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State Farm Military Discount for 2023

Car insurance is a difficult thing to shop for with so many competitors and pricey options based on driving history and type of vehicle.

State Farm is one of the largest and most well-known insurance providers.

Can you find a State Farm military discount online?

It is a question military personnel frequently ask, and the answer is yes and no.

Technically, there is no official State Farm military discount, yet the insurer does offer many different ways service members can save money on car insurance.

NOTE: The only major auto insurance providers in the United States currently offering an official military discount are Geico and USAA. Learn more about the Geico military discount here.

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State Farm Military Discount – Different Options to Save!

state farm discount for military
State Farm is one of the leading insurance providers in the United States with more than 83 million policies. Image: Pexels

There is no such thing as an official State Farm military discount.

However, State Farm is comparable to other affordable auto insurance providers (like Progressive) in that there are multiple ways to save.

Therefore, State Farm does provide military personnel with different methods to reduce a monthly premium.

Drive Safe & Save Program

The State Farm Drive Safe & Save program is one of the primary examples of how the company can help you save money on auto insurance.

The program is offered through a State Farm app that you access from a smartphone or tablet.

Discounts start at 5% off your insurance bill just for signing up, and up to 30% for good driving habits and behavior.

The Drive Safe & Safe State Farm app connects with the Bluetooth beacon of your vehicle.

It records your driving habits including quick acceleration, hard braking, and fast cornering.

Speeding and distracted driving are also monitored by the app, which records your behavior on the road.

State Farm rewards drivers with strong performances through the app as it helps you to “drive better, drive smarter, and drive less”.

Using ride-sharing, biking, or public transportation is also rewarded through the app along with limiting night driving.

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Steer Clear Program

The State Farm Steer Clear program is another one of the popular discounts available to military personnel.

The program rewards new drivers, those under the age of 25 years, without any at-fault accidents or moving violations within the past three years.

It can save you as much as 15% off your car insurance bill while also helping you learn the safe and effective habits of a good driver.

State Farm requires program participants to enroll in driving course training and complete practice driving exercises. It supports mentoring of parents or other adults dealing with a young driver.

The program is a great incentive for military personnel under age 25, or those with children who recently got their driving license or are still under the age of 25.

In order to enroll in the program, speak to a State Farm agent, download the Steer Clear app, and finish the other requirements of the program in order to receive a discount for you or a dependent.

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State Farm Driving Discounts

state farm military rate
State Farm rewards drivers with good records and practice safe driving techniques. Image: Flickr

The best way to get a cheap auto insurance rate is to drive smart.

Avoiding accidents and moving violations is the best way to maintain a strong driving record, and avoid inflated premiums. 

State Farm does reward good drivers who maintain an accident-free record and who continue to educate themselves on safe practices regardless of their age.

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Accident-Free Discount

Military personnel are known for their discipline and adherence to safety practices.

If you have a car insurance policy with State Farm for at least three consecutive years and have avoided an accident within that time frame, you are eligible for the accident-free discount.

The exciting aspect of the State Farm accident-free discount is that it increases over time, for as long as you remain without a chargeable accident.

Defensive Driving Course Discount

It never hurts to use defensive driving techniques when on busy roads with reckless or intimidating drivers.

State Farm allows individuals to take a driver safety course and upon completion, rewards you with a discount.

The company has a list of qualifying courses and requirements in order to receive the insurance discount for military members.

Speak with an agent to receive more information about the defensive driving course discount.

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State Farm Military Discount for Dependents

state farm cheap car insurance
Military dependents may benefit and help lower your monthly premium through student driver rewards. Image: Pexels

One of the biggest disadvantages of serving in the military is time spent away from a significant other and children.

Since you may miss out on the first driving experiences of your son or daughter, State Farm attempts to reward military personnel by offering multiple student discounts.

  • Student Away-at-School Discount: State Farm offers a discount for children who are away at college (and still under 25) yet only use one of your cars when home during school vacations or holidays.
  • Driver Training Discount: Military dependents under the age of 21 can help you earn a discount on car insurance once he or she completes an approved driver education course.
  • Good Student Discount: Students who receive good grades in school can help you earn up to 25% off your car insurance bill. The savings last until a child graduates from high school/college or turns 25.

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State Farm Military Discount for Safe Vehicles

The latest technology on new cars is impressive and helps lead to safety on the roads.

As a result, State Farm offers discounts to military personnel or dependents who own safe vehicles.

  • Vehicle Safety Discount: State Farm provides a discount of up to 40% off medical-related coverage when you have a make and model that is newer than 1994. The amount of discount varies based on the make and model’s repair records and is adjusted each year.
  • Passive-Restraint Discount: Do you have an older vehicle? Any make and model that is older than 1993 yet is equipped with a factory-installed airbag or other passive restraint system can receive 40% off medical-related coverage.
  • Anti-Theft Discount: Vehicles that are equipped with an alarm system for vehicle thefts are eligible for a discount from State Farm.

State Farm Loyalty Rewards

State Farm applies a discount to loyal customers of the insurance provider.

  • Multiple Auto Discount: State Farm gives a discount to military families with two or more vehicles insured under the same policy. The savings could amount to as much as 20% off.
  • Multiple Insurance Policy: State Farm also supplies insurance for homeowners, renters, condo owners, and life insurance policies. You could save up to 17% when you bundle multiple types of insurance through State Farm.

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State Farm Insurance – The Best Policy for Military Personnel?

best car insurance for military
It is important to shop around for car insurance and get quotes from different providers. Image: Flickr

While soldiers will not receive an official State Farm military discount (like through Geico), there are multiple ways to save through the company.

State Farm rewards good driving habits and safe behavior by offering several different methods to save on insurance premiums.

In addition to car insurance, the insurer also has coverage for motorcycles, boats, off-road vehicles, and RVs/campers.

The provider also offers home, condo, and rental/renters insurance.

State Farm life divides its life insurance policies into several different options, including term life, whole life, and universal life policies.

The reputable insurance provider also offers small business liability and disability insurance.

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How to Get a Discount through State Farm

You should never commit to a single insurance provider without getting a few quotes and shopping around.

We recommend getting a quote from both State Farm and other military-friendly insurers like USAA, Progressive, and Geico.

Step 1: Shop online by visiting

Step 2: Click “Get a Quote”.

Step 3: Select the type of insurance you would like to receive.

Step 4: Enter a zip code for your primary residence.

Step 5: You will need to enter some more personal information before adding the make and model(s) of the car(s) you wish to enroll in a new policy.

Step 6: State Farm will provide you with a quote. You are not committed to the policy and have the option to continue shopping around or proceed forward.

Military personnel can also reach State Farm by calling 1-800-STATEFARM.


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Unfortunately, there is not an official State Farm military discount.

Regardless, military personnel and eligible dependents can save money through State Farm with a variety of supporting discounts.

There are opportunities to save through bundling policies, insuring multiple vehicles, and covering student drivers.

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Like many other car insurance companies, State Farm has a military discount. It varies based on a few factors, and also has a few restrictions.

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