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H&R Block Military Discount

H&R Block is a popular tax filing assistance company that provides in-person support as well as an online software.

There is no military discount on H&R Block’s direct website or at their in-person locations, but you can access their software for free from another military assistance program.

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About H&R Block

H&R Block was founded in 1955 by two brothers named Henry and Richard Block.

Their company grew quickly, and is now one of the top tax service providers in the United States. 

They have over 12,000 locations across the country where they provide face-to-face help at tax time.

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Their online software is even more popular.

It has various options, from a simple and free plan to reviews done by real tax experts

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What Is The Official H&R Block Military Discount?

Special Note: Click Here to see the H&R Block military tax information center directly.

H&R Block does not offer a military discount in store or on their website.

However, you can still access their software for free through Military OneSource.

Military OneSource offers free filing for members of the United States military, and this filing is done through H&R Block.

Filing, as well as help from tax consultants on all things military life, is available at no cost to you.

100% accuracy is guaranteed, so you can feel comfortably filing on your own and saving money at the same time.

To use this deal, you will need a Military OneSource account.

If you don’t have an account yet, it’s definitely worth signing up, for not only the free tax filing but for other benefits such as help with employment, moving, and much more.

You can log into the site or create a Military OneSource account here.

Once you have an account, go to this site and click “Log in to Start” to access the free H&R Block tax filing software.

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

The free tax filing with H&R Block’s software is available for anyone who is eligible for a Military OneSource account.

The Military OneSource eligibility includes anyone who is currently serving in the military. This means that members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard, as well as those who serve in Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard roles can all claim this deal.

Military OneSource is also available for military family members, including both spouses and dependents. Surviving family members of deceased military personnel are eligible.

Veterans, honorably discharged, and retired military members can access the site and use its benefits for one year after their service has ended.

Medically discharged members who are a part of a seriously injured or ill military program are always eligible.

Cadets at military academies can create a Military OneSource account as well.

Unfortunately, the site and the free tax filing that comes with it are not available to veterans and retired military members who have been out of the military for more than one year’s time.

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Tax Filing Forms and Supplies. Image: Allhands.coastguard.dodlive.mil

What Are The Restrictions?

Information on what exact features are included for free will be available once you log into your Military OneSource account and access the free software.

Keep in mind that some features may not be completely covered, but all in all this is looks like a very conclusive free tax filing software.

Also remember that you do need to have a Military OneSource account, and that you need to access the software from Military OneSource to file for free.

If you file through H&R Block’s site, you won’t receive the same benefits.

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Overall, this is free tax filing service is a great way to use H&R Block’s software for free.

If you’re ready to file your taxes, sign up or log onto Military OneSource and save yourself some money with this great deal.

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The H&R Block military discount is not your traditional discount. They have a partnership with Military OneSource that allows members of the military and their families free tax preparation and filing.

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