army bases in georgia

Army Bases in Georgia

Georgia is most well known as the home to Fort Benning, the US Army’s Infantry School.

However, the state is also home to a few other bases that each play a key role in how the Army functions today.

Some bases were founded during the second world war, a time when the Army was growing at an unprecedented rate.

Other bases in Georgia were founded in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Basic information is listed under each of Georgia’s Army bases below:

Active Army Bases in Georgia

Most of Georgia’s Army bases are still active and running today:

Fort Benning

Location: Columbus, Georgia

In Use: 1918- Present

ft benning in georgia

Overall Mission: Fort Benning strives to provide trained, agile, adaptive, and combat-ready soldiers.

They are most well-known for their infantry and armor training schools.

Units Stationed:

  • US Army Infantry School
  • US Army Armor School
  • 194th Infantry Brigade
  • 197th Infantry Brigade
  • 198th Infantry Brigade
  • 199th Infantry Brigade
  • 316th Calvary Brigade
  • 75th Ranger Regiment
  • Army Marksmanship Unit
  • 283rd MCOE Band
  • Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade
  • Henry Caro NCO Academy
  • Martin Army Community Hospital
  • 14th Combat Support Hospital
  • 44th Medical Brigade

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Fort Gordon

Location: Augusta, Georgia

ft gordon army base in georgia

In Use: 1941- Present

Overall Mission: Fort Gordon is a multi-mission, multi-service base, and they are best known for being home to the US Army Cyber Center of Excellence.

Units Stationed:

  • US Army Cyber Center of Excellence
  • US Army Cyber School
  • US Army Signal School
  • 15th Signal Brigade
  • 35th Signal Brigade
  • 480th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Wing
  • 513th Military Intelligence Group
  • 706th Military Intelligence Group
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center

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Fort Stewart Hunter Army Airfield

Location: Liberty, Georgia

hunter army airfield in georgia

In Use: 1941-1945 and 1950- Present

Overall Mission: Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield combined to create what this base is today.

They’re known for power projection and claim responsibility for “training, equipping, deploying, and redeploying active and reserve Army units.”

Units Stationed:

  • 3rd Infantry Division

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Inactive Army Bases in Georgia

A couple of bases in Georgia closed in 2011 under the state’s military base development and reconstruction plan:

Fort McPherson

Location: East Point, Georgia

ft mcpherson army base

In Use: 1885-2011

Overall Mission: Fort McPherson had many roles over the years, starting out as just barracks and serving as a German Navy POW camp during the first world war.

Units Stationed:

  • US Army Forces Command
  • US Army Reserve Command
  • US Army Central Installation Management Command
  • 2nd Infantry Regiment
  • 16th Infantry Regiment
  • 18th Infantry Regiment

Official Site: N/A

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Fort Gillem

Location: Forest Park, Georgia

ft gillem georgia

In Use: 1941-2011

Overall Mission: Fort Gillem was home to various supply and support units throughout its years of use.

Units Stationed:

  • US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory and Command
  • 3rd Military Police Group

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Georgia is home to 3 major US Army bases, and 2 inactive ones. Learn more about each Army base in Georgia, including when it was founded, units stationed there, and more.
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