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Subway Military Discount for 2023

Subway is well-known for its healthier-than-average meals and completely customizable sandwiches.

Some Subways offer a military discount of around 10% off, and many locations offer a free six-inch sub on Veteran’s Day each year.

The locations that don’t offer military discounts have plenty of other ways to save as well.

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About Subway

Subway was founded in 1965 by two men named Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck.

It later found great popularity after a series of commercials with Subway’s “Jared,” who switched from McDonald’s to Subway to create a healthier lifestyle.

Today, Subway has over 37,000 locations and they are known as the largest sandwich chain in the world.

They are known for being a healthier fast-food option and for offering sub sandwiches that you create on your own, so you can have them exactly “your way.”

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What is the Official Subway Military Discount?

Every one of the Subway locations around the world is individually owned.

Because of this, the Subway chain does not have a guaranteed military discount.

The decision to provide a military deal or not is made at the store level, causing some locations to offer a military deal and others not.

When Subway locations do offer a military discount, it tends to be around 10% off your total order. This percentage could be larger or smaller.

OMK reached out to various Subway locations across the country to learn more about their military deals, but none of the contacted restaurants offered a military discount. 

However, when a Subway does offer a military deal, it is a great way to save a little extra money when you visit the restaurant.

To find out if your local Subway has a military deal, you can call the restaurant before you visit or simply ask the cashier when you check out.

Some questions you may want to ask when inquiring about a military discount include:

  • Who can claim this deal? (Specifically, if your military status/branch/role is eligible)
  • Are there any restrictions on the deal?
  • Do you need to bring proof of your military status to claim it? (Military ID, Veteran’s ID, etc.)
The Exterior of a Subway Restaurant. Image: Wikimedia.org

Subway Veterans Day Deal

Along with military discounts, many Subways across the country offer a special deal for past and present military members on Veteran’s Day. 

This deal is usually a free 6-inch sub, but this could also vary by location.

Be sure to watch for local advertisements or contact your Subway ahead of time to see if you can stop in for a free meal next Veteran’s Day.

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Other Ways to Save at Subway

Since not all Subways offer a military discount, you may be looking for other ways to save at the restaurant chain. Some of the best ways to save at Subway are outlined below:

Make Your Purchase Online or in the Subway App

Subway has special deals for online and mobile app orders fairly often. They usually give you a dollar amount off, around $5, your first purchase.

You don’t need to do anything special to claim this deal.

Simply make your purchase online or through the mobile app (available for both Android and Apple). If this deal is currently available, it’ll be automatically added to your purchase.

Check Out Subway’s Rewards and Deals Page

The Rewards and Deals page on the Subway website is filled with all sorts of coupons and promotions. They range from percentage-off and dollar-off deals to limited-time BOGOs. 

You can view current deals on this page by clicking here.

The Interior of a Subway Restaurant. Image: Wikimedia.org

Use Subway MyWay Rewards

Subway MyWay Rewards is Subway’s reward program that lets you earn deals and even free food from your local restaurant.

When you eat at Subway, you will earn tokens that can later be turned in for Subway dollars.

You’ll also get a special deal every year on your birthday, access to MyWay exclusive rewards, and you’ll get the added convenience of a Subway digital wallet.

You can learn more about Subway MyWay Rewards and create your account by clicking here.

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The Subway military discount is a great way to save, and the other ways to save are still worth using if your local spot doesn’t offer a military deal.

The next time you eat at this restaurant, be sure to ask about a military discount and take advantage of the deals that are best for you.

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Subway Military Discount

Subway Military Discount

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While not every Subway offers a military discount, many of them do. Find out how to get the veterans discount at Subway, as well as the restrictions.
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