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US Military Bases in Africa

Despite being an incredibly large and diverse continent, Africa is not home to very many US Military personnel.

In reality, the only real military base is Camp Lemonnier that helps to deter other nations from increasing operations on the African continent.

With such strong European bases close by, there really is not much need to establish a network of bases on African soil.

As an effort to establish a consistent presence on the continent, the one base in Djibouti serves multiple purposes from air support to local militant trainings all in one base.

Let’s take a look at Camp Lemonnier to see what makes it such a valuable asset.

Camp Lemonnier

camp lemonnier in africa
Camp Lemonnier in Africa. Image:

Location: Djibouti City, Djibouti

Founded: 2002

Overall Mission: As the primary base for U.S. Africa Command, the joint base in Djibouti is home to a wide network of military personnel and facilities.

The main goal of this base is to provide America with a point of contact in Africa to help improve relations and help establish future military support across the continent.

There are many other international bases in this country which also makes having an American presence essential to ensure the safety of the region and its valuable waters.

The base is home to a number of UAVS and combat aircraft as the location helps to ensure combat readiness if the need arises.

Units Stationed:

  • 449th Air Expeditionary Group
  • 81st and 82nd Expeditionary Squadrons

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US Military Bases in Africa

US Military Bases in Africa

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See a list of all US Military Bases in Africa. Unlike many of the other countries we cover, Africa is actually only home to one major US military base.
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