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Progressive Military Discount

Progressive is one of the leading automobile insurance providers in the United States.

The company is known for having some of the cheapest rates available compared to all the other major providers.

Is there a Progressive military discount?

OMK reached out to a Progressive car insurance representative to get the full details, and unfortunately, it turns out they do NOT offer a military or veterans discount.

While they don’t have an official military discount, there are still many other ways to save on car insurance.

NOTE: The only major auto insurance provides in the United States currently offering an official military discount are Geico and USAA. Learn more about the Geico military discount here.

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Progressive Military Discount

progressive military discount for military
Progressive offers multiple ways for military personnel to save on car insurance. Image: Wikimedia Commons

According to Progressive, the average driver that switches over to Progressive saves $699 per year on their policy.

In fact, Progressive backs their commitment to providing auto insurance savings by stating 99% of their customers earn at least one type of discount.

There are multiple ways to save money through a Progressive auto insurance policy.

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Multiple Car Discount

The best way to receive a Progressive military discount through the auto insurer is to have policies on multiple vehicles.

Most military families have more than one vehicle making the multi-car discount a fantastic way to save.

You can add any car to your auto policy even if belongs to a spouse, son or daughter, extended family member, or roommate.

Progressive reports that the average multi-car discount saves policyholders 12%.

Bundling Insurance Policies

Bundling different types of insurance through the provider is another way to receive a Progressive military discount.

Progressive rewards policyholders with two or more types of insurance bundled through the company.

Auto policies can get combined with RV/trailer, boat, or motorcycle insurance.

Another popular option is to bundle car insurance with a home or renter insurance policy.

In fact, Progressive doubles the discount if you have auto and home insurance through the insurer.

The average service member saves 5% by bundling through Progressive.

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Continuous Insurance Reward

There is good reason many service members do not want to switch over an auto insurance policy even if they could save more with Progressive.

Most auto insurers offer rewards for good driving and avoiding accidents.

Thankfully, Progressive honors the time you have spent with a previous insurer and matches benefits you were already receiving through another company.

The longer you have had auto insurance without any gaps or cancellations, the more you could save through Progressive.

Driver-Based Auto Discounts

Progressive, like most major car insurance companies, rewards good drivers.

The company states the average discount for good drives is $145 per year.

The good driver discount is offered through the Progressive Snapshot Program.

There are other ways to save through Progressive based on driver performance programs:

    • Teen Driver: Military personnel with teen drivers are well aware most insurance providers will spike up a policy as a result. Progressive likes to be different by offering a special teen driver discount.
    • Good Student: If your son or daughter is a good student on top of a teen driver you can potentially save in two ways. Students that maintain a “B” average in school receive a special discount.
    • College Student: Military personnel with children in college can earn a discount. The savings apply to students more than 100 miles away from a primary residence and younger than 22 years of age.
    • Homeowner: Progressive provides a discount to servicemembers for owning a house, even if you do not currently have homeowners insurance through Progressive. 

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Save on the Way You Buy Auto Insurance

The rate you receive for a new car insurance policy varies based on the method you shop and the way your monthly payment is withdrawn.

    • Online Quotes: It makes the most sense to shop for car insurance quotes online. Progressive rewards online shoppers with an immediate 4% discount. The same small discount applies to new policies ordered over the phone.
    • Online Signing: Progressive adds an additional 8.5% discount if you are comfortable signing your policy online. It is called the Progressive sign online discount.
    • Paperless Statements: Progressive, like many other companies these days, rewards policyholders that enroll in paperless statements. The average discount varies. Paperless documents are sent via email instead of traditional mail.
    • Pay in Advance: Policyholders have the option of paying for the next six months in advance. When you do so Progressive will hook you up more savings.
    • Automatic Payments: Another common way to save money through auto insurance is to enroll in automatic payments. A Progressive military discount can go to the pockets of personnel when the funds are automatically withdrawn each month for a checking account

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Progressive Saving Tools

progressive discount rates
Progressive rewards safe drivers with discounts, and also has high-quality accident forgiveness for service members. Image: Max Pixel

Progressive has an outstanding commitment to assisting policyholders save more money.

It is especially important for military personnel and families who often struggle to make ends meet.

There are a variety of tools at your disposal when you have an auto policy through Progressive:

  • Compare Auto Rates: Progressive is fully transparent with its rates. When you receive online quotes you can compare and contrast with different providers in order to find the best price.
  • Name Your Price Program: Progressive is unique for an insurance provider because of its “Name Your Price” program. The program works as the title suggests. You name an auto rate you think you deserve and Progressive will consider honoring it.
  • Deductible Savings Bank: The deductible savings bank is a special optional program that subtracts $50 from your comprehensive or collision deductible each policy period without an accident or violation. It helps shrink your deductible in the event of a claim. However, the special privilege will slightly increase the cost of your policy.

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Additional Ways to Reduce Insurance Costs

The bottom line is that safe driving equals more savings, regardless of the insurance provider.

However, Progressive is considered one of the most forgiving and flexible auto insurers when it comes to accidents.

Progressive rewards drivers that have zero tickets or accidents in the previous three years.

As a result, you could save an average of 31% on auto policies as a reward for safe driving.

Accident Forgiveness Programs

Unfortunately, car accidents are a part of life.

Progressive understands that auto accidents are, in fact, accidents.

Therefore, the company offers small accident forgiveness and large accident forgiveness on auto rates.

The insurer will not raise the rate on your first policy if the claim for the accident is less than $500.

Additionally, Progressive customers for more than five years (and no accidents in the last three years) will not receive a spike in an auto rate even in the event of a serious, large accident.

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About Progressive Auto Insurance

progressive cheap car insurance
Progressive is one of the leading auto insurance providers with over 18 million customers. Image: Wikipedia

The Progressive Corporation is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States.

In addition to auto insurance, the company also offers motorcycle, RV/trailer, and boat coverage.

There are also ways to protect your prized possessions with home or renters insurance.

Progressive is known for its very low auto rates and claims you can save nearly $700 a year for switching to Progressive.

The auto insurer is doing something right as currently, over 18 million Americans have a policy through Progressive.

One major highlight of the insurer is their customer service which is available 24/7 and considered among the best of the major providers.

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Progressive Military Commitment

While there is no official Progressive military discount there are countless ways to save on insurance for military personnel.

Progressive is a proud supporter of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The company has more than 1,300 staff members that are former military or reservists.

The military-friendly employer has received several awards acknowledging its commitment to the armed forces.

Progressive was a 2019 Top 100 Military-Friendly Brand, Employer, and Company.

The company offers 100% differential pay to active-duty service members and reservists. 

Therefore, if you get deployed for service the insurance provider will cover the difference between your basic pay in the military and hourly rate at Progressive.

Progressive also continues offering medical benefits and PTO to employees serving the country.

Lastly, Progressive hosts several military-focused outreach activities and awareness campaigns each year.

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There is no official Progress military discount.

However, service members can save in a variety of ways through the numerous special discounts offered at Progressive.

The company claims that you can save as much as $699 by switching to Progressive today.

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