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DPS Military Move: 8 Things You Need To Know

When you are in the military, a move is never far away.

For this reason, a DPS military move is there to assist when you and your family prepare for another relocation.

The Defense Personal Property Program (DPS) is designed to make the transition from one setting to another easier.

As a result, it can help with many aspects of the move including packaging and hauling.

Consider these 8 things about DPS military if you are planning on a move soon.

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8 Things to Know About DPS Military Move

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DPS military move is designed to make your life easier.

Accordingly, it offers services related to moving, since these circumstances are not uncommon for military personnel.

The Defense Personal Property Program (DPS) provides service members and military dependents with moving assistance.

These services are available to all services of the Department of Defense (DoD) along with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Consequently, the next time you are planning to relocate, make sure you utilize DPS military move services.

But, before you get too far, make sure you consider these 8 aspects of DPS military move when planning the next destination:

  • History
  • Purpose
  • Services
  • How It Works
  • How to Sign-up
  • Planning a Military Move
  • Responsibilities
  • Lost & Damaged Property

Now, let’s review each aspect of the Defense Personal Property Program in more detail:

#1. History

The Defense Personal Property Program, otherwise referred to as DPS military move, delivers quality moving and storage services.

The Department of Defense has been providing moving services for military families for decades, most notably, the TOPS system. The current DPS system was launched in 2008

It’s available to military personnel along with eligible dependents.

DPS military moves provide quality moving and storage services, along with other resources.

#2. Purpose

A DPS military move is intended to make the process easier for service members.

It’s greatly appreciated by military personnel and dependents who utilize its storage and moving services.

Currently, the Defense Personal Property Program is available to all members of the Department of Defense (DoD), including:

  • U.S. Army
  • Air Force
  • Air National Guard
  • Marine Corps
  • National Guard
  • U.S. Navy
  • Space Force

Furthermore, a DPS military move is also available to members of the U.S. Coast Guard, which is technically not under the DoD umbrella.

As previously noted, the program is also available to military spouses and eligible dependents.

Nevertheless, you’ll need to create a new MilitaryOneSource.mil account in order to enjoy these services (more information, below).

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#3. DPS Military Move Services

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There are numerous quality moving and storage services to take advantage of with the Defense Personal Property Program.

These include DPS military move services, like:

  • Moving / Hauling Services
  • Personal / Home Storage
  • Moving Products
  • Coordinating Shipments
  • Overseas Shipments
  • Customer Service Support
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Home Entitlements
  • Home Allowances
  • Military Move Planning Tools

Be that as it may, military personnel first need to create an account.

#4. How It Works

The Defense Personal Property System manages military relocations.

For this reason, you first need to create an account to request services (more details, below).

The website is used by Defense Department personnel for a variety of reasons, including getting moving assistance.

Therefore, it gives users the options of A) scheduling a new move, B) tracking shipments regarding their personal belongings, or C) filing a claim.

Those who have trouble accessing or using the website should contact the Help Desk (800-462-2176).

Military personnel must submit a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) order to request these types of services.

The PCS request allows a local Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO) to prepare for your next move date.

It processes the PCS order and makes sure your personal items are relocated when and where desired.

#5. How to Sign-Up

First, you need to create a new account to process a DPS military move.

Then, you must submit a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) request.

Therefore, follow these steps to receive moving and storage services:

  • Step 1: Create a new Move.mil account.
  • Step 2: Check your email inbox for User ID.
  • Step 3: Once you receive the User ID, log back into the account and provide location information for move / shipment.
  • Step 4: Complete DD Form 1299 and DD Form 1797.
  • Step 5: Submit completed documents to local PPPO office.
  • Step 6: Confirm that PPPO Office has booked the move and reviewed shipment details.

After you complete DD Form 1299 (Application for Shipment) and DD Form 1797 (Counseling Checklist), you must print a physical copy in order to sign and date.

Then, make sure you mail these signed documents to a local Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO) for processing.

Failing to do so will result in the office not booking the move dates.

Thus, many decide to follow up with a local PPPO office to confirm the move has been booked.

It usually takes at least 3 weeks for an office to process a shipment, so make sure to plan ahead (more information, below).

Meanwhile, it’s also worth mentioning that first-time movers as well as military personnel retiring or separating from service must visit a local office in person to complete the request.

While it may be a hassle, the transportation counselor may assist with other questions, including entitlements or housing allowances (BAH).

Finally, the DPS website only acknowledges a user log-in for 35 days, so you’ll have to register as a first-time user again if that time has elapsed.

NOTE: The Help Desk (800-462-2176) can also reactivate an account so long as the time frame hasn’t expired.

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#6. Planning a Military Move

moving in the military
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It’s never fun to move.

The process requires a ton of time and effort.

Moreover, it’s physically daunting and may require thousands of miles of travel.

For this reason, it’s extremely important to plan ahead for a successful move.

It will ensure that all your personal belongings get where they need and on the correct date.

Indeed, there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with an unsuccessful move or damaged personal items.

Therefore, DPS military move and storage services make the process a lot easier for service members.

Notwithstanding, personnel and military dependents should be proactive and prepared (even if DPS military handles most of the heavy lifting).

Furthermore, make sure that you are flexible with a scheduled pick-up or drop-off date.

There are circumstances where the pick-up / drop-off date may get slightly adjusted.

Consequently, never arrange for a delivery on the same day you leave or receive access to a new residence.

Moreover, make sure that you avoid scheduling more than one shipment for pick-up or drop-off.

Doing so will not advance your PCS request and may even cost you money.

It’s imperative that you double and triple-check the move dates with the local Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO).

Lastly, you’ll receive confirmation from a transportation service provider (TSP) indicating the move was booked.

The confirmation includes a pre-move survey which you should complete at least 5 days prior to the scheduled pick-up.

#7. Responsibilities

DPS military move is an outstanding service that does most of the work in terms of changing residences.

However, there are still several expectations and responsibilities of the service member and his or her family.

First, you need to pay attention when packing up your personal belongings.

It requires personnel to separate any military paperwork, equipment, or gear from general household items.

These military items must be clearly identified with “Pro-Gear or M-PRO.”

Additionally, the residence and furniture should be clean to acceptable standards and free from pests.

Individuals should remove anything from the property that they do not desire to get loaded and shipped by the movers.

Often, military families decide to package valuables (i.e. jewelry) and money separately, to avoid confusion or misplacement.

Please be flexible as the pick-up or drop-off date(s) may get changed to an alternative selection during peak times of the season.

In general, the best advice is to avoid scheduling Mondays or Fridays, along with the final week of the month.

Furthermore, weekends and holidays are not available for moving services.

Finally, household goods shipments (otherwise referred to as HHG) require different pack dates than the general move.

Pack days vary from 2-3 days depending on the estimated weight of the household goods.

Shipments that exceed an authorized weight allowance require a separate shipment (and therefore request order).

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#8. Lost or Damaged Property

dps mil move
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Unfortunately, accidents happen where personal items or household goods were lost or damaged during a relocation.

As a result, DPS military move features a claims service for reporting these mishaps.

Military personnel are encouraged to submit a claim for loss or damage of personal property by visiting the MilitaryOneSource.mil website.

Service members must submit a claim online within 75 days of the initial delivery date.

In general, the settlement is handled directly with a transportation service provider (TSP).

If that is unsuccessful, military families may also want to consider consulting the DoD claims office for assistance.

Additionally, the DPS military move features its own Help Desk (800-462-2176).

Those with shipments that exceed an authorized weight allowance must request a reweigh with the TSP service.

And, if short on time, you may want to consider switching to Personally Procured Move (PPM).

Personally Procured Move, previously known as DITY (Do It Yourself), is an alternative way for families to move if they do not have time to request DPS services.

If interested, you must submit a PPM request through the Defense Personal Property Program (DPS) website as well as visit a local PPPO office for approval.


There are several reasons why service members should request a DPS military move.

It takes away a lot of the time and hassle that would otherwise be required for a long move.

DPS military move services include shipping and storage assistance, along with other relocation services.

The moving services may also assist with questions regarding entitlements or housing allowances.

In order to receive these benefits, make sure you submit a new PCS request as well as confirm the booking with a nearby PPPO office.

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