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Marine Rifleman (MOS 0311): Career Details

Marine Rifleman 0311 is the quintessential military occupational specialty (MOS) for the United States Marine Corps. It is the MOS that most people envision when they imagine a U.S. Marine.

It is the MOS that has changed the course of history for countless wars dating back to 1775.

It is the MOS designation for the Marine Corps infantryman.

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Marine infantrymen are relentless in spirit and train constantly to make sure that they are always prepared to step to the frontlines when called upon.

The individuals who choose this MOS must be prepared to work hard, physically and mentally, day in and day out.

Individuals within the 0311 field will become masters in nearly every weapon type known to the Marines.

They will spend a large portion of their time in the field and doing hikes for days on end. It is a MOS that is challenging, exciting, and requires individuals who are willing to put in hard work.

MOS 0311 Requirements and Qualifications

• Be a U.S. Marine
• Have a GT score on the ASVAB of at least 90
• Successfully graduate from the Marine Corps School of Infantry

Training and Career Path

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All Marines are required to complete basic training which is conducted at either Parris Island, SC, or Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego.

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It is here that Marines earn the eagle, globe, and anchor and are officially called a Marine from this point on.

After completing basic training, all Marines within the infantry MOS designation go straight to the Basic Infantry Marine Course at Camp Lejeune, NC.

The Marine Corps School of Infantry is set to last for 14 weeks, where Marines will spend a large portion of their time in the field.

Marine Corps advanced infantry course. Image:

Infantry are the backbone of the Marine fighting spirit, so it is imperative that they learn how to not only use every weapon in the Marines but also that they learn how to work together in squads and various fighting formations.

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Completion of the Marine Corps School of Infantry is just the start of the training possibilities available to Marine infantry.

Next is the Infantry Rifleman Course, also at Camp Lejeune. 

Infantrymen can potentially attend winter/cold weather training, jungle survival training, SERE training, or be slotted to attend Marine Recon indoctrination.

Additionally, many Marine 0311 infantry riflemen will have the opportunity to go on a Marine Expeditionary Unit.

This is a ship that will sail to various locations in the world, generally with the purpose of doing training with various militaries.

The possibilities are endless for anyone interested in joining the Marine infantry.

Training is tough and competitive, and there is no shortage of weapon systems that an infantryman can become an expert on.

How Much Are 0311 Paid?

Marines with the 0311 MOS designation do not receive any special pay outside of what the typical pay scale is for active-duty military. In addition to paychecks twice a month, Marines enjoy lucrative benefits.

These benefits include full medical, dental, and vision coverage, free room and board, and a guarantee of at least 2 free meals per day with the opportunity for 3 to 4 free meals daily.

Other benefits include money for college, guaranteed home loans, and employment programs after separation or retirement. 

Any additional pay will go straight to the Marine to enjoy their time on liberty or leave.

The minimum month base pay is as follows:

• E1: $1,917 per month (after the first four months)
• E2: $2,149 per month
• E3: $2,259 per month
• E4: $2,503 per month
• E5: $2,730 per month

It should be noted that this pay varies annually and does not take into account things like pay raises for additional time in service, BAH, additional pay for family members, or COLA.

Basic Allowance For Housing, or BAH, is calculated based on your duty zip code, as well as your rank.

You can use our handy calculator below to find out exactly how much you would receive in BAH payments:

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) 2021
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Day in the Life of a Marine Infantryman

Infantry are required to have impeccable fitness, so a daily workout routine is a mandatory part of any platoon.

This can vary from a morning run, a long hike, or an intense gym workout. In addition to daily fitness, Marines with the 0311 MOS designation will spend extended periods of time training, cleaning, and maintaining weaponry.

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Weapon cleaning can be tedious and time-consuming, but it is a near-daily occurrence for infantry and it is a way to ensure that Marines thoroughly understand every component of every weapon system.

0311 Marines will spend a lengthy amount of time doing field training and operations.

Marine rifleman taking a break during training. Image:

Time in the field will be spent hiking, doing drills and maneuvers with a fireteam or squad, and getting used to being generally comfortable with living and working for extended periods of time in locations without proper shelter.

Marine infantry is infamous for having a high deployment rate. It is not uncommon for 0311 Marines to see multiple deployments on a 4, or 6-year, contract.

Deployments can range from heavy combat to more mild training or humanitarian missions. Either way, a high deployment cycle can lead to a fast burnout and high stress.

While on deployment, Marine infantry may face any number of situations.

Some units spend a significant amount of time on guard duty, others will do lengthy foot patrols and building-to-building clearance, while some will see no combat or leave the base where they are assigned.

Recent online reviews display the attitude of Marines that have experience with the lifestyle of the 0311 field. The general consensus of the reviews is that the lifestyle is difficult, fast-paced, and you get out of the Marines whatever you put in.

mos 0311 review
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marine rifleman review
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In addition, while in garrison and preparing for a deployment, many infantry units will enforce strict formation and sleep schedules to help Marines be ready for their deployments once the time comes.

This lifestyle can be very demanding on families since the military will require Marines to be in certain locations by a certain time for several weeks or months before a deployment.

All in all, Marines in the 0311 MOS need to be fit and active, so they will have very strict workout routines to maintain.

Their training will be continuous. and understanding of weapons is extremely important.

The Marine Corps has a lot of pride in the strength and readiness of their infantrymen, so do everything possible to keep the 0311 Marines equipped and prepared to deploy at a moment’s notice.

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Civilian Job Opportunities

marine gunnery sergeant retirement ceremony

The level of discipline and training that is required of Marines, and especially 0311 Marines, is second to none.

This discipline can easily be transferred to a variety of careers associated with law enforcement, federal agencies, businessmen, and entrepreneurs.

Law enforcement careers have a large number of vacancies and shortages that need to be filled.

Marines coming from the 0311 field are more than qualified and ready to enter seamlessly into a career as a city, county, or state policeman. Police officers have challenging careers that are aligned with the lifestyle of Marine infantry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, police officers will see a 3% job growth and enjoy a median annual salary of $66,000.

Federal agencies are also in need of individuals with extensive military training and background.

Border Patrol, FBI, and several others are always recruiting highly qualified individuals who are familiar with the lingo and lifestyle associated with working for the government.

Also, many Marines will enter the civilian world with security clearances. This saves federal agencies significant time and money when hiring and vetting new prospects.

Other opportunities resound with government contract work. Marines that are highly skilled and trained in various weapons and tactics are in high demand for government contractors working overseas.

The pay for government contractors is significantly higher than what Marines typically see during their time in service, so the monetary reward can be a beneficial reason to consider contract work.

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Navy COOL Summary For Marine Rifleman 

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General FAQ

How much does a Marine rifleman make?

All U.S. military personnel are paid according to rank and time in service. A new Marine Rifleman, with less than two years in service, can currently expect a base pay of about $1,700 per month before allowances and incentive pay.

Do all Marines see combat?

All Marine Infantry MOS personnel, including Marine Riflemen, can expect to see combat. The Marine Corps does have a number of combat support roles that may or may not become involved in active combat.

Do Marines pay for their meals?

Military personnel are provided with two meals a day, with access to chow halls near barracks or dormitories. Those authorized to live off base receive BAS, Basic Allowance for Subsistence, which they can spend at the chow hall or elsewhere.

Are Marines really first to fight?

In emerging situations, Special Ops units generally deploy first. However, the Marines are frequently first to arrive when it comes to conventional operations in order to secure the battlefield for larger units to arrive, usually the Army.

Is it hard to get into marine infantry?

With a minimum score of 80 on the General Technical portion of the ASVAB to qualify, the bar for entry isn’t high. However, it’s an extremely physically demanding job, so a successful career in the Marine Corps infantry takes a great deal of resilience.

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