us navy bases in japan

US Navy Bases In Japan

The United States military has a fairly large number of installments in Japan, five of which are US Navy bases. 

The history of US Navy bases in Japan varies greatly from site to site. Two of the Navy bases shown below were founded in the late 1800s.

One was founded around the time of the Second World War, one during Vietnam, and one in the early 1970s. 

The diverse history shows that each base was started to fulfill a specific need.

From import to departure and everything in between, the US Navy has many jobs to fill throughout its 5 bases in Japan.

Check out some information on each Navy base in Japan, its past, and what it does today below:

1. US Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Location: Yokosuka, Japan

navy headquarters in yokosuka japan

In Use: 1870- Present

Overall Mission: The US Fleet Activities Yokosuka base is the Navy’s main headquarters in Japan.

The base provides logistics, recreational, and administrative support to Naval units stationed in the country. 

Units Stationed:

  • United States Seventh Fleet
  • US Naval Hospital Yokosuka

Official Site:

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2. US Navy Base Fleet Activities Sasebo

Location: Sasebo, Japan

navy base fleet activities in sasebo japan

In Use: 1946 – Present

Overall Mission: This base provides facilities for forward-deployed US and allied forces in the Pacific. They work to support their sailors and their families.”

Units Stationed:

  • Commander Amphibious Squadron 11
  • Commander Mine Countermeasure Squadron 7

Official Site:

3. US Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Location: Atsugi, Japan

naval air facility in atsugi japan

In Use: 1938 – Present

Overall Mission: This base’s mission is to provide combat readiness to all units and tenants of the Western Pacific.

Units Stationed:

  • Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • Helicopter Maritime Strike Quadron 51 Warlords
  • Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 77 Saberhawks
  • Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 12 Golden Falcon
  • Fleet Readiness Center Western Pacific

Official Site:

4. US Naval Air Facility Misawa

Location: Misawa, Japan


In Use: 1945 – Present

Overall Mission: This Navy base works in conjunction with the US Air Force to provide support to deployed units in and around Japan, as well as to provide a challenging, rewarding, and culturally rich experience to all who serve there.

Units Stationed:

  • Naval Air Facility Misawa
  • Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 1
  • Task Force 72

Official Site:

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5. Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa

Location: Okinawa Island, Japan 


In Use: 1945 – Present

Overall Mission: This facility’s mission is to provide support and services for Navy aviation units as well as provide logistics support for fleet units on Okinawa.

Units Stationed: 

  • United States Naval Hospital Okinawa 
  • White Beach Naval Facility
  • 76th Task Force
  • Battalion for Mobile Construction

Official Site:

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Japan US Navy Bases

Japan US Navy Bases

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Japan is home to 5 major US Navy bases. Learn more about each base, including where it's located, units stationed there, when it was founded, and more.
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