, this program is a residential program where students stay on-site for 22 weeks.

Students stay at Fort Dix, and the program is free of tuition.

Cadets in the New Jersey Youth Challenge Academy earn their high school credits so they can take the High School Diploma test for the state of New Jersey.

Through discipline, academics, physical training, and character growth, cadets learn to become leaders in their community. 

To qualify, students must be legal residents and be between the ages of 16 and 18.

Also, students must not have legal proceedings underway and should have health insurance.

Lastly, the program is voluntary. 

To apply, students should start with the online application process. 

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