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List Of Navy Bases In The US

Founded in 1775 by George Washington to disrupt British Supply Ships, the Navy came to be appreciated in 1794 after the growth of pirate ambushes on trade routes. They are tasked with guarding Nation’s territorial waters, reaching the furthest depths of the ocean, ensuring it is secure.

To execute its purpose, the Navy has a full set of service units spread out across different ports.

Here is a list of Navy bases in the US:

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Navy Bases In California

NWS Concord

Location: Concord, California

Overall Mission: To provide distribution and terminal services in support of deploying forces in the California area. Also, it provides ammunition terminal services

NAWS China Lake

Location: Western Mojave Desert Region

Overall Mission: It supports the US Navy. This base was built for evaluating, testing, and maintaining operations of the US Navy.

NB San Diego

Location: San Diego, California

Overall Mission: This one of the major US Navy bases is a home base to 50 commands and home port for 60 Navy ships, each with different support purposes.

NB Coronado

Location: San Diego, California

Overall Mission: It supports 27 tenants’ commands and is also the focal point for expeditionary and special training and operations.

NAB Coronado

Location: San Diego, California

Overall Mission: The Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado is tasked with providing a shore base for the training, support, and operations of naval amphibious units on the West Coast. It also serves as a Navy amphibious training base in the US- there are only two in the US.

NAS North Island

Location: Coronado Peninsula, San Diego, California

Overall Mission: The Naval Air Station North Island is home to two aircraft carriers with 23 rotary- and fixed-wing squadrons. This air station hosts 80 tenant activities and commands.

NALF San Clemente Island

Location: San Clemente Island, California

Overall Mission: It provides readiness training and units who get deployed overseas for purposes of global engagement. It also supports tactical training of Pacific Fleet.

NB Point Loma

Location: Point Loma, San Diego, California

Overall Mission: Naval Base Point Loma provides direct daily operations to and support all US Navy commands and tenants in the region under Navy Region Southwest. It has 7 different facilities each with a unique mission and purpose.

Naval Medical Center San Diego

Location: Balboa Park, San Diego, California

Overall Mission: Its mission is to provide the best medical care and patient-friendly environment to operation forces and their families. It is also tasked with the responsibility of researching military medicine.

NAF El Centro

Location: Imperial County, California

Overall Mission: It is used by pilots as a basic training location to test different new techniques

NAS Lemoore

Location: Kings County and Fresno County, California

Overall Mission: It provides infrastructure and support that enable Strike Fighter Wing Pacific squadrons to carry out operations related to national security.

NWS Seal Beach

Location: Seal Beach, California

Overall Mission; it deals with weapons and munitions. It is also used for transporting and storing the weaponry, based on US Navy requirements.

NB Ventura County

Location: Near Oxnard California

Overall Mission: It offers a premier mobilization site to the Pacific Fleet complete with railhead, deepwater port, and airfield.

NAS Point Mugu

Location: Point Mugu, Ventura County, California

Overall Mission: It served as an anti-craft training site for WWII soldiers, but it later turned into a development and test center for several missiles including AIM-7 Sparrow and AIM-54 Phoenix.

NCBC Port Hueneme

Location: Oxnard Plain, Ventura County, California

Overall Mission: The Naval Construction Battalion Center Port Hueneme supports everything needed for the 2,600 active-duty tenants of the Navy Seabees in the West Coast homeport, including their training and requirements.

NOLF San Nicolas Island

Location: San Nicolas Island, Ventura County, California

Overall Mission: It is currently controlled by the US Navy and is used as a training and weapon testing facility.

NSWC Corona

Location: Corona, California

Overall Mission: The Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona serves warfighters as well as program managers. It assesses the performance of agent in the Navy by gauging their war-fighting capability in using integrated combat systems and weapons.

Navy Bases In Connecticut

NSB New London

Location: Groton, Connecticut

Overall Mission: This is the US Navy’s Primary submarine base in the East Coast. It provides military personnel with the crucial information necessary for their move in certain areas.

Navy Bases In Florida

NAS Jacksonville

Location: Duval County, Florida

Overall Mission: To enable Warfighter readiness. It also supports operational units on-base and throughout the fleet.

NAS Key West

Location: Boca Chika Key, Florida

Overall Mission: The Naval Air Station Key West serves as a training facility for the military air-to-air fighter aircraft. It also supports readiness and operational requirement of the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and other federal agencies.

NS Mayport

Location: Adjacent to Atlantic Beach, Florida

Overall Mission: It is home to a major seaport and also serves as an air facility. The mission of this base Navy base is to enhance and sustain warfighter readiness.

NSA Orlando

Location: Orlando, Florida

Overall Mission: To provide effective and consistent shoe installation support services to DoD agencies’ tenants. It also supports military simulation and training missions.

NSA Panama City

Location: Bay County, Florida

Overall Mission: It serves as a development, training, and testing facility in seaside warfare missions.

NAS Pensacola

Location: Pensacola, Florida

Overall Mission: To support the training and operation missions of tenants allotted and enhancing the readiness of the US Navy.

NAS Whiting Field

Location: Central Santa Rosa County, Florida

Overall Mission: It serves as one of the two Navy’s pilot training bases and also offer training for the US Navy, Coast Guard, US. Marine Corps, and Air Force student pilots.

Navy Bases In Georgia

NSB Kings Bay

Location: Kings Bay, Georgia

Overall Mission: To offer support to the Fighter, Fleet, and Family.

Navy Bases In Hawaii

Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific

Location: Wahiawa, Hawaii

Overall Mission: It manages all Pacific Naval Telecommunication system users and also maintains and operates Defense Communication System assets.

Pacific Missile Range Facility

Location: Kauai Country, Hawaii

Overall Mission: To facilitate training, development, tactics, and test and evaluations for surface, air, and sub-surface weapons system.

NB Pearl Harbor

Location: Adjacent to Honolulu, Hawaii

Overall Mission: It provides joint and Navy operations Base Operating Support that is integrated and capabilities-based.

NSGA Kunia

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Overall Mission: To provide quality cryptologic information, personnel, and communications to support national warfare and Pacific Theater requirements.

Navy Bases In Illinois

NS Great Lakes

Location: Shores of Lake Michigan

Overall Mission: To train sailors for the Fleet. It also serves as home to the US Navy’s sole Recruit Training Command.

Navy Bases In Indiana

NSWC Crane Division/NSA Crane

Location: Crane, Indiana

Overall Mission: It provides acquisition engineering, technical support for sensors, in-service engineering, and electronic warfare.

Heslar Naval Armory

Location: Shores of White River in Indiana

Overall Mission: It served as a training center for soldiers and sailors, but nowt it prepares Indianapolis’ youth to be the city’s future leaders and engaged citizens.

Navy Bases In Louisiana

NASJRB New Orleans

Location: Belle Chasse, Louisiana

Overall Mission: It acts as the training center for Naval Reservist and offers logistical, fiscal, and operation support for tenant commands.

Navy Bases In Maine

Portsmouth NSY

Location: Kittery, Maine

Overall Mission: To overhaul, modernize and repair Los Angeles class submarines. This base also provides quality overhaul work in a timely, affordable, and safe manner to the US. Navy’s nuclear-powered submarine fleet.

Navy Bases In Maryland

Indian Head NSWC

Location: Charles County, MD

Overall Mission: It serves as a NAVSEA Warfare Center enterprise dedicated to energetics and their use in the propulsion system.

National Naval Medical Center

Location: Bethesda, MD

Overall Mission: It serves as a US tri-service military medical center. It is a prominent military medical center in Washington, D.C having served different U.S. presidents.

Navy Information Operations Command Maryland

Location: Fort Meade, MD

Overall Mission: it conducts information operations and also provides cryptologic and related intelligence information to the joint, fleet, and national commanders.

Naval Support Facility Thurmont

Location: Wooden hills of Catoctin Mountain Park, MD

Overall Mission: it serves as a presidential retreat center offering the president and their guest an opportunity for tranquility and solitude.

NSWC Carderock Division

Location: West Bethesda, MD

Overall Mission: It supports personnel working in over 40 disciplines ranging from applied/in-service engineering to fundamental science. It also carries out research and development in remote sites across the US.

NAS Patuxent River

Location: St Mary’s County, Maryland

Overall Mission: It is a major research, development, test, and evaluation site for aircraft, and associated systems and components of the US naval aviation. This Navy base is also used by academic institutions, foreign governments, and private industry for research and development purposes.

Naval Support Activity Annapolis

Location: Adjacent to Annapolis, Maryland

Overall Mission: To provide personnel, services, and material support to the Naval.

Navy Bases In Mississippi

Naval Air Station Meridian

Location: East Central Mississippi

Overall Mission: To support Commander, Training Air Wing one and wing’s minor training squadrons. It also trains Sailors in aviation and Marines in technology-related fields

Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport

Location: Gulfport, Mississippi

Overall Mission: It maintains and operate facilities and provide material and services to Naval Construction Force Units. It also serves as the home for Atlantic Fleet Seabees.

Navy Bases In Nevada

NAS Fallon

Location: Southeast of Fallon City, NV

Overall Mission: To provide SAR support for Carrier Air Groups visiting the area as well as other tenant in the NAS Fallon unit.

Navy Bases In New Jersey

NWS Earle

Location: Monmouth County, NJ

Overall Mission: It provides ordinance for Expeditionary Strike and Fleet Carrier in the Atlantic area.

Lakehurst Maxfield Field

Location: Manchester Township, NJ

Overall Mission: Formerly Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, this base conducts special missions of launching and development of aircraft and equipment for recovery.

Navy Bases In New Mexico

Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, White Sands Detachment

Location: White Sands, NM

Overall Mission: It offers facilities for storage, integration, assembly, recovery of missile and guns, as well as live-fire testing.

Navy Bases In New York

Naval Support Facility Saratoga Springs

Location: Saratoga County, NY

Overall Mission: It delivers consistent and effective shore readiness to Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit Ballston Spa.

Navy Bases In North Dakota

Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic Detachment LaMoure

Location: LaMoure, ND

Overall Mission: to provide secure and responsive computer and telecommunication services for US Naval Station as directed.

Navy Bases In Pennsylvania

Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg

Location: Mechanicsburg, PA

Overall Mission: This strives to offer operationally ready, secure seashore infrastructure in Central Pennsylvania.

Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility Philadelphia

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Overall Mission: It serves as a holding facility of naval vessels that are yet to be commissioned.

Navy Bases In Rhode Island

NS Newport

Location: Middletown, RI

Overall Mission: To fulfill the varied requirement of its tenant commands by offering their infrastructure and facilities to the Navy, Coast Guard, and US Army Reserve.

Navy Bases In South Carolina

Naval Support Activity Charleston

Location: Charleston, SC

Overall Mission: It operates and maintains facilities and provide materials and services to support operations of the Navy forces as well as other organizations designated by CNO- Chief of Naval Operations.

USNH Beaufort

Location: Port Royal, SC

Overall Mission: It serves as a US Navy hospital. It provides general surgical, urgent care, and medical services to all active duty Marine Corps and Navy personnel, retired military personnel, as well as all military dependents in Beaufort area.

Navy Bases In Tennessee

NSA Mid-South

Location: Millington, TN

Overall Mission: To serve as the Human Resources Center of Excellence for the Navy. Its main purpose is to enable career management for Sailors and manpower management for the Fleet.

Navy Bases In Texas

NAS Corpus Christi

Location: Nueces County, TX

Overall Mission: To provide facilities and service to aviation units and facilities of the Naval Air Training Command.

NASJRB Fort Worth

Location: Tarrant County, TX

Overall Mission: It is home to different Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Texas Air National Guard units, and Army. They prove quality training and unsurpassed support Guard “warfighters” and Reserve in all branches of the Armed services.

NAS Kingsville

Location: Kleberg County, TX

Overall Mission: It trains Student Naval Aviators for the US Navy and Marine Corps as well as tactical jet pilots for other chosen NATO and Allied countries.

METC Fort Sam Houston, TX

Location: Fort Sam Houston, TX

Overall Mission: It trains great Medics, Technicians, and Corpsmen. In other words, it serves as a medical training center to Fort Sam Houston.

Navy Bases In Virginia

NAS Oceana

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Overall Mission: It acts as a training and deployment center for the Navy’s Atlantic Fleet striker fighters. It acts as a hub of activities that are vital to projecting US air power in hot spots around the world.

Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center Dam Neck, Virginia

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Overall Mission: To provide the highest level of readiness to Fleet and also offer effective specialized training and support services to Fleet.

NAB Little Creek

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Overall Mission: It provides required support services to 15,000+ personnel of the 78 resident and 27 homeported ships.

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Virginia

Location: Portsmouth, Virginia

Overall Mission: It serves as a United States Navy Medical Center serving Navy and Marine Corps personnel in Portsmouth Virginia. It is the oldest hospital in the Navy medical system that is still running to date.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Location: Portsmouth, Virginia

Overall Mission: This facility is used for building, repairing, overhaul, and modernize the Navy’s ships.

NSGA Chesapeake

Location: Chesapeake, VA

Overall Mission: To be fully integrated and aligned shore installation unit providing support to Joint, Interagency, and Combined tenants delivering readiness, requirements, and capabilities to the Fleet.

NS Norfolk

Location: Norfolk Virginia, VA

Overall Mission: It delivers readiness to the US Atlantic Fleet, thereby providing services and facilities that help them complete their mission.

Naval Support Activity South Potomac

Location: Dahlgren, VA

Overall Mission: It provides management function to more than a dozen Navy, Joint DoD, and Marine Corps. It is also responsible for maintaining the physical security of NSASP installations and providing adequate protection for base personnel.

NSWC Dahlgren Division

Location: Dahlgren, VA

Overall Mission: It provides development, research, analysis, test and evaluation, integration and certification of sophisticated naval warfare system.

Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads

Location: Hampton Roads, VA

Overall Mission: It coordinates and provides different activity support services to 11 tenant activities, all military personnel and their families in the Hampton Roads area.

NWS Yorktown

Location: James City County, VA

Overall Mission: It stores complex weapons and huge deposits of ammunition. It also loads and unloads ships requiring such operations. It only supports the Atlantic Fleet

Training Support Center Hampton Roads

Location: Hampton Road, VA

Overall Mission: It provides training support to NETC and offers centralized student management in the Hampton Roads area.

Navy Bases In Washington

NS Everett

Location: Everett City, WA

Overall Mission: This is one of the Navy’s newest facility. It is home to Destroyer Squadron 9, Carrier Strike Group 11, and Regional Support Organization Pacific Northwest. It supports mission functions at Jim Creek Radio Station in Naval Facility Pacific Beach and Arlington. The radio station facilitates communication with submarines exploring the Pacific.

NB Kitsap

Location: Kitsap Peninsula, WA

Overall Mission: It serves as home to the Navy’s fleet in West Puget Sound. It also serves as a host command for Navy’s fleet in Pacific Northwest and providing great installation services and base operating services.

Naval Submarine Base Bangor

Location: Hood Canal, WA

Overall Mission: It was formerly used to store and ship munitions but was later commissioned to act as a submarine base to offer support to the Trident Submarine Fleet in the Pacific. It is responsible for detonation, disposal, and demilitarization of explosive ordinance.

Naval Station Bremerton

Location: Bremerton, WA

Overall Mission: This is home to Intermediate Maintenance Facility and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. It performs overhaul services for naval vessels and also stores inactive ship facility for decommissioned warships.

Naval Hospital Bremerton

Location: Naval Station Bremerton, WA

Overall Mission: This is a US Navy hospital offering community-based acute care for Navy personnel in the Bremerton area.

Puget Sound NSY

Location: Bremerton, WA

Overall Mission: To provide the US Navy with on-time maintenance, recycling, modernization, and support to help it execute their duty at sea.

NAS Whidbey Island

Location: Island County, WA

Overall Mission: To provide the highest quality services, products, and facilities to the Naval Aviation Community.

NAVMAG Indian Island

Location: Port, Hadlock, WA

Overall Mission: To give the Pacific Fleet and joint services with ordnance logistics support.

NUWC Keyport

Location: Puget Sound, WA

Overall Mission: Provides timely Fleet readiness support for surface ships, submarines, mines, Fleet training systems, and land attack systems.

Navy Bases In Washington D.C.

United States Naval Observatory

Location: Northwest Washington, DC

Overall Mission: to discover the motion and position of the Earth, planet, and other space objects. These timing and astronomical records are crucial to the United States’ Department of Defense and the Navy.

Naval Support Facility Anacostia

Location: Anacostia, Washington, DC

Overall Mission: it provides installation support to over 17,000 military noncombatant employees together with their families and 48 mission and tenant units.

Washington Navy Yard

Location: Southwest Washington, Washington, DC

Overall Mission: It serves as a ceremonial gateway to Washington, DC.  It also acted as a site for presidential visits because of its close proximity to the White House.

Navy Bases In West Virginia

Navy Information Operations Command Sugar Grove

Location: Sugar Grove, Illinois

Overall Mission: It serves as a radio receiving station for the Navy with a naval radio station planted in this base.

List Of Navy Bases In The US
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