Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist - MOS 0231

Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist (MOS 0231)

Marine Corps Intelligence Specialists (MOS 0231) serve a critical function in a branch of the military that is more known for its muscle.

A Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist provides critical intel to soldiers out in the field so they can make better-informed decisions about the enemy.

Marine Corps Intelligence Specialists collect, record, analyze, process, and disseminate information about enemy targets and locations.

Learn more about the role of an Intelligence Specialist (MOS 0231) inside the U.S. Marines, including job duties and required training. 

Education, Qualifications, and Training

marines intelligence specialist
Marine Corps Intelligence Specialists must pass a detailed Department of Defense background check before becoming 0231 MOS. Image: Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

A Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist (MOS 0231) is delegated with the responsibility of gathering sensitive classified information.

The ability to collect this type of intelligence requires a special type of person with a diverse education and training.

Therefore, a reasonable amount of time is spent with new Marine recruits preparing them for the role of 0231 MOS.

In the Marine Corps, each job, or military occupational specialty (MOS) and related jobs are classified within occupational fields (OccFlds).

The Intelligence OccFld covers a variety of jobs that are responsible for gathering, processing, and disseminating sensitive information.

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The U.S. military uses the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) to determine what Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is best suited for your skillset.

Prospective Marine Corps Intelligence Specialists (MOS 0231) must score General Technical: 110 or higher on the ASVAB in order to qualify.

New recruits will also need to complete the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Intelligence Specialist entry course.

The course is taught at the Navy-Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) in Virginia.

Candidates that have a Defense Language Aptitude Battery score of 100 or higher are also eligible to attend language training.

The training takes place at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California


Candidates that remain in consideration for 0231 MOS must receive top-secret security clearance from the Department of Defense.

The Marines will conduct a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) to look into your background.

The thorough investigation determines if you will receive access to Sensitive Compartmented Information of the military.

The Department of Defense will look into your criminal record, perform a credit check, as well as interview friends and family.

The background check can go back as far as 10 years, so if you have any unresolved issues you will want to take care of them so they can be properly addressed during the time of the investigation.

MOS 0231 Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist is an entry-level intelligence position within the Marines.

Those that qualify for MOS 0231 can eventually consider progressing to the supervisory level in Marine Corps intelligence.


All new recruits must complete Marine Corps boot camp in order to continue service, regardless of whether they enter a combat or non-combat MOS.

The two Marine Recruit Training Depots are at Parris Island, South Carolina, and San Diego, California.

After successfully completing boot camp in the Marines you will begin to receive specialized training for your Military Occupational Specialty.

Marine Corps Intelligence Specialists (MOS 0231) receive most of their training in Dam Neck, Virginia, and lasts for 12 weeks.

Training for a Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist is demanding and will teach you very sensitive, classified information about how the Marines’s intelligence community gathers information.

What does a Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist Do?

usmc 0231 mos
Marine Corps Intelligence Specialists (MOS 02310 help soldiers gain a tactical advantage out in the field through their information gathering. Image: Marine Corps Base Hawaii

An Intelligence Specialist (MOS 0231) is familiar with the phases and facets of intelligence operations, according to the Marine Corps.

Marine Corps Intelligence Specialists collect, record, analyze, process, and disseminate information.

The Intelligence Specialist may also supervise intelligence sections of commands up to and including the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), depending on rank.

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Marine Corps OccFld

The Marine Corps OccFld is an entry-level division of Marine intelligence.

It includes MOS 0231, as well as other Marine occupations like:

  • Counterintelligence/HUMINT (Human Intelligence) Specialist (MOS 0211)
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Specialist (MOS 0212)
  • Imagery Analysis Specialist (MOS 0241)
  • Geographic Intelligence Specialist (MOS 0261)
  • Intelligence Chief (MOS 0291)

All in all, the Marine Corps Intelligence OccFld specializes in analysis, counterintelligence, image interpretation, and geographic intelligence.

Every single job within the Intelligence OccFld requires Top Secret security clearance so soldiers are highly scrutinized in an SSBI before they can join the division.

The general overview of all Intelligence OccFld is they have clerical, communication, and computer skills.

OccFld Marines are also masters of the analytical and technical skills needed to analyze intelligence.

What does a Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist make?

marine intelligence mos
Intelligence Specialist (MOS 0231) is a challenging, yet fulfilling career in the Marine Corps. Image: Marine Expeditionary Force

The Marine Corps pays its soldiers based on military rank and years of service.

Therefore, your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) doesn’t really factor into a monthly salary.

InsigniaPay GradeRankAbbreviation2023 Minimum Monthly Pay
E-1 +4 monthsPrivatePvt$1,917.60
E-2Private First ClassPFC$2,149.20
E-3Lance CorporalLCpl$2,259.90
E-6Staff SergeantSSgt$2,980.50
E-7Gunnery SergeantGySgt$3,3445.80
E-8Master SergeantMSgt$4,957.20
E-8First Sergeant1stSgt$4,957.20
E-9Master Gunnery SergeantMGySgt$6,055.50
E-9Sergeant MajorSgtMaj$6,055.50
E-9Sergeant Major Of The Marine CorpsSgtMaj$6,055.50

However, working in certain MOS or joining the Marines with relevant education or experience can lead to potential higher earnings.

Those that already have some of the training they will receive in the Marine Corps for an MOS can progress quickly to the rank of an officer.


The U.S. Marine Corps also provides numerous benefits to its soldiers:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Vacation Time
  • Special Pay
  • Retirement
  • Affordable Life Insurance
  • Housing: Allowances for living expenses, utilities, and maintenance.
  • Food: Allowance for the on-base dining hall and access to tax-free department and grocery stores.
  • Education: Marines can earn full tuition, merit-based scholarships, allowances for books and fees, plus an annual stipend for living expenses.

Job Reviews

It is difficult to find job reviews specific to a Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist since former MOS 0231 are only able to disclose so much given the position is top secret.

However, you can find some relevant job reviews related to working Intelligence jobs in the Marine Corps on sites like

Though it is an extremely demanding MOS, former Intelligence Specialists generally prefer the challenging work.

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Civilian Job Opportunities

The vast majority of the work you perform as a Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist (MOS 0231) is distinct to the military.

Therefore, it is difficult to find a direct civilian job equivalent.

For this reason, many former MOS 0231 continue performing work for government agencies like the National Security Agency (NSA).

Regardless, the skills and experience you receive in the Marine Corps can translate well into a variety of civilian careers once you decide to retire from the military.


A Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist (MOS 0231) is needed to discover the whereabouts of an enemy force and other top-secret information.

Marine Corps Intelligence Specialists collect, record, analyze, process, and disseminate information that helps give Marines out in the field a tactical advantage.


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General FAQ

What does a Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist do?

Marine Corps Intelligence Specialists (MOS 0231) collect, record, analyze, process, and disseminate information about enemy targets and locations.

What ASVAB score do I need to work in Marine Corps Intelligence?

To qualify as Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist (MOS 0231), you need a minimum score of 100 on the General Technical portion of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.

How long is MOS school for Marine Corps intelligence?

Occupational training for a Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist (MOS 0231) is 12 weeks long and takes place at Dam Neck, Virginia.

How much does a Marine Intelligence Specialists make?

Marine Corps Intelligence Specialists (MOS 0231) are paid according to rank and time in service. A new recruit with less than two years in service receives $1,733 base pay per month. Recently, MOS 0231s were authorized a sizeable reenlistment bonus.

What do military intelligence specialists do after service?

Most of the skills in the military intelligence field don’t translate to the civilian world, but many former military intelligence specialists continue in government service under the NSA and other agencies.

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