12 series mos

12 Series MOS

The 12 Series MOS is a list of occupations under the Army Corps of Engineers.

The United States Army uses a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) to describe the type of work you perform while serving the country.

These types of jobs are largely non-combat and instead focus on trades like plumbing and electrical.

As a result, Army 12 Series MOS are hard-working and dedicated people who do thankless yet extremely necessary work for the military branch.

Learn more about the different military specialties that fall under 12 Series MOS:

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Combat Engineer (MOS 12B)
Bridge Crewmember (MOS 12C)
Diver (MOS 12D)
Construction Engineering Supervisor (MOS 12H)
Plumber (MOS 12K)
Firefighter (MOS 12M)
Horizontal Construction Engineer (MOS 12N)
Prime Power Production Specialist (MOS 12P)
Power Line Distribution Specialist (MOS 12Q)
Interior Electrician (MOS 12R)
Technical Engineer (MOS 12T)
Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator (MOS 12V)
Carpentry and Masonry Specialist (MOS 12W)
General Engineering Supervisor (MOS 12X)
Geospatial Engineer (MOS 12Y)
Combat Engineer Senior Sergeant (MOS 12Z)

Combat Engineer (MOS 12B)

12b mos army job
When the Army needs to tackle a variety of different terrains, Combat Engineers use a variety of different machinery. Image: Army.com

An Army Combat Engineer (MOS 12B) is the heart of 12 Series MOS.

Combat Engineers assist team members who navigate over rough and difficult terrain.

Therefore, these knowledgeable engineers are capable of clearing the way or creating new infrastructure to move over the terrain.

Army Combat Engineers (MOS 12B) may also supervise other team members as they gain experience and move higher in military rank.

Combat Engineers are experts in mobility and survival.

They clear minefields while also establishing new methods of transportation.

They acquire these skills and general engineering techniques while receiving Advanced Individual Training (AIT) following the completion of boot camp.

Army Combat Engineers may build defenses or support fellow troops out on the battlefield.

Therefore, Combat Engineers (MOS 12B) are one of the few 12 Series MOS occupations that may see combat.

Consequently, make sure you are aware of the dangers you may face, including receiving enemy fire while building or repairing bridges and airfields.

Learn more about what it takes to become a MOS 12B Combat Engineer.

mos engineering
The opportunities available in Army 12 Series MOS include learning a new trade like a plumber or firefighter. Image: Defense.gov

Bridge Crewmember (MOS 12C)

An Army Bridge Crewmember (MOS 12C) is also instrumental to 12 Series MOS.

The service member has a wide range of responsibilities and may see combat.

Therefore, those who wish to consider MOS 12C Bridge Crewmember should remain mindful of that aspect of the job, like MOS 12B.

In fact, Army Bridge Crewmembers work closely with Combat Engineers during operations.

Army Bridge Crewmembers prep bridge sites by assembling material or establishing unique crossings like float bridges.

Bridge Crewmembers may work in all types of weather and conditions, including while under fire.

It’s a type of MOS that is not for the faint of heart yet offers a rewarding combination of seeing action and acquiring new job skills.

Continue reading to learn more about the education and training required to become a Bridge Crewmember (MOS 12C).

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Diver (MOS 12D)

us army diver
An Army Diver (MOS 12D) serves the military branch as an underwater engineer. They access submarines and other parts of ships that are underwater for repair. Image: CENTCOM

Army Divers (MOS 12D) are extremely valuable and prestigious in the military branch.

The United States Army depends on Divers (MOS 12D) to handle a variety of underwater exercises.

Army Divers conduct underwater operations, including repairs of critical infrastructure and equipment.

Divers are not only adventuresome and courageous but also hard-working and skilled in making mechanical repairs.

It allows you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn how to work on submarine components like the hull and propeller.

Army Divers also support special warfare as well as explosive ordnance disposal troops.

Furthermore, they may also assist with rescue operations given their expertise in the water.

It’s easy to see why many recruits within 12 Series MOS are looking to become divers.

Read the full job description for MOS 12D Army Diver.

Quarrying Specialist (MOS 12G)

Source: defense.gov

Army Quarrying Specialists (MOS 12G) are necessary to military construction projects. 

Airfields and roads require raw materials for grading and preparing surfaces, and those in MOS 12G work to provide them. 

Quarrying Specialists use heavy machinery to move earth and materials in order to extract and process construction materials.

They use rock crushers and sorters to process and grade gravel for roads and building sites.

They also use blasting explosives and jackhammers to remove rock for construction. 

They’re also fully trained on how to maintain and repair this heavy construction equipment, making this an excellent MOS choice for transitioning to civilian employment.

Construction Engineering Supervisor (MOS 12H)

army construction engineering specialist - mos 12h
Image: Osd.mil

An Army Construction Engineering Supervisor, as the name suggests, is a management role.

Therefore, you need to work your way up the 12 Series MOS in order to obtain the rank of MOS 12H.

Construction Engineering Supervisors either have years of experience in 12 Series MOS or experience prior to service.

They are very knowledgeable in the construction industry and how to make appropriate repairs to infrastructure.

Army Construction Engineering Supervisors (MOS 12H) oversee operations on buildings, warehouses, bridges, and port facilities.

Moreover, they may supervise construction projects on pipelines or tankers.

Construction Engineering Supervisors have the experience and knowledge to lead a construction project.

A large part of their responsibilities includes making sure the project remains on budget and that communication remains open between superiors and the personnel they manage.

Furthermore, Army Construction Engineering Supervisors (MOS 12H) may direct combat engineer missions.

Plumber (MOS 12K)

Army Plumber (MOS 12K)
Image: NationalGuard.mil

An Army Plumber (MOS 12K) is similar to the civilian equivalent.

The primary difference is the work performed is for the U.S. Army, not a private company.

Nonetheless, you can learn the skills and tools needed to become a Plumber (MOS 12K) while serving your country.

It enables you to develop a unique job history and experience before you enter the civilian world, assuming you’re following the same career path.

Army Plumbers are responsible for installing and repairing pipe systems and plumbing related to military property.

Plumbers maintain basic water supply, distribution systems, and heating systems.

Service members handle plumbing fixtures, pipes, brackets, stacks, traps, vents, and insulation.

They are taught all the essential job functions during Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

Here is what you need to accomplish to become a Plumber (MOS 12K) for the United States Army.

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army mos 12 series
Personnel in 12 Series MOS utilize a variety of heavy machinery and equipment to perform the task at hand. Image: Army.com

Firefighter (MOS 12M)

Did you know that you can become a firefighter for the U.S. Army?

The Army needs Firefighters (MOS 12M) like any other operation that is as big and extensive as the U.S. military.

Army Firefighters are responsible for protecting the lives of fellow service members and civilians.

They save lives as well as property from fires that may have been started for a multitude of reasons.

Army Firefighters (MOS 12M) control fires by performing rescue operations on structural fires, airplane crashes, and vehicle emergencies.

Additionally, they may handle preventive measures during downtime to avoid fires at construction sites, aircraft, and ships in the future.

Firefighters drive trucks and other types of emergency rescue vehicles as part of their responsibilities.

They provide first aid to injured soldiers and may deal with emergency response related to hazardous material incidents.

Education is a portion of your job duties as you may spend time presenting discussions and information during safety meetings and training.

Read the full job description for MOS 12M Army Firefighter.

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Horizontal Construction Engineer (MOS 12N)

army horizontal construction engineer - mos 12n
Army Horizontal Construction Engineer – MOS 12N. Image: Flickr.com

Army Horizontal Construction Engineers have a tremendous responsibility within the military branch.

Horizontal Construction Engineers (MOS 12N) are heavy equipment operators for the U.S. Army.

Consequently, they utilize a variety of heavy equipment like bulldozers, graders, and cranes.

Army Horizontal Construction Engineers need to move earth and often at a frenzied pace as they clear the way for the Army Infantry.

They clear, strip, grub, excavate, backfill, stockpile, and push scraper material to prepare sites for construction. 

Horizontal Construction Engineers may also see action when those sites are in a combat zone. However, most of their work is performed in peaceful settings.

Army Horizontal Construction Engineers (MOS 12N) may also assist with combat engineer missions.

Check out the job duties and requirements needed to become an MOS 12N Horizontal Construction Engineer for the U.S. Army.

Prime Power Production Specialist (MOS 12P)

Army Prime Power Production Specialists (MOS 12P) work at power plants.

They have a responsibility to operate electrical power plants as well as perform maintenance when parts or equipment fail.

Army Prime Power Production Specialists test the mechanical, electrical, and instrument functions of the power plant.

Their hard work enables a power plant to remain fully functional as working components are checked frequently.

Army MOS 12P Engineers receive training after boot camp and learn a unique job trade while serving the country.

Learn more about Army Prime Power Production Specialist (MOS 12P).

engineer jobs in the army
Army 12 Series MOS occupations include the exciting possibility of serving the country as a Combat Engineer (MOS 12B) or Firefighter (MOS 12M). Image: The National Guard

Power Line Distribution Specialist (MOS 12Q)

The job title Power Line Distribution Specialist (MOS 12Q) is another behind-the-scenes military specialty in the U.S. Army.

Army Power Line Distribution Specialists focus on the electrical distribution system of the plant.

Power Line Distribution Specialists install anchors, cross arms, guys, conductors, insulators, or other hardware as part of the job description.

Furthermore, there is a need to connect service drops and conduits on de-energized systems.

They frequently inspect and make repairs to keep the power plant fully operational, like MOS 12P.

Interior Electrician (MOS 12R)

army interior electrician - 12r mos
Image: Army.mil

Army Interior Electricians (MOS 12R) learn a job trade and gain valuable experience while serving the nation.

Interior Electricians focus on wiring issues located on the inside of a building.

Thus, Army Interior Electricians install transformers, circuit breakers, service panels, and switches.

Electricians work on all types of electrical components, including junction boxes and electrical boxes.

These electricians are skilled at reading blueprints and fulfilling repair orders.

They also test equipment for the operational conduction of circuits.

You’ll learn the job skills of an Interior Electrician (MOS 12R) during AIT which always follows boot camp.

Discover more about becoming an Interior Electrician (MOS 12R) including specialty qualifications and necessary training.

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Technical Engineer (MOS 12T)

technical engineer army
Army Technical Engineer Specialists (MOS 12T) are responsible for surveying land and creating construction plans. Image: Army.com

An Army Technical Engineer (MOS 12T) is responsible for construction site development.

For this reason, they are supervisors who manage the construction project over its duration.

Army Technical Engineers survey a construction site and draft plans for the project.

In addition to creating construction plans and specs, they meet with military leaders up the chain of command to update them on progress.

Learn about the job duties of an Army Technical Engineer (MOS 12T).

Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator (MOS 12V)

Army Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operators (MOS 12V) serve another important blue-collar function in the U.S. military.

Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operators, as the name implies, work with road base.

They operate all types of equipment that help put down fresh asphalt or concrete.

The Army needs asphalt and concrete production to support airfields, buildings, dams, and roads.

Lastly, they may assist in combat engineer missions coordinated by MOS 12B.

Those who have spent a longer amount of time in MOS 12V may work their way up to a supervisor position like other military careers in 12 Series MOS.

Carpentry and Masonry Specialist (MOS 12W)

army carpenter
Army Carpenters (MOS 12W) become master craftsmen who are able to think and work quickly on their feet. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Army Carpentry and Masonry Specialists help support military infrastructure.

Carpentry and Masonry Specialists (MOS 12W) are skilled tradespeople.

Soldiers may build rigging devices or bridge trusses.

Additionally, Army Carpentry and Masonry Specialists provide assistance with building columns, walls, frames, and roofs.

It’s an excellent opportunity to learn a trade job that translates well once you leave the military and need to find civilian employment.

Read the full job description of an Army Carpentry and Masonry Specialist (MOS 12W).

General Engineering Supervisor (MOS 12X)

Army General Engineering Supervisors (MOS 12X) is the military equivalent of a construction foreman.

They oversee the job site like an Army Technical Engineer (MOS 12T).

However, General Engineering Supervisors (MOS 12X) are more concerned with the coordination of the overall construction project.

You can become a General Engineering Supervisor in 12 Series MOS by starting out in an entry-level MOS.

Then, work hard and don’t make enemies, and you’ll have an opportunity at advancement.

army construction
Recruits that are interested in 12 Series MOS have the option of seeing combat depending on the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Image: CENTCOM

Geospatial Engineer (MOS 12Y)

Army Geospatial Engineers are incredibly important to daily operations in 12 Series MOS.

The military branch relies on Geospatial Engineers (MOS 12Y) for Disaster Relief and Homeland Security.

As a result, Army Geospatial Engineers use geographic data to study foreign terrain and infrastructure.

Geospatial Engineers (MOS 12Y) collect and analyze geospatial information from satellite imagery and aerial photography.

On some occasions, the Army uses field reconnaissance to gather geospatial data.

Army Geospatial Engineers may present findings to commanders in order to help visualize a battlefield.

Finally, Army 12Y Engineers create and maintain geospatial databases for future reference and support.

Get more details on the education and training required to join the U.S. Army as a Geospatial Engineer (MOS 12Y).

Combat Engineer Senior Sergeant (MOS 12Z)

An Army Combat Engineer Senior Sergeant (MOS 12Z) is the leader of 12 Series MOS.

They acquire the rank generally after years of service and positive performance evaluations.

Those who are knowledgeable and work hard can eventually obtain the rank of MOS 12Z Combat Engineer Senior Sergeant.

The supervisor role enables you to have a lighter workload for your body and utilize your mind more for problem-solving and staff management.

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Army 12 Series MOS represents all the construction trade jobs in the military branch.

Therefore, 12 Series MOS includes trade skills like plumbing, electrical, engineering, and firefighting.

It’s a great idea to consider these military occupational specialties because the civilian crossover is ideal.

Consequently, you can find the same career in the civilian world with most occupations that fall under 12 Series MOS.

Speak to a local Army recruiter for more information about this type of military specialty.

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12 Series MOS

12 Series MOS

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The Army 12 series MOS are the engineering and construction jobs in the Army. Learn more about each job in the series here.
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