USMC Maintenance Management Specialist - MOS 0411

Marine Maintenance Management Specialist (MOS 0411)

Marines who serve as a Maintenance Management Specialist (MOS 0411) perform an essential role in the Marines.

When equipment works efficiently, it is vital to the mission because productivity depends on maintenance.

When assigned to the MOS 0411, you will work to ensure there is a systematic approach to maintaining the unit’s equipment and transporting equipment where it needs to be.

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MOS 0411 Requirements and Qualifications

Marines from 2nd Maintenance Battalion Securing Equipment

The MOS 0411 requires a rank of Private to Master Gunnery Sergeant.

The Marines have basic requirements for all Marines including citizenship and physical standards as well as basic education levels

The MOS 0411 assignment has it’s own qualifications, as well.

For instance, this career is reserved for United States citizens.

Also, there are requirements for the ASVAB test, which is an aptitude test to find our service members’ strengths and abilities.

For those wishing for an assignment as a MOS 0411, they should have a General Technical (GT) score of at least a 100 on the ASVAB test.

Finally, it is vital for a Marine who is considering this assignment to be eligible for a Secret Security Clearance.

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Training and Career Path for MOS 0411

For the MOS 0411 assignment, Marines must complete the Basic Maintenance Management Specialist Course (BMMSC).

This course is located at Camp Johnson and Camp Lejeune in North Carolina at the Logistics Operations School of the Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools.

For Marines with a rank above Master Gunnery Sergeant, there is additional required training in the MOS 0411, which is a MOS-sustaining Intermediate course that is 29 days in length.

Pay and Benefits

The Marines offer competitive pay and benefits.

The Marines calculate base pay according to time in service and rank.

InsigniaPay GradeRankAbbreviation2023 Minimum Monthly Pay
E-1 +4 monthsPrivatePvt$1,917.60
E-2Private First ClassPFC$2,149.20
E-3Lance CorporalLCpl$2,259.90
E-6Staff SergeantSSgt$2,980.50
E-7Gunnery SergeantGySgt$3,3445.80
E-8Master SergeantMSgt$4,957.20
E-8First Sergeant1stSgt$4,957.20
E-9Master Gunnery SergeantMGySgt$6,055.50
E-9Sergeant MajorSgtMaj$6,055.50
E-9Sergeant Major Of The Marine CorpsSgtMaj$6,055.50

Furthermore, the pay becomes more competitive than the base pay by the inclusion of a housing allowance, subsidized food, and retirement benefits, to name a few.

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MOS 0411 Job Details

A Maintenance Management Specialist may take on the duties and responsibilities of the Maintenance Management Officer or Chief.

Therefore, responsibilities including handling the programs and procedures that ensure the operation of equipment.

If you are assigned to the MOS 0411, you will prepare equipment and supplies and help with deployment planning and execution.

Also, you will support the movement and transportation of personnel and equipment by tracking and planning the deployment.

Furthermore, you will coordinate between maintenance and commodity managers to ensure equipment is operable.

Job Reviews

Maintenance Management Specialist working out while on deployment

Those currently in this career field and former Marines note the enjoyment of being knowledgeable of the Marine’s equipment.

Also, reviewers noted the work is in-depth, and it is necessary to be detail-oriented to ensure reports are up to date.

A noted negative theme from comments includes the difficulties being away from home on deployment, which is typical for most jobs in the military.

MOS 0411 Review MOS 0411 Review MOS 0411 Review

MOS 0411 Civilian Career Opportunities

Marines assigned to the MOS 0411 who leave the military have a choice between federal jobs or jobs in the private sector.

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Federal Occupations: Maintenance Management Specialists

The Federal Occupations related to Maintenance Management Specialists include both administrative work and labor positions.

For instance, a position in Materials Expediting means the routing and movement of supplies and other materials in the Warehousing and Stock Handling area.

A federal job in this area of work is considered a labor position.

Also, you can expect $24.44 to $28.48 an hour for pay.

Federal Occupations: Program Management

Program Management is a white-collar administrative federal job that includes the management of programs supporting services.

Also, a position as an Industrial Operations Transformation Director commands a pay of $172, 508 to $197,300 a year.

Sustainability Specialists

A Sustainability Specialist is a private-sector position suitable to those assigned to MOS 0411.

Veterans who look for work as Sustainability Specialist know a lot about issues revolving around sustaining and organization.

The job prospects for this field will grow by six percent, which is above average.

Typical wages in this area of work is $73,570 a year.

First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers

In this field, employees supervise the activities of either extraction workers or construction.

The projected growth in this field is 10 percent, which is above average.

Also, you can expect compensation of $66,210 a year.

The majority of positions available to those who served with a MOS 0411 show either average or bright growth with pay starting at $39,080.


A Maintenance Management Specialist (MOS 0411) performs a vital role in the Marines.

Those in this position work to ensure equipment is maintained and deployed, where it needs to be as efficient as possible.

To qualify for an assignment in MOS 0411, you must meet all the necessary requirements to be a Marine.

Furthermore, you must be a U. S citizen, have the proper score on the ASVAB test, and have a Secret Security Clearance.

The MOS 0411 is an entry-level position with initial training, and those with a rank above Master Gunnery Sergeant have additional intermediate training.

The pay is in line with other MOSs, as determined by rank and time in service.

Also, there are job opportunities in both the federal and private sectors.


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