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List Of Coast Guard Bases In The US

Coast Guard (USCG) is one of the United States’ five military services that is tasked with the responsibility of enforcing maritime laws. Consisting of approximately 35,000 enlisted personnel and officers, Coast Guard protect personal safety; the marine transportation system and the territorial properties of the US both from the external and internal threats. It is also called upon to support the U.S. Navy in time of war

The USCG falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security. Established in 1790 by Alexander Hamilton who was serving as Secretary of the Treasury at that time, the Coast Guard served as Revenue Marine Service. It was later renamed as Revenue Cutter Service, and later to Coast Guard when it was combined with U.S. Lifesaving Service in 1915. In 1967, it was transferred to the Department of Transportation and later to the Department of Homeland Security in 2003.

The Coast Guard enforces federal laws on U.S. territorial waters and administers laws as well enforcing regulations that promote the safety of property and life along the United States coast. It also operates navigation equipment to maintain the safety of high sea vessels and ports in U.S. territorial waters.

To execute its mission, the Coast Guard has different operation bases. Here are the main Coast Guard bases in the U.S.

Aviation Training Center Coast Guard

Location: Mobile, AL

Overall Mission: This is where junior officers are trained to become pilots for the aviation arm that support the Coast Guard mission. Although Coast Guard sources most of its pilots from the other branches of the military, it also runs its own pilot training program in this base.

ISC Kodiak Coast Guard Base

Location: Kodiak Island, AK

Overall Mission: It supports Coast Guard operations and objectives in the US including ice patrolling, conducting search and rescue mission in high seas, hunting oil spills, and carrying out law enforcement activities. It is the largest Coast Guard’s facility in the US in terms of acreage.

Marine Safety Unit Valdez

Location: Valdez, AK

Overall Mission: This unit main focus is ice patrolling to observe any unusual changes that might be potentially dangerous. It was mandated to oversee the area after the luxurious ship, Titanic, hit an unusual iceberg and sank. In case of something unusual, they alert marine experts. This Coast Guard base also ensures environmental safety since Alaska is home to many oil companies. Therefore, they must always explore the area for any potential oil spills or any hazardous substances that may pose danger to marine life as well as humans in the area.

USCG Juneau

Location: Juneau, AK

Overall Mission: Their large focus is ice patrolling- they observe the area for any large ice flows and alert nearby ships. They also keep an eye on oil firms in Alaska for any oil leaks and spills. In case of such a scenario, they alert the relevant authorities for cleanup. This base also conducts search and rescue operation in nearby waters.

ISC Alameda Coast

Location: Alameda, CA

Overall Mission: This base supports the armed force. It provides housing facilities for different units around the country and maintains them to the highest standards. They also help new recruits and their civilian families adapt easily to military life.

Tracen Petaluma

Location: Petaluma, CA

Overall Mission: This is where young students take basic training in different courses such as storekeeping, health, IT, electronic technicians, food specialists, yeomen, etc. it is home to seven different schools. Students who graduate from these schools get deployed to different Coast Guard installations.

Marine Safety Center Marine Base

Location: Groton, CT

Overall Mission: They test waters in U.S. territories for different contamination using advanced tools. These contaminations can be caused by oil spills or other contaminants. It serves as home to Marine Safety Lab.

Research and Development Center

Location: Groton, CT

Overall Mission: This R &D Center offers solutions to Coast Guard by coming up with technological inventions and projects that help USCG execute its mission. They conduct studies that cover operations of the armed forces including issues with oil spills, safety of the maritime environment, etc.

Coast Guard Academy

Location: New London, CT

Overall Mission: This academy trains some of the best male and female officers in the arts of honor, loyalty, and obedience. This helps to prepare them for integration into Coast Guard operations and training.

Coast Guard Headquarters

Location: Washington, DC

Overall Mission: It executes US Coast Guard main operations such as search and rescue mission such as responding to call from a lost sailor or an emergency on a ship. It also protects maritime borders and ensures environmental safety.

Marine Safety Center

Location: Washington, DC

Overall Mission; It evaluate ship construction to decide if it is fit to navigate through United States waters. All foreign and domestic ships must go through this center for evaluation to determine if they have any design, alteration, or reparation issues. This center comprises of both civilian workers and military officers.

National Response Center

Location: Washington, DC

Overall Mission: Its primary mission is to ensure environmental safety and security by dealing with any potential emergency. Some of the emergency they deal with include problematic leaks of oils and other hazardous substances as well as nature emergencies such as hurricanes. They patrol areas within their jurisdiction with helicopters and boats to observe any irregularities in U.S. territorial waters.

Air Station Clearwater

Location: Clearwater, FL

Overall Mission: It operates Clearwater International Airport and also oversees air space and territorial waters around Florida to safeguard personal safety by helping to combat drug and human trafficking in US and international waters.

District 7

Location: Miami, FL

Overall Mission: They are responsible for carrying out defensive operations in Florida and conducting patrol sessions around the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. This base also counters drug traffickers by carrying out operations against drug trafficking. They also identify a problematic cargo around Florida.

ISC Miami Coast Guard Base

Location: Miami Beach, FL

Overall Mission: They are responsible for upholding the welfare needs of military troops. They also provide quality housing facilities for military troops deployed in Miami Beach from other areas. This base also takes care of the retired and reserve individuals in the area by providing them with housing facilities and health services.

Station Maui

Location: Wailuku, HI

Overall Mission: The crew in this base provides law enforcement activities and safety operations around Wailuku and Hawaii. They collaborate with other institutions such as lifeguards, police, and fire service to perform their mission. They are also involved in maritime and environmental protection mission as well as search and rescue missions.

USCG ISC Honolulu

Location: Honolulu, HI

Overall Mission: Its primary mission is to provide national defense by supporting military troops deployed in Honolulu. They also support specified scientists and civilian contractors in the area. This base is also gets involved in providing health care services to communities in the nearby areas.

Coast Guard Yard

Location: Baltimore, MD

Overall Mission: It develops ships for the armed forces. This base serves as the sole facility in Coast Guard branch that is responsible for the development of various ships. It also carries out comprehensive repair of ships.

Surface Forces Logistics

Location: Baltimore, MD

Overall Mission: They are involved in a search and rescue missions, enforcing laws, protecting the environment, and ice patrolling. It also evaluates the requirements of different installations and stations and procures proper equipment for them. This base also maintains Coast Guard units by taking care of their physical needs.

Air Station Cape Cod

Location: Cape Cod, MA

Overall Mission: They carry out search and rescue mission in the area between New York and Canada border. They also carry out law enforcement operations above territorial waters in Cape Cod. The troops also deal with navigation installations and also protect and maintain the marine environment.

Sector SE New England

Location: Woods Hole, MA

Overall Mission: They carry out search and rescue operations in the area between Manomet Point, MA and Watch Hill Point, RI. This base also ensures maritime and environmental safety in its area of operation.

Loran Support Unit

Location: Wildwood, NJ

Overall Mission: This base work with sailors to locate their location in the US waters by emitting some signals. Aside from operating signaling systems, this unit is also responsible for inspecting and maintaining these systems.

Training Center Cape May

Location: Cape May, NJ

Overall Mission: It hosts multiple schools for training and also acts as a Coast Guard recruiting center. It serves as a gateway to anyone aspiring to join USCG since it is where first training sessions are held.

Air Station Elizabeth City

Location: Elizabeth City, NC

Overall Mission: They are involved in search and rescue missions and also carries out ice patrols to locate large icebergs. In case of anything unusual, they notify the marines and sailors.

National Strike Force

Location: Elizabeth City, NC

Overall Mission: Their main mission is to keep the environment green and safe as well as safeguard public health. They deal with issues relating to environmental pollution such as oil spills and other potentially hazardous contaminants that may affect coastal communities and marine life. Aside from protecting the environment, the National Strike Force also destroys weapons that might pose danger to the general populations and also support Federal Response Regions and other USCGs stations in other areas. In addition, they provide proper facilities for troops that have been deployed to the area from other places.

ISC Cleveland Base

Location: Cleveland, OH

Overall Mission: It supports civilian and military actions of the USCG members as well as retired personnel and veterans.

Container Inspection Training USCG

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Overall Mission: This base serves as a training center for young aspirants aiming to become container inspectors. Container inspection facilities are kept in this site.

Coast Guard Institute

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Overall Mission: This base acts as a training ground for people aspiring to join USCG. The institute also helps people who are planning to take up classes or courses in the nearby local colleges. In addition, it provides the proper facilities for troops deployed in the area from other places together with their families.

Station Castle Hill

Location: Newport, Rhode Island

Overall Mission: They conduct ice patrols and also search and rescue missions because of the many individuals and tourists who come to this area. This base also protects the environment by being on the lookout for any oil spills. This base also takes care of the troops deployed from there from other bases.

Station Point Judith

Location: Narragansett, Rhode Island

Overall Mission: It works with nearby officers to carry out search and rescue operations and ensure maritime safety.

Finance Center

Location: Chesapeake, VA

Overall Mission: This military base is involved in search and rescue missions and also environmental protection. It also maintains information in an accessible database and offers an effective platform to facilitate communication with the US Treasury. This center also organizes and distribute money coming from the US government allocated to the USCG. It distributes this money accordingly to each center based on their needs and requirements.

National Maritime Center

Location: Arlington, VA

Overall Mission: This is the only center responsible for licensing the marines. In other words, it hands out the needed credentials to all aspiring mariners. It supports and enforcing laws of the Department of Homeland Security. The Mariners get their qualification papers from this center.

National Pollution Center

Location: Arlington, VA

Overall Mission: It monitors and facilitates oil transportation across US waters. It also responds to spills in American Waters. In addition, this center assesses the financial value of oil in every ship carrying oil in US water for purposes of estimates in case of oil spills. This center also maintains the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund which caters for the operations relating to oil spills in US waters.

Navigation Center

Location: Alexandria, VA

Overall Mission: This is where communication and navigation systems are stored. It is responsible for sending out information and signals to US Coast Guards patrolling US waterways.

Sector Hampton Roads

Location: Portsmouth, VA

Overall Mission: They conduct search and rescue operations and also ensure environmental protection. This center also covers the needs of USCG troops and workers deployed in the area including offering the housing facilities.

Telecomo Systems Command

Location: Alexandria, VA

Overall Mission: They acquire modern telecommunication systems for the USGC including computers and voice devices. This center also develops technological systems that support the Coast Guard’s mission. In other words, it serves as a communication center for the USCG.

Training Center Yorktown

Location: Yorktown, VA

Overall Mission: It serves as a training site for the USCG in Virginia.

Vessel Document Center

Location: Falling Waters, WV

Overall Mission: They facilitate maritime commerce and also register all warfare vessels.

Operations Systems Center

Location: Martinsburg, WV

Overall Mission: This base serves as a software development center and also maintain and update existing software with the latest technologies. They also help personnel deployed to this base feel at home and adapt quickly to the new environment.

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List Of Coast Guard Bases In The US
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