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Navy Machinery Repairman (MR): Career Details

A Machinery Repairman (MR) in the Navy performs intermediate and organizational maintenance in support of their ship and on assigned equipment. 

MRs must be skillful in their use of milling machines, boring mills, grinders, power hack saws, lathes, drill presses, and precision measuring equipment found in a machine shop on board ship.

There are two types of Machinery Repairman in today’s Navy:

  • Machinery Repair Maintainer
  • Machinery Repair Technician

MR2 Wesley Reynolds mills a soft composite metal plate for an F-14 Tomcat aboard the USS John F Kennedy (CV 67).  (Source: U.S. Navy / PHAN Stephens)

Originally established in 1948, the Machinery Repairman rating was a merger of two separate subsets of the Machinists Mate rating, Outside Machinist and Shop Machinist.

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Requirements and Qualifications

To serve as a Machinery Repairman (MR) in the United States Navy, there are multiple requirements which must be met:

  • US citizenship is not required.
  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 39.
  • Normal color perception is not required.
  • No history of drug abuse.
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must volunteer for duty onboard submarines.
  • Must have an Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) score of VE (Verbal) + AR (Arithmetic Reasoning) + MK (Mathematics Knowledge) + AS (Auto Shop) = 200 or MK (Mathematics Knowledge) + AS (Auto Shop) + AO (Assembling Objects) = 150

Training and Career Path

Like all other Navy enlisted personnel, MRs must successfully complete eight weeks of Navy Recruit Training, at the Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes (RTC Great Lakes).

The Machinery Repairman Navy A school is located in Great Lakes, Illinois. 

Sailors designated for the MR rating must first attend Engineering Common Core School at the same location prior to MR “A” school.

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MR3 Chelsea Martinez fabricates a Teflon bushing in the sheet metal shop aboard the  USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74). (Source: U.S. Navy / MC3 Tyndall)

Both schools are 18 weeks long in duration and sailors, through group instruction and practical application or introduced to technical documentation and basic mechanical theory. 

During their training, they are familiarized with shop tools, equipment, machines, and methods that they will utilize in their rating.

What’s Life Like for a Navy Machinery Repairman (MR)?

A Machinery Repairman is the Navy’s skilled machine tool operators. 

From occasionally repairing or overhauling a ship’s auxiliary systems and engines to making custom replacement parts, the MR is the sailor the Navy assigns the job.

Additionally, MRs work on deck equipment such as hoists, condensers, winches, and heat exchange devices.

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A Machinery Repairman routinely works a vast array of tasks on a day-to-day basis. 

Their numerous and various duties include:

  • Engraving metal as well as other materials.
  • Performance of flame spraying and electroplating operations.
  • Prepare specifications to produce replacement parts from self-drawn sketches.
  • Produce replacement parts from specifications and sketches.
  • Operate and repair auxiliary machinery.
  • Intricately work with precision measuring instruments (dial indicators, protractors, micrometers, depth gauges, gauge blocks, calipers, and verniers).
  • Operate a variety of machine shop equipment (computer-controlled machinery, boring mills, power hacksaws, bench grinders, lathes, drill presses, shapers, and milling machines).
  • Calculate material and time required for repairing of auxiliary machinery and machine shop work.

Most sailors in the MR rating work indoors in a machine shop-type environment chock full of motor-powered machines. 

They are closely supervised and often work closely with others.

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MRFN Mario C. Smith makes studs for distilling units in the machine shop aboard the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77). (Source: U.S. Navy / MC3 Krall)

Navy Machinery Repairman (MR) Sea/Shore Rotation

A Machinery Repairman in the Navy spends about 50 percent of their time on shore duty and 50 percent of their time assigned to the fleet.

TourSea TourShore Tour
First Tour48 Months (4 Years)36 Months (3 Years)
Second Tour42 Months (2.5 Years)36 Months (3 Years)
Third Tour36 Months (3 Years)36 Months (3 Years))
Fourth Tour36 Months (3 Years)36 Months (3 Years)
Fifth Tour36 Months (3 Years)36 Months (3 Years)
Sixth Tour36 Months (3 Years)36 Months (3 Years)
Seventh Tour36 Months (3 Years)36 Months (3 Years)

How Much Are Machinery Repairman (MR) Paid?

Like all the other Armed Services, the Navy bases a sailor’s pay on their rank and length of service.

InsigniaPay Grade RankAbbreviation2021 Minimum Monthly Pay
N/AE-1Seaman RecruitSR$1,785.00
E-2Seaman ApprenticeSA$2,000.70
e-3 navy seamanE-3SeamanSN$2,103.90
petty officer third classE-4Petty Officer Third ClassPO3$2,330.40
petty officer second classE-5Petty Officer Second ClassPO2$2,541.60
petty officer first classE-6Petty Officer First ClassPO1$2,774.40
chief petty officerE-7Chief Petty OfficerCPO$3,207.60
senior chief petty officerE-8Senior Chief Petty OfficerSCPO$4,614.60
master chief petty officerE-9Master Chief Petty OfficerMCPO$5,637.00
command master chief petty officerE-9Command Master Chief Petty OfficerCMDCM$5,637.00
master chief petty officer of the navyE-9Master Chief Petty Officer Of The NavyMCPON$5,637.00

As are all sailors, MRs may be entitled to other forms of compensation including base allowance for housing (BAH), base allowance for subsistence (BAS), sea pay, etc.

In December of 2018, the Navy Times reported that the MR rating was eligible for Selective Re-enlistment Bonuses (SRB).

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Job Reviews

Reviews from current and former MRs on are overwhelmingly positive with many appreciative and grateful for the training they received in the Navy:

The Navy affords MRs the opportunity to not only excel and thrive in their rating but also gives the sailor a sense of purpose.

SCMR Tara Horney, the most senior female in the MR rate aboard the USS Carney (DDG-64) (Source: US Navy / P01 Lewis)

Take for example the most senior female MR in the Navy, SCMR Tara Horney.

“Literally being at the tip of the spear, in the mix of things, is where I prefer to be.    We have no doubt, being here and doing the missions we do, that we are doing important work and can see firsthand why a strong Navy is so important to national security. I go to work every day knowing that what I do is important and our training is more poignant knowing we could actually have to use it out here.”

The Department of the Navy’s Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) website estimates that approximately 770 Machinery Repairmen serve in today’s Navy.

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Civilian Career Opportunities

There is no shortage of work for former Machinery Repairman once they leave the military.  Civilian career opportunities include:

  • Engine (and other machines) Assemblers
  • Multiple Machine Tool Setters, Operators, and Tenders
  • Machinists
  • Plating and Coating Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders
  • Plastic and Metal Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operators
  • Valve and Control Installers and Repairers
  • Cutting, Punching, and Press Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders
  • Boring and Drilling Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanics
  • Grinding, Lapping, Polishing, and Buffing Machine Tool Setters, Operators, and Tenders
  • Tool and Die Makers
  • Lathe and Turning Machine Tool Setters, Operators, and Tenders
  • Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics (except engines)
  • Machiner Maintenance Workers

Additionally, the Navy COOL Summary For Machinery Repairman (MR) provides links to Betchel, a world-wide employer in engineering, project management, and construction specifically looking for veterans trained and experience in skilled crafts.

MR3 Mark Lindsey utilizes a lathe to manufacture a repair part for a sewing machine aboard USS Essex (LHD 2). (Source: U.S. Navy / PHAN Howerton)

Also on the site is a link to the Troops to Energy website dedicated to helping transitioning service members find jobs in the energy industry.

Sailors in the Machinery Repairman rating are encouraged to take full advantage of the on-the-job (OJT), training opportunities, and educational opportunities offered and afforded them during their naval service.

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The United States Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) also allows MRs to complete several of their civilian apprenticeship requirements while on active duty.

Several national certifications, federal licenses, and state licenses are obtainable by sailors in the Machinery Repairman rating.


Young men and women considering the Navy, and possess a good memory, have manual dexterity, the patience to do detailed work and repetitive tasks should take a long look at the MR rating. 

Not only will you have the opportunity to serve your country and see the world, but you will also learn the skills and gain the experience to ensure steady employment for the entirety of your working years. 


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