wayfair military discount
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Wayfair Military Discount

Wayfair is a website that sells a wide variety of home goods at affordable prices.

They do not offer a military discount unfortunately, but they do offer a wide variety of deals to all of their customers.

Read on to learn more.

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About Wayfair

Two men named Steve Conine and Niraj Shah started Wayfair in 2002.

They met in college and came up with their business idea in an entrepreneurship class that they took together.

They started selling stereo racks out of their spare bedroom.

Special Note: While Wayfair doesn’t offer a military discount, several other major retailers do.

Check them out below (click the link to learn more):

That same business eventually turned into the same Wayfair online business that we all know today.

Wayfair became the all-inclusive home goods site we have today in 2011, and in just one year, the company made over 600 million dollars in sales.

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They’ve become a household name for good deals on items for the home.

Wayfair has a goal of allowing everyone to have a home they love.

They do this by selling over 14 million different items so that everyone can find what they are looking for, and by providing low prices on their products.

wayfair rug
Rug purchased from Wayfair. Image: Flickr.com

Ways To Save At Wayfair

Unfortunately, Wayfair does not offer a military discount.

They do, however, have a wide variety of ways in which their customers can save to make up for it.

With the tips we have below, you can find a lot of great deals on the site.

1. Wayfair Sales Section

Wayfair’s website has a whole section dedicated to items that are on sale.

If you’re looking for a good price on a specific product, you can simply search the sales page to see what is available.

You can access the Wayfair Sales Section here.

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2. Closeout Deals

Some of the best deals are found in Wayfair’s Closeout section.

This part of the website has items that are on sale for the last time.

They may be out of season or simply older models of products.

They are sold at the lowest possible price so Wayfair can replace them with newer, in-style, and in-season items.

These deals come with huge price cuts of up to 80% off.

You can view the Wayfair Closeout deals here.

3. Open Box Deals

Another great way to save is by shopping for Open Box deals.

These products have been returned but are still in great condition.

If the item you are looking for is available in this section, you can save a significant amount of money while still receiving the same product.

You can view the Wayfair Open Box Deals here.

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4. Occasional Sales Events

Wayfair is known for having huge savings events, pretty much all the time.

They have deals for holidays and season beginnings, similar to what you would see at other home goods retailers.

They also offer random savings events. For example, they may offer 20% off rugs one day, and 15% off lamps the next.

Since these deals are so frequent and can even be considered random much of the time, the best way to stay on track with them is to sign up for Wayfair emails.

When you sign up for emails from Wayfair, you will be notified when sales events happen, and you may even receive extra coupons in your inbox as well.

You can sign up for Wayfair emails by clicking here.

When you sign up for emails, you also have the option to create a Wayfair account.

This can be a great way to keep track of deals and keep your order information organized as well.

wayfair furniture
Furniture purchased from Wayfair. Image: Flickr.com

5. MyWay: Wayfair Membership Program

MyWay is Wayfair’s loyalty program.

If you do a lot of shopping on the site, this program can save you quite a bit of money.

It costs $29.99 per year but saves you money on each purchase that you make.

With MyWay, you receive fast and free shipping on all orders.

Usually, shipping is only free on orders over $50.

This saves you $5 in shipping fees for every small order that you place.

You also get free furniture assembly, free design services, and many more deals on products that are labeled with the MyWay logo.

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Overall, it is unfortunate that Wayfair does not offer a military discount. However, there are enough other ways to save to make up for the difference. This is still a site that you can use when you want to find great deals.

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Wayfair does not offer a military discount at this time. With that said, they do offer multiple other ways for you to save.

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