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Adidas Military Discount

Adidas is one of the most easily recognizable brands out there today. They have become a top name in the athletic industry. Adidas actually has two brands that include both Adidas and Reebok.

Their website states that they have 409 million pairs of footwear, 457 million pieces of apparel and 113 pieces of hardware. That is a lot of product! With 7 key locations, Adidas employs over 57,000 people.

Adidas is a large company that expands across the world, has different promotions, outlets and different ways to save in each location.

When we originally wrote this article, it didn’t appear that Adidas had a military discount.

However, someone just left a comment along with a link showing that they actually DO!

Scroll down a bit to see the full details.

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Why Shop Adidas?

adidas veterans discount

Adidas has great quality athletic products. The products are for men, women and kids, of all ages.

Most people recognize Adidas for its shoes and apparel, but they cover a wide variety of products from watches and sunglasses to backpacks and balls.

It is also less commonly known that they are making an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

They are doing this by reducing single-use plastics, using sustainable cotton and making shoes containing Parley Ocean Plastic.

Parley Ocean Plastic is plastic that was intercepted on beaches and water areas, just before the plastic actually made its way into the waterways.

Read more on Adidas environmental impacts and programs here.

What’s the Official Adidas Military Discount?

According to their official link, Adidas does in fact offer a military discount.

The discount is 15% off, and is redeemed by verifying your military service through

Additionally, the discount is also available to first responders such as police officers, firemen, and EMS workers.

OMK reached out to Adidas to get more details on the discount, and here’s what they had to say:

“You can apply the code to only and the code cannot be applied to exclusive items like yeezy.

In response to whether or not the discount was available in stores, or if there are any restrictions.

You can learn more at the official link here.

5 Other Discounts Available at Adidas

Adidas does offer several store and outlet locations as well as promotions available online.

You can easily locate an outlet that offers discounts on products by using the store locator function on the Adidas website. 

Read on for 6 more ways OMK has found to save with Adidas.

1. Save with Email Discounts

Like most companies who sell online merchandise, Adidas will give you a 15% discount if you opt-in to their newsletter.

Signing up only requires an email address and a discount code will be sent to you shortly.

To sign up, go to and scroll towards the bottom of the page.

At any page you visit on the Adidas site, the banner that incites you to register your email, will be visible.

adidas newsletter signup

Alternatively, you may see a pop up show up as you’re browsing through the site.

adidas newsletter email signup

Simply enter in your best email, click the arrow, and then check your email to confirm your address.

It might take a few minutes for it to hit your inbox, so try to be patient!

Once it does, you’ll see a coupon code you can use to redeem the 15% discount.

adidas coupon code

2. Find Sales and Clearance Items at Adidas

Sales are a great way to save, and Adidas offers sales on most of their products.

They also offer a clearance section that gives you even more of a discount on products.

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Their website is organized to have product categories at the top. Under each product category there is a section for sale items.

adidas sales

You can browse sale items by finding the ‘sale’ link under the product category you are searching for under the “Men”, “Women” or “Kids” section at the top of the page.

To organize by sale and clearance, use the sale button on the left hand side of the page after you have selected men, women or kids.

3. Find Discounts with the online Promotion Section

Adidas online does offer a promotions section.

You can find the promotions section by scrolling to the bottom of the website and clicking “Promotions” under Customer Support.

adidas promotions

The link will take you to a page that lists any current promotions or sales and offers a link to enter your email in exchange for news and a 15% discount.

The promotion page states that you can save with coupons and promo codes.

But, at this time no promotions are listed on the promotion page, besides the sale items.

This is a page that I would check frequently to get the best deals.

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4. Sign up for the Student Discount

adidas student discount

Although a military discount is not available, a student discount is.

If you are a student, have a child or spouse who is a student, you may be able to have them register to get a discount.

To sign up, visit the Adidas website here.

Click “Join Now” then enter your email address. The screen will ask you to set a password and chose your gender.

Signing up is easy and verification of your student email address is done through Unidays.

The Student Discount is available to any student aged 16 plus and gives you 15% off of selected merchandise as well as free shipping.

Not all products are eligible for the discount.

There are certain styles and types of Adidas products that are not included. Gift card purchases are also excluded from receiving a discount.

View the terms and conditions by clicking this link.

5. Register for the Creators Club

Adidas offers an interesting take on a rewards program.

adidas creators club

Adidas Creators Club is a membership program that allows users to create and personalize products and earn points for various tasks.

There are 4 different levels inside the Creators Club.

You start out in the Challenger level, progress to Playmaker, GameChanger and finally Icon.

You move to the next level by increasing your points.

Each level has different advantages.

The first level starts you out with access to limited edition products and a personalized online experience including content and purchase history.

As you move to the higher levels the advantages increase.

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At the highest level, members get personalized training apps, nutrition plans and invitations to exclusive parties and events.

There are a few different ways to gain points.

Just for signing up you earn 50 points. You also earn an additional 50 points when you complete your profile.

Whenever you make a purchase you can earn 10 points for every $1 spent.

The final way to get points is to write a product review.

This interaction will give you an additional 50 points.


Adidas is a successful corporation that offers a variety of products. They have products for yourself as well as any member of your family.

They are reaching for the goal of being the best sports company in the world by being a worthy employer, providing diverse and new technologies in their products and making material choices that help the environment.

This makes Adidas a brand you can be proud to wear.

In addition, their military discount is a way of saying ‘thanks for your service’.

It’s unfortunate that they don’t allow the discount in stores, but it’s certainly not the first time we’ve seen that.

Finding an outlet store will give you the advantage of shopping discounted products.

Signing up for their Club or Newsletter could save you money on an immediate or future purchase.

There are many coupon sites available to give you codes and promotions at Adidas.

With the details in this article and a bit of research you have several chances to save on the styles you want.

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Adidas does in fact have a military discount. Specifically, it honors the men and women who serve in the armed forces a 15% discount on most items.

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