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28 Free (or nearly free) Stuff For Veterans In 2023

Did you know that this year has provided a lot of free stuff for veterans?

It’s true, a surprising growing list of companies are hooking military retirees and vets up with cool gear and other perks.

There has been more free stuff for veterans become available since the pandemic.

It’s designed to assist military families dealing with high living costs and lack of affordable housing.

Discover the 28 coolest free stuff for veterans in 2023.

28 Coolest Free Stuff for Veterans

Who doesn’t love free things?

The coolest free stuff for veterans is dedicated to those that work hard and sacrifice a ton for the nation.

As a result, there are many services and brands that give back to service members.

For this reason, the coolest free stuff for veterans not only includes typical government services such several other benefits.

Military retirees and vets get free access to services including home repair, health and dental, mental health, lawn maintenance, and free transportation.

Additionally, free food and lodging is obtainable along with access to theme parks, prestigious museums, sporting events, and national parks.

Moreover, the coolest free stuff for veterans includes exclusive access to employment, education, and tax services.

Finally, there are hundreds of recognizable brands and services that provide generous military discounts to active duty personnel as well as veterans

Let’s review the 28 coolest stuff available for veterans in 2023:

#1. Government Assistance

the va has a ton of free stuff for veterans

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs was established to support veterans after discharge from military service.

Consequently, there are several free services available to veterans thanks to the V.A.

First, veterans receive free access to health care and other resources including debt management and homeless assistance.

Unfortunately, there are millions of veterans that qualify for VA aid yet are unaware of these benefits.

Consequently, make sure you check to see if you qualify.

In general, many veterans are eligible for benefits through a program known as Senior Helpers.

The organization provides housekeeping and other personal services.

For example, veterans can receive medical and home assistance for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Meanwhile, another noteworthy service for military vets is Veterans Day meals.

Every year, free meals are provided to veterans on the federal holiday.

Often, restaurants (more information, below) will also provide free meals on Veterans Day.

#2. Health Services

It’s crucial to take advantage of free health services available to veterans and military retirees.

It can potentially save you hundreds or thousands each month in medical expenses and health care.

First, make sure to take advantage of VeteranRX.

The free program for military veterans features huge discounts on prescription medication.

Additionally, VeteranRX can help you receive prescription coverage without any enrollment or complex paperwork.

Secondly, the VA provides a free app to military retirees and veterans.

MyHealtheVet is a virtual assistant delivering quick access to refills, upcoming medical appointments, and health records.

#3. Dental Services

free dental services for veterans

Sadly, there are many disabled veterans in desperate need of quality health care and dental care.

For this reason, there are several donated dental services available to vets.

For starters, the VA provides low-cost dental services.

Secondly, dentists often volunteer time at clinics offering free services.

Learn more about the Dental Care Lifeline Network to determine if free dental is available in your state.

#4. Mental Health

Mental health is a top priority for service veterans with the increase in PTSD.

As a result, the government is responding by granting more mental health access to veterans.

Statistics demonstrate that older adults, particularly military retirees, are susceptible to depression and suicidal thoughts.

Consequently, more mental health services are necessary to provide treatment for veterans needing medical assistance.

The confidential crisis line is available for veterans by phone (1-800-273-8255) or chat 24 hours, 7 days per week.

#5. Beds & Furniture

heroes warehouse gives out free furniture to veterans

There is no question that veterans can benefit from free furniture and beds.

As a result, the Heroes Warehouse offers some of the coolest free stuff for veterans.

The warehouse receives all of its furnishings from communities in California.

Accordingly, military retirees and vets may qualify for free beds, mattresses, tables, and other furniture.

Often, local communities donate bedding and other furniture, so don’t be afraid to ask around.

#6. Computers

Computers are a daily necessity in the modern era.

In fact, studies indicate that nearly 90 percent of all households have at least one computer.

The problem is military retirees often do not have the same access to quality technology.

Even worse, they may lack the computer skills or technological savvy to understand smartphones or the latest gadgets.

As a result, veterans can receive free computers and other refurbished tech gear by utilizing organizations such as Computer Banc.

Meanwhile, Netsonic is another tech company that supports the military.

The veteran-owned company specializes in cloud solutions and web hosting.

For this reason, veterans receive free web hosting services and other military discounts.

#7. Transportation

free transportation for veterans

Transportation is essential to getting around urban cities and making it on time to jobs, for many.

As a result, companies like RelayRIDE and Lyft are giving back to service members.

Veterans may request free rides to medical appointments, job interviews, or grocery shopping.

Free transportation is available to veterans for a variety of other reasons.

Moreover, most public transit offers discounted or free transportation to military veterans.

So, once again, don’t be afraid to ask around for free transport or discounted traveling expenses.

#8. Home Repair

Habitat For Humanity is an organization that has given back to service members for years.

In addition to building new homes for military families, the non-profit offers home repair services.

The home repair program is funded by the Home Depot Foundation.

It provides critical repairs and other services related to home maintenance.

Even better, the veteran does not have to be the homeowner so long as it’s their primary residence.

#9. Lawn & Landscape Services

project evergreen provides free lawn and landscaping services to veterans

Military homeowners may also want to take advantage of free lawn care.

Project Evergreen, a non-profit organization, provides free landscape services to qualifying active duty service members.

The lawn services are usually provided while a service member is deployed for service but senior veterans and veterans with disabilities also qualify.

Volunteers generally provide services like mowing, edging, pruning, and seasonal cleanups.

What’s more, veterans can utilize Project Evergreen for shoveling and snow removal in the winter.

#10. Cars

Veterans that need cars or reliable transportation have access to multiple generous organizations.

These include reputation organizations like Cars4Heroes and 800-Charity Cars.

Civilians have the opportunity to donate their cars to veterans that are in desperate need of quality transportation.

You’ll need to complete an application for consideration, but it’s well worth the time and effort.

800-Charity Cars alone has awarded $70 million in vehicles to military retirees and veterans.

#11. Pets

pets for vets provides free service animals for disabled veterans

Service animals are becoming increasingly integral to veterans, especially those that suffer from PTSD.

As a result, there are many organizations that help connect vets to service animals.

Pets for Vets, for example, matches veterans facing a challenging transition back to civilian life with a lovable service animal.

It allows service veterans the opportunity to develop a special, powerful bond that will last for years.

If you are searching for a furry friend, make sure you apply for a pet.

#12. Education

Education has always been touted as a major benefit of military service.

Unfortunately, a lot of military personnel simply do not have the time or energy to study while serving the country.

However, college is much more of a possibility after terminal leave expires.

The GI bill provides many opportunities even if you are not interested in a traditional university experience.

For example, tuition assistance can cover a technical program or job certificate.

Plus, veterans no longer have to use the GI bill within 15 years of completing their service.

As a result, it’s truly never too late to consider returning to school.

There are many advantages to a college degree such as better pay and higher quality of life.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that educational resources like provide free tools and resources for veterans.

#13. Employment Resources

disabled american veterans provides various free stuff for vets

If college is not the route you prefer, there are other free resources available for employment.

Veterans can benefit from employment services provided by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

DAV assists military retirees with free rides to medical appointments as well as can help disabled veterans locate employment.

On the other hand, LinkedIn features free premium membership for all veterans.

The membership includes 1 year of premium service after verifying military service with

#14. Tax Services

Taxes are not something anyone looks forward to yet is also a requirement for service members.

Thus, after retiring from the military, many veterans struggle with filing taxes correctly.

For this reason, veterans should seek assistance thanks to free tax filing services.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides its own free electronic filing service for individuals earning less than $64,000 per year.

Furthermore, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) provides free tax assistance.

These services are generally available during tax season (February-April).

#15. Emergency Assistance

usa cares provides basic living expenses for veterans

Are you concerned with making ends meet?

Do you wonder how you’ll afford groceries or electricity this month?

Fortunately, the government offers emergency assistance for veterans struggling to afford basic living expenses.

Thus, if you could use support with housing and other bills do not feel ashamed for reaching out to a caring organization.

The USA Cares Veterans & Family Support System provides financial assistance for veterans experiencing temporary financial hardship.

#16. Entertainment

The Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Library was created to assist veterans.

It’s an online platform that features everything from free entertainment to employment services.

The MWR Digital Library features music and video streaming along with health and wellness information.

Furthermore, retiree veterans can learn the skills of a new career or get lost in an audiobook.

The MWR Digital Library features a variety of the coolest free stuff for veterans.

Lastly, it’s possible to receive free admission to live shows and entertainment at Blue Star Theatres.

Blue Star Theatres operates nearly 200 venues across the United States.

#17. Airport Free Checked Bags

most airlines in the us offer free checked bags for active duty military and veterans

The price of checked bags has made airlines much less affordable.

Unfortunately, it’s a significant issue for military families that travel frequently.

Consequently, it’s crucial to take advantage of free checked bags.

Anyone that travels often can recognize how quickly the cost of checked bags adds to the expense of a flight.

Thus, the opportunity for military vets to receive free checked bags is invaluable.

There are some participating airlines like Allegiant Air.

You’ll want to check with the airliner for the latest guidelines regarding checked bags for military veterans.

The good news is veterans can save more by utilizing military discounts available from the top airliners.

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#18. Sports

Military veterans should definitely seek the thrills that come with free access to sports venues and events.

First, the Baseball Hall of Fame features 100% free access for active duty personnel as well as retired military veterans.

Secondly, the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) heavily contributes to the Armed Forces.

The Birdies for the Brave program makes a huge difference for the military community.

Even better, military retirees can receive free tickets to PGA tournaments.

#19. Tickets (Concerts, Sporting Events, etc.)

vet tix provides free concert tickets for veterans

Vet Tix is an outstanding place to find free tickets to sports and live events.

The organization supports veterans by discovering free tickets to performances and events the veteran is interested in attending.

It’s a surprisingly simple process and can earn you free access to some incredible shows.

Veterans receive free access to sporting events and concerts thanks to generous donations from ordinary people.

There is no question free tickets are one of the coolest stuff for veterans available in 2023, post-pandemic.

#20. Lodging

Who doesn’t want to get away and experience a bed and breakfast (B&B)?

The problem is lodging, like most things, isn’t getting any cheaper.

Sadly, it’s preventing a lot of service veterans from taking a much-needed vacation with loved ones.

Thankfully, there are opportunities to receive significant discounts on lodging, even stay for free.

In fact, B&Bs for Vets helps active duty military and veterans locate free rooms across the country in order to celebrate annual Veterans Day festivities.

The free lodging is also available to members of the National Guard and U.S. Reserves.

#21. Vacations / Retreats

operation heal our patriots gives free marriage retreats to veterans

There are even more perks available to veterans seeking to escape the norm for a few days.

Operation Heal Our Patriots features free marriage retreats for veterans.

It’s a rare opportunity to find affordable travel to the wonderful Alaskan wilderness.

The retreat includes daily meals and housekeeping, so you can really relax and unwind.

Additionally, True Rest Float Spa has a long tradition of supporting military vets.

For this reason, veterans are entitled to a free, 1-hour float session.

The benefits continue as veterans earn free sessions each month.

#22. Museums

Museums provide family-friendly entertainment for military retirees and veterans.

When traveling, make sure to visit the 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Lastly, retiree veterans receive free admission to the World of Coca-Cola.

The massive, interactive museum tours visitors through 130 years of history.

#23. National Parks

veterans get free access to national parks for life

The U.S. National Park Service allows free access to military veterans.

Access is available through the annual pass to National Parks which is traditionally $80.

Thus, veterans can get free access to the most beautiful and sacred terrain in the nation.

The pass also includes access to Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sites.

There are more than 2,000 parks nationwide to take advantage of this amazing offer.

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#24. Haircuts

veterans can receive free or heavily discounted haircuts from a wide range of companies

Haircuts are a big part of military tradition, including the first trim at MEPS.

Thankfully, Sports Clips has carried on the tradition, at least for Veterans Day.

As a result, a free haircut at Sports Clips is one of the many luxuries vets receive on the federal holiday.

Nevertheless, keep in mind the promotion is only available at select/participating locations.

#25. Restaurants

In general, most restaurants only provide a free meal for military retirees on Veterans Day.

Notwithstanding, military discounts at restaurants offer significant savings the other 364 days of the year.

Regardless, there are a few establishments that provide a free meal year-round.

Golden Corral is one of the most notorious to feature a free meal and drink voucher for vets.

Secondly, Applebee’s is also known for taking care of veterans with a free full-size meal.

Lastly, veterans that love steak should visit Cattlemen’s Steakhouse on Veterans Day where active duty and military retirees receive a free sirloin.

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#26. Gyms

Physical training is essential to the daily chores of military personnel.

Consequently, the desire to remain fit and active never fades for many military retirees.

What’s cool is UFC Gyms is willing to provide a 30-day free membership to vets.

The only requirement is that you visit a local gym and mention the “Harley Davidson Military Program.”

Meanwhile, Beachbody is a fantastic opportunity to utilize the fitness skills the military taught you for profit.

Beachbody features popular physical training techniques instructed by virtual coaches.

Beachbody coaches have the ability to monetize meaning you not only save money but earn more.

The Military Waiver program grants free access to all the courses and certifications needed to become an official Beachbody coach.

#27. Car Wash

many car washes offer free or nearly free washes for veterans

Another bonus to Veterans Day is that military retirees receive a free car wash.

It’s become a Veterans Day trend for an increasing number of participating car washes across the country.

Grace for Vets also operates in other countries with over 4,000 locations throughout the globe.

Learn more about the organization that has provided more than 350,000 free car washes.

#28. Exclusive Military Discounts

Finally, do not underestimate the unknown savings in military discounts.

There are hundreds of recognizable brands and services that provide exclusive offers and promotions to military personnel.

Moreover, these include nationwide corporations like deals on airlines and car rentals.

Often, military discounts come with exclusive or free benefits.

For example, JC Penny will take 1 military family portrait free of charge.

Meanwhile, companies like Overstock offer free membership for veterans to its VIP rewards club.


There are so many opportunities for veterans to save big with military discounts.

Moreover, there is plenty of cool free things for vets, too.

In fact, the coolest free stuff for veterans range from health services to home repair.

Veterans can also benefit from free concert tickets, VIP access to sporting events, theme parks, and museums.

Furthermore, the coolest free stuff for veterans includes free food, haircuts, car washes, and tech gear.

Lastly, veterans often receive free lodging, checked bags, transportation, and other benefits if they know where to look.

The majority of these free benefits are provided by non-profit organizations striving to improve the lives of veterans.

For everything else, consider these retirement gifts for military retirees and veterans.

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