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StubHub Military Discount for 2023

One of the many pleasures in life is going out to see an event.

Whether it’s a sports game, a concert, or a show, it’s always fun to gather up some friends and relatives to be entertained.

That’s where StubHub comes in.

The website essentially acts as the eBay of tickets, allowing people to sell and buy tickets for different events with ease, both physical paper tickets and digital tickets.

It’s a very popular service and has been around for quite some years now.

However, you have a few years of military service under your belt, and now you’re wondering if perhaps the company offers any kind of military discounts.

Unfortunately, the answer is no, StubHub does not offer any military discounts.

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However, this doesn’t mean that you’re forever doomed to pay full price for all tickets!

StubHub still has many different discount and coupon options that anyone can take advantage of.

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StubHub Discount Option #1 – Gift Codes

Anyone can gift a StubHub account holder a gift code to be used on a future ticket purchase.

StubHub users usually can gain a gift code by making a purchase.

Simply by using the site, users are rewarded with a code that can be manually applied to tickets for most events.

StubHub users choose when and where to use their gift code; users don’t have to worry about the code being automatically applied to their next purchase without their consent.

A user will be alerted that they have received a new gift code that can be used, and they can check their discounts on the My Hub.

From there, they can also see their codes and copy them to their phone’s clipboard so that they can be applied to a new ticket purchase.

Gift codes can also be gifted to StubHub users by friends and family, similar to a gift card.

Just as you would redeem an iTunes or Amazon gift card, you add the code to your account when checking out so that the percentage is taken off the final price before you finish paying.

StubHub offers e-gift cards as well as plastic physical gift cards for people to purchase.

Gift cards can also be bought in bulk for Christmas or other occasions.

stubhub gift cards
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The discount doesn’t negatively affect the ticket seller, either; they will still earn their original listing price, and the discount will come out of StubHub’s pocket.

StubHub users do have to be careful about how long they wait to use their codes, however.

All gift codes on StubHub have an expiration date. Click here to visit the official Stubhub gift card page.

StubHub Discount Option #2 – Promotions

StubHub periodically offers promotions and discounts to its loyal subscribers.

Just like gift codes, these discounts don’t at all affect the seller.

The best way to learn about promotions and discounts happening on the site is for users to turn on email notifications and ensure that e-newsletters aren’t being rerouted to their junk or spam folders.

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Similar to gift codes, promotions and discount codes can be just as easily redeemed by copying and pasting the code during the checkout for a subsequent ticket purchase.

Some common promotions that StubHub takes part in include Black Friday, Cyber Monday, eBay coupons, and discounts to kick off the summer season.

StubHub also now grants users a small discount as a thank-you for joining – something they didn’t used to do in the past.

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Also, just like gift codes, StubHub users have to be careful about waiting too long to redeem their discounts.

All promotions and discount codes on StubHub have an expiration date and could very well expire before the user is able to use them.

StubHub Discount Option #3 – Promo Codes from Outside Sources

In addition to promotions offered by the company or gift codes gifted to you, third-party sources also provide codes, coupons, and discounts to be used on the website.

Reputable sites such as Business Insider, Groupon, and RetailMeNot have “deals” that StubHub account users can activate and use on a ticket purchase of their choice.

Business Insider especially has many deals that users can take advantage of…

business insider stubhub discount codes

As does Groupon…

groupon stubhub coupon codes

And RetailMeNot…

retailmenot stubhub coupon and promotion codes

There are plenty of coupon codes for people to use!

By combing through a few popular coupon and cashback sites, StubHub users can get some nice discounts for just about every ticket purchase that they make.

All three sites have quite a variety of coupons and discounts listed, and all three are worth a look.

Couple that with the fact that StubHub has a few partners that also offer discounts, it should be very easy to find codes and discounts.

eBay offers coupons to customers who are both eBay and StubHub users.

Just as you’d claim promo codes and gift codes, you’ll use the code at checkout or add the code to your account, where it can then be viewed on the My Hub section of the StubHub site, and subsequently be added to a later purchase.

StubHub Discount Option #4 – Cashback Sites

A growing phenomenon, cashback sites are websites that reward customers for using their services while online shopping.

As the name implies, a cashback site is a website that offers an incentive to users. People who use cashback services get a small percentage of the money they spend back, thus acting as a sort of small discount.

Popular cashback websites tend to have dozens of partnerships with big names and international companies, thus giving users a larger incentive to buy through them.

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To access the deals on these sites, all you have to do is go to the site you wish to purchase through (such as SlickDeals or RetailMeNot) and search for ‘StubHub’.

From there, you’ll be brought to your search results, which will show you available coupons, discounts, and other deals.

You’ll then be shown a button, which will bring you to the actual StubHub website so you can buy your tickets.

Cashback sites such as RetailMeNot and Rakuten offer plenty of ways for customers to save money when buying tickets.

As we covered before, RetailMeNot – pictured above – has tons of coupon codes as well as cashback options.

Cashback options such as gaining a certain percentage back if you make a purchase on a certain day are pretty common with RetailMeNot and similar sites.

As mentioned before, another cashback site is Rakuten.

Unlike RetailMeNot, discounts on tickets themselves are a rare deal on Rakuten; the site focuses mostly on cashback and saving money when making a purchase.

However, despite the site’s limitations, users with no current promos, gift codes, or other discounts available to use at the moment can take advantage of the cashback services to save a few dollars while shopping.

A third site that offers cashback and coupon options is SlickDeals.

Similar to RetailMeNot, SlickDeals has both coupons and rebates – a buying incentive that’s quite similar to cashback setups – that are available for purchase.

However, just like gift codes and other coupon options, codes on SlickDeals do expire after a certain amount of time, so users must check the website fairly often to make sure that they aren’t losing out on any deals.

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StubHub Discount Option #5 – StubHub Beyond

A common practice now with companies, StubHub has a premium membership program.

StubHub Beyond is a membership that allows paid subscribers to have access to plenty of perks and benefits.

Bonuses such as premier customer support, guaranteed 100% refunds for purchases made within the last 24 hours, VIP parties, meet and greets, and extra assistance for sellers are just some of the perks that those in the StubHub Beyond program can take advantage of.

However, perhaps the best perks of the program are the discounts and promotions.

Click Here to learn more about the Stubhub Beyond program.

Members of StubHub Beyond can gain 24-hear early access to upcoming promotions and discounts, and other exclusive offers not available to regular StubHub members.

These perks are attainable by spending a certain amount of money within a one-year period.

Your spending habits through StubHub automatically enroll you into the program, and the only thing you have to do to keep your membership is to spend the same amount of money again within the following twelve months.


Even though StubHub doesn’t offer any military discounts, there are plenty of other ways that StubHub users can save money and earn discounts on their ticket purchases.

From earning promotions to getting gift cards to cashback and purchase incentives, there are plenty of options out there.

The easiest way to gain some discounts is to sign up for StubHub and start spending!

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You’ll get a discount just for joining the site, and you’ll gain even more discounts as you make purchases and pay attention to the newsletters.

The site offers periodic promotions, discounts, and annual holiday sales.

If you buy a lot through StubHub, you might even qualify for their premium membership.

Not only will you reap tons of benefits from being in the program, but you’ll also be able to treat those around you with your great perks.

Good luck, and happy shopping!

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